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Flamifur's Shackled City


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Female Half-elf Druid 1

Spot and Listen (1d20+3=22, 1d20+3=10)

Jessa has her eyes open but her ears are distracted by the noise of her fellows.

Liberty's Edge

Fort Save (1d20+1=16)

Spot check (1d20+4=20)

Listen check (1d20+4=7)

Zoo sees something but can't quite make out what he is hearing. The noises from when they were in the city might have messed that up.....

For Kellen


Regarding your 'observation' of Jessa - she has not had a repeat of her 'funny turn' quite the opposite in fact she seems stronger, more assured and, every now and again, you notice a fresh sparkle in her eyes.

Gather Info roll. The Keolandish Courier is polite enough but doesn't seem all that keen to talk although you do find out his name: Goll Embul.

Good Ideas and you picked the right subject but roll was just too low - bad luck

Results of Fortitude saves so far:

The humidity and exercise are perhaps starting to take their toll in a surprising way. Kellen, Jesse and Zoom seem to be unaffected but, towards the end of the morning march, Stilgar starts to find every step difficult and, shortly afterwards, starts to complain of dizziness.

He will need to sit the rest of this day's march out in the back of the supply wagon and will suffer the effects of Fatigue (Can't run or charge and suffers -2 on Str and Dex checks) unless Raging.

Perhaps his sorry state explains why no-one would engage him in conversation - a huge half-orc, unsteady on his feet and covered in sweat could be intimidating.

Everyone who rolled 10 or more on their fort save has now acclimatised to the heat and won't need to roll again

I'm just holding on for Erion and Nik's rolls before going on.

male Human ranger 1
DM Flamifur wrote:

Ok, time for some 'Roll-Play'

I need everyone (except Nik) to make a fortitude save.

I also need everyone to make a listen followed by a spot check.

Finally, if you think your character would like to chat with specific individuals in the 'van, for example Nik said he was going to get to know the scouts, let me know the 'individuals' (they were mentioned in the post where the 'van all got organised before setting off) concerned. Make a Gather Info check which will equate to you chatting to them as you travel for a couple of hours. If you want to describe what questions you ask etc and your approach is right for the sensibilities of that individual I'll apply bonuses. you'll all have a chance to chat to a couple of people (if you choose) before the noon rest so make a roll for each if you choose.

Nik's listen check, then spot check, then gather info (1d20=14, 1d20=15, 1d20=4)

Net listen check 14+4 = 18, net spot 15+4=19, net gather info 4+0 = 4 You might want to modify the listen and spot checks for napping.

Nik will tackle Grimbold. He wants to know about everything. Local game, especially flest-tearers are highest on his list. Daily life in the 'van, Cauldron. Looks like he's made an obnoxious pest of himself.

Stilgar in a show of pride says, "Me going to see Nik." He hustles to the supply wagon and hops in. He then takes his waterskin and drinks a mouthful.

To keep things moving in the (hopefully temporary) absence of Psionic Fox I'll roll/act for Erion for the moment.

As the 'van got underway Erion chatted with the independent travellers and the driver of the floating wagon.

Erion's Gather Info (1d20+2=6)

It seems that noone wants to be friendly at this early stage of the journey. However Erion learns the Driver's name is Hoch and he works for Skie's Treasury a magical emporium in Cauldron. Also travelling with the Caravan is Lord Trembar Vaughan accompanied by his manservant Norrys and a young lady of obvious wealth referred to as 'Miss Elize' by her dragon of a halfling attendant. The 'VIPs' are sharing a large wagon which seems to be richly appointed inside.

Erion's Fort Save (1d20+1=9)

Despite wearing no armour Erion succumbs to the effects of the heat mid morning and has to be helped to the Supply Wagon to rest.

Listen Roll for Erion (1d20+3=20)

Spot roll for Erion (1d20+3=4)

For the first four hours of the journey the scenery and atmosphere on the road doesn't change. Every now and again the 'van slowly plods past areas of scorched earth - apparently where spells of some power have been cast and in other places large white bones can be seen piled haphazardly to one side of the track. Often the remains of smashed wagons are seen where they have been pushed of the road and adandoned.

The heat and humidity continue to rise and all along the convoy the affected start to be sat on wagons - Stilgar and Erion among them. Periodically green clad scouts pass the supply wagon, eye's fixed on the ever-present foliage of the jungle as they go.

A small panic erupts as a number of huge (6-8ft long) Dragonflies hover over the end of column looking equally beatiful and menacing. But the guards don't seem concerned and the insects quickly lose interest and drone away over the tallest of the trees, the sunlight flashing off of their ever moving wings almost blinding.

