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Germany Berlin Charlottenburg: Rise of the Runelord Campaign

Gamer Connection

As there are a fair number of Germans post on these boards I dare to look for new players here.

Hi there, I will move to Berlin at the end of the month and want to establish a new group for playing RotR, but I can also step into the player's role if needed.
I want to play rather story and role-playing heavy, but still enjoy the possiblity for optimizing characters, as long as the group is homogenous in this regards.
I plan to play once a week on week-day evenings.
If you feel that this is something for you, post your interest here. Looking forward to some new D&D.

Dark Archive


wir suchen gerade noch einen Spieler für unsere Grupppe. Wenn du noch nach Leuten suchst kannst du ja mal antworten.



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