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RotRL Obituaries

Rise of the Runelords

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Third time running this campaign, this time as AE. My first casualty has never come this quickly in this campaign!

Name: Haringroth aka. "Hagron"
Class/Level: Half-orc fighter 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Coup de graced by Justice Ironbriar @ 7 Sawmill
Heroes got themselves in their biggest fight yet, walking inside the sawmill pretending to be potential customers, demanding to see the whole building. After some sneak scouting, other PC saw Nualia and Tsuto at the top level of the mill. They were on their way out when they noticed that workers below a level and on the same level were trying to corner them. They tun to top level and got themselves fighting 10 cultists, Tsuto and Nualia.

When Nualia fell, Ironbriar joined in. After summoning the lemurs he casted hold person on Hagron and after others destroyed the lemur next to him, Ironbriar (still invisible) moved next to Hagron and slashed his throat, killing him outright.

After selling all the masks the cultists' had, they had enough money to raise Haringroth back to life.

Ironbriar´s invisibility should have ended after casting Hold Person, or it was a new casting before the coup de grace?

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Name: Fo'ciss Da'carr
Class/Level: Human (Shoanti) Inquisitor of Abadar 9/Fighter 1/Rogue 1
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Hurek (or possibly Durek)

Story: As the Sandpoint Five Minus One Plus Two (it's been a weird few weeks) advanced down the halls of Jorgenfist towards the library, they noticed the holes in the walls behind the furs. Just as their druid started looking into one, one of the troll warriors stabbed at him with his ranseur. Their initial assault was brutal, dropping the druid and severely injuring Octavius, the party wizard. They dropped the one to the north, but Fo'ciss realized someone had to engage the one to the south. He rushed around the corner, and severely injured the troll. However, Durek (or possibly Hurek) was deadlier, tearing the inquisitor open with teeth and claws. He was barely dropped below negative Con after the second full round of attacks, so if I'd rolled slightly less on any of them, he'd still be alive.

Fortunately, Octavius was able to teleport back to Kaer Maga and see to it that Fo'ciss was raised from the dead. All in all, it only delayed things about half an hour of real time.

I'm currently running my first game using pathfinder, and my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign that lasted more than a few sessions in over six or seven years. I think this is perhaps the third time I've killed a player character that I remember, two of those where while running a vampire mini-larp, so in many ways this a momentous occasion and I was surprised it took this long.

Name of PC: Somar
Class/Level: Lawful Neutral Fetchling Evoker 6
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Pride and a critical hit from Xanesha

Our party ranges between five and seven players depending on the week, and had been stomping their way through the chapters with some fairly excellent decisions (and me being too kind on hit points and accidentally giving too many attribute points), as well as some solid teamwork.
The party consists of:
Valmi, a Half-Drow Varisian Rogue (CN) who grew up on the streets of magnimar and has perhaps the saddest back-story in the party with aims of becoming a Pathfinder, she obviously ended up as Aldrens target and has been freaking out, especially when she saw him *alive* when sneaking around the manor.
Mardra, A Tiefling Ninja (LE) from Riddleport, who learned from an early age that killing was a good way to get money and caught the attention of a local gang boss who enjoys animating his dead enemies as zombie trophies, taught by the gangs enforcer "Shrike". She adventures primarily as a side from her day job of being an Assassin, as well as to keep her former gang of orphans fed and homed. The player mucked up their accent early on, and instead of speaking like a pirate came off as Irish, they kept on with this.
Aborgail, A Tiefling Cleric (CG) of Caden Caliean, also from Riddleport, who was sent away by her Chelaxian family so as not to embarrass them politically. She began as a clerk, but too up her husbands clerical mantle when he was murdered by street thugs. She takes it as her duty to redeem some of the more evil members of the party and keep the others sane.
Calandrel, An Elven Bloodrager (CG) from Kyonin with Celestial Bloodline, who grew up in the lap of luxury and decided to run away from home to adventure rather than be forced to marry a woman he didn't love.
Andronius, an Aasimar Summoner (NE) who grew up in Korvosa and was banished from his strict, suffocating and heavily Lawful/Good family for diverging from them morally. Andronius like the Rogue and Ninja fell in with the Sczarni, having made a bond with a Daemon he calls Hector (which looks like the horned demon in Heroes of Might and Magic V) who he summoned to give him motivation to never fail or die, otherwise it'll eat his soul. Hector is played as being surprisingly astute and loveable, kind of like a deeper voiced stitch or detritus, with the disturbing tendency to eat corpses and spend its idle time picking its nose. Andronius originally intended to form a criminal and drug dealing empire but after encounter Nualia decided to dedicate his fortunes to making an academy for planetouched children to give them more grounding and direction in life. Andronius is strangely loveable as an individual, serving as the face with impeccable dress since and is currently dating a Scarnetti.
Then we have Fane, an Ustlavic Human Fighter (LN), who spent his early life serving in a mercenary company after being banished from the local Earls guard for giving the mans son a well deserved kicking as a teen. Fane is the solid, sensible rock at the centre of the party who actually attempts to make people stick to tactics, infinitely frustrated by the bickering of his fellows as well as adding a sense of much normalcy. Fane has a particular hatred for anything that does strength or Constitution damage, lets just say the shadows in Thistletop left an impression.