A little while later Grimbold points out what you at first believe to be a large pond but sooon realise is a pool of congealing blood about 5 yards across. Around it is a huge area of trampled vegitation and churned up mud and emeging from the pool is a deep furrow leading to the edge of the jungle where something large and heavy hasd been dragged away. Cautiously two of the scouts, a pair of half elves who you often see working together, move to examine the area. After a cursory examination they return and simply report 'A day old' in a thick accent you can't place. Tension eases off again and the 'van moves on.

The approach of the noon stop finds Nik deeply asleep in the back of the wagon with Erion and Stilgar slumped next to him. The rest of you trudge behind and to the side of the wagon.

'In the name of the Lady will whoever's drumming on the Wagon please stop !' The voice belongs to Erion and he's looking at the other two with a pained expression.

'What drumming ?' shouts a slightly red faced Burlap, the wagon driver, who you think may have been wakened out of a gentle dose himself by Erions exclaimation.

But there is no one drumming on the wagon and as you realise this you notice the scouts down the length of the 'van start running, arrows being nocked and harsh orders being barked.

Momentarily all of you can hear, or rather feel the drumming Erion complained of through the soles of your feet. Jessa and Zoom spot a strange, a-rythmic, swaying in the tree tops of the jungle off to the right of the column.

160 feet away from you, the foliage explodes open as a beast the size of a small house emerges with a roar akin to a gigantic boar. It's head is a mass of bone and spikes and it's skin is the colour of old leather streaked with crimson. It moves as fast as a warhorse and seems on a collision course with the wagon you are either on or around.

Burlaps mouth drops open and the chewing tobacco and spit he'd been working at for the past half hour spattered across his Coloured Carousel tunic.

'...Fleshtearer...' he whispers.

In the back of the wagon, Stilgar and Erion try to shake their fatigue and Nik gives out a soft, gentle snore....

Initiative check please - can whoever reads this post first roll for everyone and then post the list. Stilgar and Erion will a -1 penalty due to fatigue and Nik won't get to roll at all until he wakes up ! (he didn't roll a high enough listen earlier). When the initiative order is posted can we please post strictly in that order so the action makes sense.

Can Jessa and Zoom make a further spot roll.

Male Human Rogue 7/Fighter 4; HP: 93/104; AC:24/T18/FF24; Fort+9 Ref+10 Will+5; Per +15; Init +3

Well, looks like I'll do the check then. Let me know if this works

Base roll: Initiative Roll (1d20=10)

Looking at Initiative bonus, as listed in everyone's character sheets. Plus, I am taking DM's penalties into account. Let me know if I have made any errors; I hope this isn't too forward of me.

Zoomacklus: 10+7 = 17
Kellen: 10+4 = 14
Jessa: 10+2 = 12
Stilgar: 10-1+2 = 11
Erion: 10-1+2 = 11
Niklaus: N/A (10+3=13 - if he wakes up)

How's that DM Flam? Seems about right given the current state of our band.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!" Stilgar shouts his challenge at the fleshtearer from the supply wagon. He pulls a javelin and hurls it at the beast.

Attack Roll 1d20+2=12, Damage Roll 1d6+3=7
-1 Penalty applied

He grasps his glaive and preps the torch at the end.

My take on party initiative and combat rounds (in spoiler purely to save space)


Initiative as rolled is fine (because of the 'averageness' of the roll) but it might be better (safer) in future to roll individually for each character jus to prevent a bad roll from messing up the entire party.

Also, don't forget to post actions strictly in initiative order - this prevents 'time travelling' and accidental meta-gaming. Also, makes the action seem real and makes DMing a whole lot easier ! If someone takes too long (in my humble opinion) to post I'll get another member of the party to take a stand in turn.

One further point, try and bear in mind what you can do in the space of a combat round in terms of how long does it take to do what you want to do - Stilgar above (not picking on him) is doing too much for a combat round. However, I don't want to get too tied up in the rules so just try to be realistic as far as possible.

In this instance, because of how dangerous the encounter is, I won't continue the action until I've got the results of Jessa and Zoom's spot checks - you'll thank me later !!

To recap - a 25ft long beast, more powerful than a bull indian elephant is about 6 seconds away from smashing into your part of the convoy.

