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8 word "Star Trek" themed word game

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Liberty's Edge

Captain Kirk was deep in thought. "Captain's Log,

why is Spock so damn sexy? I... have...

Liberty's Edge

gotten every girl, on every.....episode....except for

Opie Cunningham's little sister...her weird teeth blew

Liberty's Edge

out...of the bamboo gun...when the....Gorn...

attack us on Relm Slaagi nine, a mining

Liberty's Edge

farming, fishing, vacation, and sporting goods manufacturing planet

and owned by one Kleetis Von Astaroth a

Liberty's Edge

crimson naped buffoon cloned badly from Harry Mudd

and Mhorughendi whore known as Zielustella the black

Liberty's Edge

magic marker. Her powers made the eerie music

and caused me to be 'uncomfortable' down there,

Liberty's Edge

below the paunch girdle. If....Bones could...perhaps...

bring me a few nurses and some Romulan

Liberty's Edge

beef jerky. Yes, that would be tasty. And...

Zarolok Wine. Where the hell is Scottie? Must

Liberty's Edge

be getting that ferengi tailor to fit his

trousers to...wait, is this thing still recording?

Liberty's Edge

"Affirmative," said a sexy female voice in the

depths of the space pillows tossed decoratively around

Liberty's Edge

the bridge of the mirror/mirror Star Ship

"Set lights for 'seductive'." Kirk purred, wondering why

his viagra had not kicked in yet. "Bones"!

growled; I'm a Doctor, not a pimp, Jim...

damn it, our mission is not about tappin

Liberty's Edge

every piece of tail from here to Rigel!

remember what happened on Sevvi Naphon 4, your

Liberty's Edge

dalliance with the psionic witches there? That was

close call Jim, it took weeks for swelling

Liberty's Edge

to your corpus calossum to go away. My

research did find the cure for Vulcan crabs

Liberty's Edge

was Klingon bloodwine, mixed with a poultice of

dilithium crystals mixed with Orlor whale fat,heated

Liberty's Edge

with a phaser set for stun for twelve

seconds. "Captain Kirk to the bridge, we are

Liberty's Edge

under attack by a mysterious cube-shaped vessel

triquarter readings picking high levels of thc and

Liberty's Edge

pitchouli. We think it's a borg hippie commune

lead by the insane clone of Timothy Leary,

Liberty's Edge

who went to Eden, ate the fruit, and

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

choked on its soft, chewy, acidic center. Meanwhile

Liberty's Edge

the borg hippies were sending boarding parties over

in droves, armed with bongs and large flower

Liberty's Edge

power posters to assimilate with. The zombielike cybernetic

equipment such as roachclips and liquid lsd injectors

Liberty's Edge

"Hey, man. We're, like, the borg, and like,

we're gonna tune you in and drop you

Liberty's Edge

out of an airlock. Really, reely, groovy, and

so cool, Set phasers for groovy mellow!. Meanwhile

Liberty's Edge

Dr. McCoy, aka Bones, aka Melvin the Mopboy, aka

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