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RotRL Obituaries

Rise of the Runelords

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By my count, 63, +1 animal companion.
Nualia is 62, +2 Animal companions.


Swallowtail Festival - 4, 1 AC
Ven Vinder - 1
Glassworks - 3
Goblin in the Closet - 2
Tsuto - 4
Sinspawn (catacombs of Wrath) - 8
Vargouille - 3
Korvus - 7, 1 AC
Fountain - 8
Lesser Runewell of Wrath - 5
Erylium - 27
Thistletop (Goblins) - 14, 2 AC
Goblin Dogs - 4
Bunyip - 10
Gogmurt - 20, 1 AC
Rope Bridge (Thistletop) - 17, 1 AC
Shadowmist - 1
Ripnugget - 25, 1 NPC, 2 AC
Bruthazmus - 10
Orik - 1
Lyrie - 2
Tentamort - 4
Yeth Hounds (Thistletop) - 32
Shadows - 29
Pit trap - 6
Nualia - 62, 2 AC
Malfeshnekor - 40, 1 AC
Giant Crab - 7
Farm Ghouls - 8, 1 AC
Haunt (Misgivings) - 30
Ghouls - 13
Skaveling - 13
Mold - 1
Iesha - 9
Skinsaw man - 22
Carrionstorm - 1, 1 AC
Plague - 1, 1 NPC
Faceless stalkers - 5, 1 AC
Cultists - 7
Ironbriar - 5
The Scarecrow - 28 ,1 AC, 7 NPC
CLocktower - 5
Xanesha - 63, 1 AC
Rukus Graul - 1, 1 AC
Biggun - 3
Crowfood - 3
Muck Graul - 7
Hucker - 3
Mammy Graul - 6
Shocker lizards - 2
Rannick Ogres - 27, 2 NPC
Karly-Lop - 2
Silas - 1, 1 NPC, 1 AC
Mink-tuck - 4
Gragavan Kreeg - 2
Lucrecia - 18, 5 NPC
Dorella Kreeg - 12
Hookmaw - 4, 1 NPC
Jargeth Kreeg - 35, 4 NPC
Skulls Crossing - 4
Wet Papa Gazuul - 10
Skull Ripper - 10
Black Maga - 10, 1 AC, 1 NPC
Kreeg Stronghold - 7, 1 AC
Hags - 1
Lamatar - 1
Barl - 12
Stone Giant Siege - 18
Teraktinus - 7
Longtooth - 4, 1 AC
Storval Stairs - 5
Cinderma - 3
Jorgenfist Environs - 4
Black Monk - 2
Jorgenfist Interior - 22, 2 NPC
Jorgenfist Library - 2
Galenmir - 4
Red dragons - 3
Enga - 8
Lokansir - 5
Headless Lord - 4
Wall haunt - 1
Runecauldron - 4
Scanderig - 3
Mokmurian - 43
Scribbler - 9, 1 NPC
Freezemaw - 22, 1 AC
Rimeskull elementals - 3
Gluttonous Crypts - 5
Shimmering Vales of Pride - 14
Halls of Wrath - 11
Festering Maze of Sloth - 3
Iron Cages of Lust - 2
Vault of Greed - 1
Karzoug statue - 2
Ordikon - 7
Athroxis - 5, 1 NPC
Xyoddin - 2
Azaven - 14
Delvahine - 13
Jordimandus - 2
The Horror Tree - 1
Haunt (Vekkers cabin) - 2, 1 AC
Karivek - 6
Wendigo - 3
The Hidden Beast - 4, 1 NPC
Ghlorofaex - 6
Gamigin - 3
Viorian - 5, 1 NPC
Ceoptra - 3
Spires of Xin-Shalast - 15
Karzoug - 45, 1 NPC

Added content/random encounters - 47

Name: Bartolomeu
Class/Race: Human Cleric 8(Irori)
Adventure:Rataking Fort Ranick
Catalyst: Jargeth Kreeg

Bartolomeu was the only humam in the group, the great ogre attacks him, the first attack caused much damage. In his turn the cleric drank a potion, but it was not enough to survive the next two attacks of the barbarian hook.

elcaleeb wrote:

By my count, 63, +1 animal companion.

