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Proposal: Nonlinearity of Abilities

Races & Classes

What bugs me of the 3.5 ability scores is that they are linear distributed.

In addition you need 2 ability points to increase the bonus.

Why this linearity? The world is exponential and nonlinear!

Proposal: I) A nonlinear progression for ability scores. A peak in
the middle and a decrease of improvement after 18 - it should be hard to get better if your are on the top.
II) two different modifiers for different tasks (like 2.Ed)

score / modifier
12 +0
13 +1
14 +2
15 +3
16 +4
17 +5
18 +6
19 +6
20 +7
21 +7
22 +7

Zero backwards compatibility. That and I made a conscious decision to not play RPGs by the Blacksburg Tactial Research Center, and I plan to stick with it.

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