I'm hoping this is an exciting enough first encounter for the campaign :)

Female Half-elf Druid 1

Spot (1d20+3=13)

Liberty's Edge

Spot Check (1d20+4=17)

Me got excited. Me buy this thing for fleshtearers. Will follow advise. :D

For Jessa only


Your quick eyes spot a number of smaller fleshtearers racing out of the jungle after the huge beast and you notice the crimson colouration of the cretures hide is in actuality blood.

Don't forget you can always shout a short warning to the rest of the party as a free action on your initiative - uless you are casting a spell with a verbal component.

Jessa's roll wasn't quite high enough.

For Zoomackulas only


Your quick eyes spot a number of smaller fleshtearers racing out of the jungle after the huge beast and you notice the crimson colouration of the cretures hide is in actuality blood.

As your lightning fast glance looks for the source of the blood you notice two of the smaller fleshtears actually clinging onto the back of the beast and tearing at it with large talons on their feet!

Don't forget you can always shout a short warning to the rest of the party as a free action on your initiative - uless you are casting a spell with a verbal component.

Don't forget Zoom gets a -1 penalty on his wisdom based rolls because of his character trait. (Forgive me if you included it and I just didn't notice)

Ok, Zoom gets to take the first action...

Liberty's Edge

Zoo quickly grabs his bow and nocks it, using his sharp eyes he takes aim at the small creatures on top of the larger one. After he fires he shouts"The smalls ones are attacking whatever that huge thing is...

Attack Roll (1d20+3=21)

Damage Roll (1d6=1)

Male Human Rogue 7/Fighter 4; HP: 93/104; AC:24/T18/FF24; Fort+9 Ref+10 Will+5; Per +15; Init +3

Assuming I can attack whatever these "small ones" that Zoom is refering to, I'll try to fling a bottle of oil to hit one of them,
and yell,"When that hits, someone bring the flame!"

Throwing Oil (1d20=17)

Damage: +2 (don't know what the damage of a flask might be)

If I need to do a spot check to see what the "small ones" are that Zoom is refering to:

Spot check for beasties? (1d20+4=24)

Well, there goes a critical for combat. ;-)

Female Half-elf Druid 1

Jessa shouts, "Stilgar! Go fer da wee ones! They're like wolves or sumt'in!"

And throws her shortspear at one of them.

To hit (1d20+2=19)Damage (1d6+1=3)

male Human ranger 1


Please consider the above post as Stilgar's action

I will post for Erion in about 12 hours time if we hear no more from Psionic Fox.

With a cry Erion pushes himself off the back of the wagon

Jump check (1d20-1=19)

landing on the rutted road with ease.

'It's going to hit the wagon you fools ! Jump !'

He reaches into the back and grabs the still sleeping Nik's feet, trying to haul him off the back of the wagon


but failing to move him more than an inch.

Fleshtearer's go

DM Stand-in for Erion Gilor wrote:


'It's going to hit the wagon you fools ! Jump !'

Fleshtearer's go

Oh! Crud!

For Nik


Your dreams are ones of teeth and claws and biting. You float on a thich red sea, tossed on strange swells with hidden hands from below pulling at you. You hear muffled voices: some filled with fear, some with rage.

All this is gone as you are wrenched from this world into wakefulness only to find the wakeful world is almost the same.....

Please roll yourself initiative for next round

Painfully slowly seeming, although it takes only a second or two, the rest of the 'van starts to react. The scouts loose arrows, most targeting the huge beast but one or two aimed at it's passengers'. Further up the column a small red globe arcs out toward the beast and explodes in a ball of flame burning a great hole in it's flank but not changing it's speed or direction. The smaller creatures come rushing after it although as the spot the wagons they check ther speed somewhat.

Knowledge Nature check from Jessa please

Your missile attacks all fail to find a mark except Zoom's whose arrow grazes across the brow of one of the smaller beasts causing it's bird-like glare to fall on him for an instant - animals aren't supposed to look that intelligent or that 'vengeful' !

Hearing Erion's cry snaps Burlap out of his daze and he attemps to reign in the (blissfully unaware) plodding oxen pulling the cart - an action which gives him a precius few more seconds of life.

The Great beast plows towards and through the convoy at terrible speed, missing the front of the supply wagon by inches, but snapping the yoke and harness of the team of oxen, trampling the last pair of oxen to a bloody pulp (You really do not want to know how much damage just got dished out !) and starting a general panic amongst the remaining creatures of the team which stampedes forward along the road, overurning the wagon in front of you.

The beast's two riders have a different idea though. One leaps from it's flank before it strikes home landing deftly on the road beside the wagon about 20ft away from Jessa, Kellen and Zoom. It stands proud on it's back legs, nearly 7ft tall and you see a long scar crosses it's face which gives it a sneering expression. Is feet end in huge talons which it clicks against one another. It turns both it's baleful eyes on Zoom and Zoom notices the small wound on it's forehead which his arrow made.