Nualia is 62, +2 Animal companions.

** spoiler omitted **...

You can count one more to Jargeth Kreeg.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Name: Doril "Tinker" Silvershaper *

Class/Race: Gnome Rogue 15

Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast

Catalyst: Ghlorofaex...kinda.

Story: After learning that the Sihedron rings were necessary to bypass the occlusion field surrounding the Eye of Avarice, and that two of the powerful lieutenants within lower Xin-Shalast had these items, the party decided to take on Ghlorofaex. They found the creature's hide nearly impenetrable, and he was able to resist most of their spells. They eventually did beat him down quite a ways, and the dragon merely responded by smashing one of his hands into his abdomen. A shattering sound could be heard within, and the dragon's wounds began to heal. Their eyes widened as the ancient dragon gloated about his unkillable status; he had consumed hundreds of healing potions over the years whole, and they remain in his stomach. He was confident that the champions of Sandpoint, as powerful as they are, would remain unable to conquer him as they had so many others.

And he probably would have been right, if not for the quick thinking of Doril, their locksmith and trapfinder. He realized that there was one place that Ghlorofaex's hide could not protect him, and that was inside the beast's stomach. He grabbed the edges of his flying carpet, and with a final battle cry piloted the rug inside the dragon's mouth and down his gullet, dragging his blades all the way down. His body was obliterated by the electrical discharge, but the massive internal injuries was too much, even for Ghlorofaex's potions. He spat up gallons of sparking blood, shuddered, and collapsed to the ground. The heroes had gained another magical ring, but at what cost?

(So, yeah, this is a special case, which is why the death has an asterisk next to it. The gnome's player, who had been with the game since it began over two years ago, was moving out of town, and this was his final game. Since there was no chance he would be coming back before the game was over, I wanted him to go out like a bad ass, and being swallowed by a Gargantuan blue dragon to kill it seemed like an epic way to go. I gave Ghlorofaex the advanced creature template, since I figured that would make him much more difficult. As it happened, I had to construct that healing solution on the fly when the party actually did enough damage to kill him anyway! I ended up giving them XP for defeating a CR 18 monster in the end, so it all worked out.)

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Name of PC: Diana
Class/Level: Cleric of Erastil 10
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Dorella Kreeg and an open charge across the snow
Story: The party's second assault on Fort Rannick saw them trading blows with Hookmaw, Dorella, Jaagraath and a few lesser ogres on the battlements of the inner keep. When Jaagraath went down, all the others fled, and Hookmaw and Dorella got away and returned to the Clanhold. To punish their incredible failure, Barl punished these two by making them guard the entrance to the clanhold. Hookmaw made his perception check to spot the very non-stealthy party, but the ogres were too despondent to care about a possible threat, and Hookmaw couldn't tell that it was the same group. He was crying, after all, and Dorella wasn't kind to him about it. Seeing their interaction and lack of action, the party made the decision to charge them through the deep snow starting from about 300 feet away, moving half speed through the snow, without ranged cover fire. Dorella waited until they were in range and hit them with two Confusion spells, which confused two party members. The party began to string themselves out and form... a line. So she hit them with not one, not two, but three lightning bolts before those fast enough could get to her through Hookmaw and finish both of them off. The third lightning bolt brought the dwarven arcanist's hp to the single digits, rendered the druid unconscious, and fried the cleric.

Sovereign Court

I've just had the first two proper deaths in my current runthrough of the Anniversary Edition (we've been using Hero Points, so the PCs have been able to Cheat Death until now...)

First Death:
Name of PC: Octavi Deverin
Race/Class/Level: Human Ecclesitheurge Cleric of Abadar 10
Adventure/Part: The Hook Mountain Massacre/Hook Mountain Clanhold
Catalyst: Her cohort brother Severus's reckless nature
The party easily wiped the floor with the first four Kreeg Ogres and Lunderbud, and Octavi dealt with the surge of Ogre smiths led by their Kreeg taskmaster with a well-timed Greater Forbid Action (Attack).