And then there is Somar. The grounds loveable idiot savant Alchemist who retrained into a Wizard, Somar has only recently arrived from the plane of shadows and because of accidentally visiting the Nine Hells is terrified that he is doomed to go there despite all evidence to the contrary. Somar has little understanding for other peoples cultures, gets words mixed up, misunderstands simple statements, likes explosions more than is healthy for a man (he once carried five or six grenades on a bandoleer into the bank/Cathedral of Abadar and was surprised when they asked him to leave), has an addiction to drugs that will calm his nerves, despite being somewhere in the region of twenty speaks and acts like an old man. Somar is seeking immortality. It is theorised that Somar might be a little autistic and we love him for it.

In todays session after being stuck full of bolts at the Sevens Sawmill (the players bumped into the cultists coming out of the building, ruining both factions plans), capturing Ironbriar and handing four surviving cultists with him over to the authorities and earning support from the Order of the Nail to assist them in luring away and dealing with the Scarecrow the party proceeded into Xaneshas lair with limited threat buffed up to the gills. Xanesha ambushed them by cutting them off from the stairs, attacking Somar from behind with her first round. Luckily Mardra was hanging back and therefore cut off Xaneshas escape further down the stairs. After taking some impressive damage, Somar decided to close in beyond Xaneshas spear range and hit her with a vampiric touch, earning some wisdom drain (from his already painfully low wisdom of 8) in the process. He was then rapidly supported by the party, however, due to space limitations only so many of them could fight Xanesha at once.

Somar decided then facing the very real possibility of becoming a vegetable and sitting on 9 hp and 15 temporary hp, to tumble out of her reach and prepare to throw a spell, risking the wroth of her spear. With an impressive dexterity score and good acrobatics, he almost succeeded. But today luck was not on his side. Xanesha struck true with her attack of opportunity, and, proceeded to earn a critical threat dealing an impressive 49 damage to the frail fetchling. Impaling him straight through his already strained heart, the odd gangly man was no more.

This is when things got personal for the party. I have to say the character reactions where absolutely beautiful, Fane ever practical soldiered on with the aid of vengeful fury, Caladrel pressed the advantage unaware that Somar was dead and allowed Madra to strike the killing blow at which point Fane promptly hacked Xanesha to pieces (thats becoming a thing with him since The House). At this point Aborgail attempted to administer first aid to the fallen wizard, only to sadly announce that it was too late, this news was too much for the already strained Valmi, who broke and ran, blaming herself for his death believing that because she turned down the Nightscales offer of recruitment many years ago that Norgorber must have taken it personally, and seen to exacting vengeance through his servants.

Mardras comment "Well, dibs on his stuff" which earned a prompt backhand from the saddened elf. After assisting the hellknights with finishing off the flesh-golem, Fane gently wrapped Somar in his cloak and carried the broken wizard to the church of Abadar. This lead to some rather excellent roleplaying shifting between Somar in the afterlife believing himself in an illusion, then panicking as he journeyed to the boneyard, switching between the characters discussing matters with the attending priest and using speak with dead.
Valmi, in some excellent roleplaying, when she returned two days later after some drinking and sleepless nights, refused to believe Somar was alive, thinking it some kind of trick or another shapeshifter.
Somar is now paranoid that his body has been changed or replaced. He swears he didn't have that mole before.

All in all, an excellent session.

Name of PC: Waagh Naag
Class/Level: Half-orc Ranger 1/Titan Fighter 5
Adventure: The Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Love of a horse named Ox

The Story:
When the party first laid eyes on the half-orc, locked in a cold cell within Habe's Sanitorium, they realized he wasn't raving nor looney- not even loud and angry, only sad. His former companions, all of them Giant Slayers by trade, had been drugged by Habe and had been taken as horrid experimental guinea pigs in some bizarre ritualistic research. Now he awaited his turn to be tortured and eventually killed. The party was hesitant to release, him, but when they did, he was quick to exact his revenge on the inhabitants of Habe's Sanitarium, and without him they may not have made it out of that place alive. Thus Waagh proved himself an invaluable member of their troupe.

Sure, he drank too much and had no shame when it came to women, but in battle, no one else could down multiple foes in a single strike as blades of grass fall to the sickle. Perhaps it was his fearlessness and strength. Perhaps it was his magical great axe, taken from the cold hands of a fallen giant. Whatever his secret, it saved them from death at the hands of Justice Ironbriar and Xenesha both.

