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Contibuting to my Insanity. PsionicFox's PbP Game...

Gamer Connection

Okay folks, the time has come for me to run a game!
The premise is thus: I need three players (and potentially a fourth).

Who here loves those stories about the young man (or woman), living a fairly ordinary life, who is faced with extraordinary events that force them to become something more? I know I do - so I'm making a game of it!
I need three roles filled:

'The Hero' - You'll start off small, but become mighty (presuming you live!).

'The Sage' - You are the guide for our young hero, his moral (or immoral) compass. Learned and wise, you are an authority on many things...mysterious things.

'The Companion' - The friend. Usually the one who gets into trouble a lot. You'll join the group after a short while. Quick on your feet, you're the wily one.

There is a final slot, but it shall not be revealed yet...

You will face mighty foes, combat impossible odds. Can you save your world?
This game will use the DnD 3.5 Rules. Character creation will be discussed once I have my players.

So then, who's interested?

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