Eight Ogres succumbed, with the other two being charmed by Mercutio's (the party's Gnome Archivist Bard 10) Mass Charm Person and convinced to attack the aforementioned cruel Kreeg Ogre.

Said Ogre fled, wailing for Barl to save him, and Severus (Octavi's Barbarian brother and cohort) pursued in the grips and throes of battle-rage.

The party then, rather foolishly, split up: Octavi and Baramorn (Tiefling Bladebound Magus 10) hounding the Ogres into the mines, Fenir (Garuda-born Aasimar Flowing Monk of the Sacred Mountain 10) rushing up the southern steps to stop the chant of the coven of Annis Hags, and Nicolai (Half-Elf World Walker Druid 3/Order of the Green Cavalier 2/Nature Warden 5) and Mercutio remaining in the chokepoint providing ranged and Call Lightning support.

This left Severus and the two charmed Ogres to face Barl, Lucrecia (who survived the assault on Fort Rannick and fled here) and his Stone Giant Bodyguard by themselves for several rounds. Needless to say, one Haste spell from Lucrecia on the Stone Giant turned it into a rock-throwing machine gun and Severus looked near death, calling for his sister to help him.

Octavi rushed back to the long throne room to heal Severus with a Cure Critical Wounds and cast Spell Immunity (Fireball) on him to protect him from Barl's Fireball, but caught the brunt of the Fireball herself.

Severus retreated at his sisters urging, only for Lamatar to emerge from his shrine to the call of the Hag Coven and unleash a volley of icy arrows at him.

Octavi spent one of her two Hero Points to act out of turn to cast Stone Shape to form a protective barrier against the volley, saving her brother but leaving her without enough Hero Points to cheat death...

Two full attacks from the Stone Giant (who passed his Will Save against Octavi's Sanctuary) later and Octavi was smashed against the wall of the cavern by boulders, dead.

Second Death:
Name of PC: Severus Deverin
Race/Class/Level: Human (Shoanti) Unchained Barbarian 8
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre/Hook Mountain Clanhold
Catalyst: Being on low HP whilst fighting a single-handed rearguard action against Ogres.
Story: After Octavi's death, Baramorn surged over and engaged Lamatar in melee combat.

Severus (exhausted due to raging whilst fatigued using the Roused Anger rage power) dove back into combat with the Stone Giant and the Ogres that Barl had intimidated into rejoining his cause.

Lucrecia cast Dimension Door to move behind Nicolai and Mercutio, attempting to cast Charm Monster on Cepheus (Nicolai's horse companion) and successfully casting a Suggestion on Nicolai to go heal Severus so that she could try and eat his horse and pesky Gnome buddy.

Unfortunately, Nicolai's Cure Light Wounds spell healed the minimum it could, and the two attacks Severus took from the Ogres hurt him as he attempted to save Octavi's body from being dragged to Barl, who had a strange grin on his face - then another volley from the Stone Giant finished him.

Name of PC: Olivia
Race/Class: Aasima cleric of Adabar 8
Adventure: The Haunted Hearth
Catalyst:Offend a ghost nymph

The rogue was very good at negotiating with her, but she offended the Cleric so she atacked. During the combat they exchanged offenses and bath get very angry. After Myriana killed her, reincarnated her, in form of a orc, then killed again.

Name of PC: Arthur kyena
Race/Class: Elf Mage Invoker 8
Adventure: The Haunted Hearth
Catalyst: Took too long to run

The rogue tried to escape with the body of the cleric but get caught, then injuried and dazed. The Wizard attracted her attention so the rogue was able to run. The plan was to trap her in a sphere, but her reflex save was so high. The rogue promised to bring her the body of Lamatar in exchange for the body of the Elf.

Name of PC: Korvyk 3 Lives
Race/Class: 1/2 Orc Ranger
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: BBEG in the fog.
The ranger Korvyk was so bad-ass against giants, many giant encounters were hardly worth fighting... until he met Mokmurian.

Separated from the rest of the group, he'd just emerged on the other side of the solid fog where Mokmurian hit him. Bow in hand, he couldn't stop the Quickened Scorching Ray, Followed by 3 attacks (1 crit), and the Vampiric Touch stored in Mokmurian's club.