The second creature leaves the raging beast a second later, at the moment it passes the front of the wagon. It's lightly steps off the side on the beast onto Burlap who he eviscerates with one small sweep of an elongated foot Talon. Burlap falls backwards into the body of the wagon, spraying all in the back with his blood including Stilgar and Nik.

Nik wakes up, finds himself swimming in a pool of hot blood and staring up into the pityless eyes of a fleshtearer !

Start round 2 when Nik post's his initiative. Fleshtearers go on 10.

Female Half-elf Druid 1

Know (nature) (1d20+5=12)

male Human ranger 1

init roll (1d20+3=12)

nice touch with the spoiler, DM

Nik awakes with a start, and several bumps. He grabs desparately for a weapon and comes up with his spear. Then tries to shimmy backwards out of the wagon, keeping the spear pointed at the threatening beast.

Male Human Rogue 7/Fighter 4; HP: 93/104; AC:24/T18/FF24; Fort+9 Ref+10 Will+5; Per +15; Init +3

Would you like a general set of initiatives again?

If that is the case, then I have rolled the following:

Zoom's Init (1d20+7=18)

Jessa's Init (1d20+2=15)

Erion's Init (1d20-1+2=11)

Kellen's Init (1d20+4=7)

Stilgar's Init (1d20-1+2=5)

Sorry about that Stilgar

Jessa Ventris wrote:
Know (nature) (1d20+5=12)

For Jessa


These smaller beasts are acting suspiciously - it's almost as if they were using the larger flesh tearer on purpose to distract you. Clever little B******S !!

Female Half-elf Druid 1

"They feckin' herded it to us!" says the druid vehemently, "They used the fecker to distract us!"

Looking at the beast she mutters with an ironic smile, "Clever boy..."

She then chants to herself and a flame starts to blossom in the palm of her hand.

I did think about making all of Jessa's verbal spells rhyming couplets but it just looked silly when I typed it... ah yes, actions... cast Produce Flame, move as far away from the beastie as possible and remain safe.

Kellen Wrensler wrote:

Stilgar's Init (1d20-1+2=5)
Sorry about that Stilgar

Looking into the eyes of the fleshtearer, Stilgar thinks, "Oh, Crud!"

Liberty's Edge

Zoo stares down the ugly beast, takes aim, and fires his bow.
Attack Roll(1d20+3=16) Damage Roll (1d6=3)

Attempting to shake off his heat-induced fatigue, Erion rummages through his brain for an action that could help, before belatedly remembering that he was a wizard.

Almost by reflex, Erion's hands move in a graceful, complex pattern, accompanied by strange words that seem to belong to no language in particular. "Shapak Sashara!"

A bolt of blue-and-silver energy bursts from the outstretched fingers of his right hand, slamming with great force into the creature attacking them.

Magic Missile spell. (1d4+1=2)
Combat Stuff:
Erion casts Magic Missile, and does not move from his current location.

male Human ranger 1

Flamifur, since I slept away the surprise round I'm assuming the action posted above is it for Nik until next round. How far away is the Fleshtearer?

Male Human Rogue 7/Fighter 4; HP: 93/104; AC:24/T18/FF24; Fort+9 Ref+10 Will+5; Per +15; Init +3

Since technically, Flam's beasties go before me, this may be a moot point. Just in case anyone is waiting on me, here's my plan of attack - such as it is.

Unsheathing my blade as I move forward, I'll give the Fleshtearer a reason to regret his attack.

Attack Roll (1d20+4=21)

Damage Roll (1d8+2=10)

"Heironeous grant us victory!"

Stilgar roars his challenge to the Fleshtearer, "Waaaaaaaggggghhhhh!" He lunges at the Fleshtearer and uses the superior reach of the glaive, whirling it, as he brings it down on the Fleshtearer.

Glaive Attack with fatigue penalties applied (1d20+3=16, 1d10+4=13)

At last combat!!!! :D

Hi Guys. Sorry for the delay. Please see the discussion thread for my pathetic excuse.

I'll post an update tomorrow and then bite lots of characters, er I mean, the fleshtearers will bite lots of characters !


Male Human Rogue 7/Fighter 4; HP: 93/104; AC:24/T18/FF24; Fort+9 Ref+10 Will+5; Per +15; Init +3

You and me both, Stilgar!

male Human ranger 1

me three

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