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Seven Days to the Grave (GM Reference)

Curse of the Crimson Throne

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Quick Question (Advice):

TLDR: Party goes to lavender's and through misadventure ends using charm person to make Vendra hand over a sample of her linament after starting a combat.

The Whole Deal:
So my party went into Lavender's last session after talking themselves past the guard who had specific orders not to allow line jumpers. They were deep in conversation with Vendra trying first to convince her to sell a bulk amount of her miracle cure, which she refused, and then a single vial.

So they lay one of their badges on the bar (they had since been dismissed from the guard since Cressida claimed she could no longer pay them but still chose to use them as diplomacy leverage) and demanded to be able to compensate her and take one of the vials. Vendra starts trying to fast talk them out of it.

At this time the ninja chooses to use his ki to try and go invisible unnoticed. So he rolls a stealth check. Vendra notices and sensing shenanigans orders her guards to attack.

On the first round with her first action she tries to charm the swashbuckler, which fails.

Then the wizard casts charm person on Vendra and tells her to have her guards stand down.

The guards, being weak willed dummies who don't really understand magic, protest briefly but do as they are told. The party leaves with one of the vials.

So at this point Vendra knows that my party has the vial and they got it through charm person. Would that effectively wrap things up as I can only assume that she would immediately close shop and skip town?

Or would she hold out due to her own greed?

It could be interesting that she tried to silence the party by bribing them or something similar.
I'd rather insert some consequences for what the party did because that makes them feel relevant, but don't let them get away with it so easy making her just leave after that.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Why would Vendra run? She is a clever business woman, who has perfect deniability. She's selling one of her older ointments which suddenly seemed to be a cure for the disease. Of course, she knows it does not work, but she doesn't have to admit that. She might indeed have sold an ointment to a client who got better (just by making his saves) and thus been fooled into thinking that her linament had something to do with that person getting healthy again. So she can pretend she actually believes her ointment is a cure.

Even if it is proven that her ointment does not make people better, she can still claim that it might have had a placebo effect on some of her clients, and if not, she was still doing more than the governemnt combined, because she was giving the people something they desperately needed: hope!

So, no, she should not run, but stand her ground as a business woman. The worst that can happen is that she has to admit that her cure does not work, although she was convinced it did. There is not really anything illegal about that. And since there is no way to prove that she knew she was lying ...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

By the way, continuing that line of thought, she might even go to the guard herself to issue a complaint against the PCs for using force and magic to attack her and steal from her.

Regarding the new hardcover version:

Dr D has lost 3 Bard levels in the move to Pathfinder. This makes him substantially weaker - I think almost to the point of being useless.

I don't like the expert levels as I don't feel 3 expert levels add 3 to the CR. Especially when compared to if these had been rogue or bard levels.

That said I do understand why they could be there (as he is a doctor).

The Bard part I do not understand. Does anyone have any guesses as to why he might be a Bard? Perhaps it is my mind immediately jumping to musical bard rather than creepy persuasive bard

Does anyone have any views on ways to rebuild him? I think either:

- Replace expert levels for bard and rogue levels (probably 5 and 5 or 6 and 4)
- Make a vivisectionist
- Make an investigator

All could be fun. I suppose the problem with options 2 and 3 is that he needs misdirection. But the others could have Undetectable Alignment as extracts...

What have others done?

I have seen mentions of turning the physicians into alchemists. Why was this something many seemed keen to do? Again I can understand vivisectionist but not standard alchemist. Same with the Doctor (who on an earlier post is stated as a 10th level alchemist). There is nothing in their descriptions that screams "throw bombs"

Thanks for any help

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