All 3 scorching rays hit (and he had a good touch AC) for an average damage, 2 of the club attacks hit, one with a crit, and the 5d6 Vampiric Touch came up very high for 23.

I roll in front of my PCs, so no mercy to be taken... 1 round kill. He didn't have the greatest hit points, but that would have killed almost everyone in the party except the fighter and maybe the b%%@@ (Barbarian/Witch) if she had been raging.

The mage who hadn't taken damage in a LONG time, darn near ate it also. For once his invisibility didn't help him, and the other set of scorching rays sent him throwing up mirror images and hiding in an alcove just as fast as he could.

Liberty's Edge

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Name of PC: Mudder Fokker Goblinkicker
Race/Class: Dwarf/ Ranger 10
Chapter/Part: Fortress of the Stone Giants/Raid on Sandpoint
Catalyst: +1 Dwarven Bane Heavy Pick to the face.
Story: The battle started well and coordinated, but as other giant attacks and the dragon began to occur, the party's tactics started to unravel and the group began to split. With the dragon being driven off and having enough giant and dire bear casualties, the attack was foiled, and Teraktinus began to retreat. Muddier, having already taken some lumps in earlier fights, maneuvered to intercept—only to come around the corner of a building to be facing head on with the retreating giant. The giant, in a frustrated rage, charged the dwarf. The dwarf, enlarged by a spell, made an AoO with his Lucerne hammer, doing a respectable amount of damage. The giant rolled a crit threat, then confirmed the crit, with his +1 dwarf bane heavy pick, which left the dwarf with negative thirty-something-I-don't-care-you're-dead hit points.

Fun times.

Our unchained rogue has died 3 times, and our sorcerer has now died twice.

The first death was against Xanesha. After burning his hero points to survive dragging one of the Faceless Stalkers off the stairs with him, our half-orc rogue provoked an attack of opportunity from an invisible Xanesha and she critted, killing him. The party raised him.

The second was in Sandpoint. The party whittled Teraktinus down quite a bit and he called for Longtooth, who'd been injured by the party already. Teraktinus handed off a chunk of the Old Light to Longtooth and then went to deal with the party. As they approached up the beach, they sustained a few rounds of boulder fire. One of the boulders polished off the rogue for a second time. He decided not to use his hero points to save himself, but he opted for reincarnation so I let him spend hero points for re-rolls on the chart in Inner Sea Races. He ended up as a Tengu this time.

Stone golem:
The third was a mess in The Ancient Library. The sorcerer used a Wall of Force to try and contain the stone golem while the party rushed past, hoping that it wouldn't chase them since it didn't follow them through the doors when they backed out. They ran headlong into the zombies and drew the attention of the Forgefiend. The sorcerer got blinded by the cauldron, the Forgefiend dropped a Deeper Darkness in the hallway, and it all went downhill from there. The golem followed them into the hallway. The rogue tried to grab the sorcerer and run from the golem, provoked an attack of opportunity, and died for a third time. The sorcerer died right after that. If not for a Word of Recall the cleric had prepared it probably would've been a TPK. The sorcerer got raised, and the rogue got reincarnated as a slightly different Tengu this time.

After making it back to the library, 4 of the 6 party members moved into the Forgefiend's room. The bard and sorcerer hung back at the other end of the hallway, where they got ambushed by the Forgefiend. It puked molten slag on them, and the sorcerer died a second time. Another Word of Recall later, and they had to spend a couple of weeks in Magnimar recovering.

Small army of giants:
Since they'd given Mokmurian a few extra weeks to prepare, I had the giants start to move. The party teleported back to the Storval Stairs between waves, so they were able to spread out with Wind Walk and warn some of the local towns so they could evacuate. There wasn't anything more they could really do against dozens of giants, so RIP Ravenmoor.

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Meanwhile, over here by fourth book, only death so far is still that wizard in Nualua plus all of the Thistletop fight from crit in tactically bad position xD

Seriously ._. I don't think my group is optimized, but I guess they play smart? They do avoid unnecessary combat even though they like taking on overwhelming odds oddly enough

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