After Lord Mayor Grobaras hired the team of "Star Seekers" to check up on the Black Arrows at Fort Rannick, Waagh was most eager to allow his pack animals some much needed exercise. He loved those beasts. They made it to Sandpoint, reveling in the glory of their most recent adventures. Everything was free, all but the spot next to Ameiko in bed.

From Sandpoint to Wartle, along the well traversed Varisian caravan route through the Hinterlands. They traveled for a day, a cold snap brought along goosebumps. A short encounter with a traveling ranger warned of Trolls along the route. "Never ye worry, though. Me an' me sons have driven 'em off... Oh yer headed to Turtleback Ferry? Send word of the pleasure barge once ye've seen it. I've only heard good things."

"Pleasure barge? Speak no more! We haven't any time to lose!"

As their legs wore and night fell, they made camp in a well used area. A traditional Varisian camp. They tied up the horses, stoked the fire, and got an early night's rest; all but Waagh.

Before his eyes became too heavy, he heard something. Then saw something in a nearby copse of trees. "TROLLS!" He bellowed, waking the rest of them. The trolls pounced at the alarm, one going after Waagh, the other biting down hard on Ox, Waagh's beloved horse.

The party, unarmored and unprepared, took up weapons quickly against the trolls, fighting them with fire and sword. It was an uphill battle. As they concentrated efforts around Waagh, the other troll broke Ox' jaw and dragged it off into the cover of the trees.

Once the bullwark troll was slain, they lit the other with alchemists fire, sending him running off into the night a limp horse lying in his wake. Yet there were two more lurking, waiting for an opportunity to strike. They both lept at the half-orc, now badly injured and worried for his mount. "If the big one falls," they said, "the rest will crumble."

So they fought, toe to toe, blow for blow. The cleric healed, the bard sang, the dwarf fired bolt after bolt, the goblin cohort ran around waving a flaming stick, shrieking and laughing in the heat of excitement.

It was then that it happened; Waagh Naag rolled a one swung his axe too hard, too predictably. It rounded back and struck him in the side, cleaving him in two. He is no more.

*edit for grammar and punctuation

Demonknight wrote:
Ironbriar´s invisibility should have ended after casting Hold Person, or it was a new casting before the coup de grace?

Totally missed that part of the invisibility that targeting spells breaks it off. Well, you learn something new every day, even though I have been playing this game since 2009.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Blue_Hill wrote:
Demonknight wrote:
Ironbriar´s invisibility should have ended after casting Hold Person, or it was a new casting before the coup de grace?

Totally missed that part of the invisibility that targeting spells breaks it off. Well, you learn something new every day, even though I have been playing this game since 2009.

Thanks for pointing this out.

No problem, i returned to the screen after a hiatus of several years, and you wouldn´t believe what i forgot sometimes!

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Name: Jerak
Class/Level: Human rogue 6
Adventure: The Skinsaw Murders/The Misgivings
Catalyst: Burning down the house

Story: So my party, in a completionist attempt decided to really investigate ALL the rooms and end the threat originating from this house once and for all.
Their thoroughness led them to trigger and experience ALL the haunts and I had three players affected by Vorel's phage, two by ghoul fever and all were suffering from paranoia concerning what else the house might have in store for them...
By the end of their forray they were running lowly-low on resources and the cleric was constantly complaining about how he really-really needed to rest. As they didn't find a way to defeat the carrion storms outside (or were too scared to try it in the shape they were in), they decided to rest inside the building--a GM's wet dream coming true!
Too bad all succeeded at their will save and nothing spectacular happened. In the morning they began discussing what "fueled" the house's malignity and came to the (right) conclusion that they spiral down in the room where they took down Aldern must be the source.
Since they found the +1 pick axe went for the mundane approach and began chopping away at the spiral. Well, Vorel didn't agree with that and the first party member to try (our h-o ranger) was affected by a dominate monster (I had them roll a d5 for the possible reactions written in that section of RotRL AE) which had him jumping down what others on these forums dubbed the toilet of doom outside Aldern's room. He survived and was pulled up again which prompted them to start the next attempt: fire! The inquisitor threw a bomb and was affected by confusion but was restrained quickly enough before he could cause much of it. And on the went: this time the rogue stepping forward. He went for the pick axe again, only to be affected by phantasmal killer. He failed both saves and died on the spot.
The good folks of Sandpoint had him raised two days later and he is now very much indebted to the church of Desna.


Silver Crusade

Rannick was a complete screwup for my players. They made it, but took quite a few casualties in the process.

Name: Aramis
Class/Level: Warpriest/8
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre/Retaking Rannick
Catalyst: Jaagrath Kreeg

Story: Aramis and our Ranger took the route to the dungeons, whereupon he was immediately charmed by Lucretia. She ran, our Ranger ran, Aramis followed. Meanwhile, EVERYBODY else was doing a frontal assault (and handling the ogres rather successfully). Deciding to play Jaagrath as a bit smarter, I had him storm out into the courtyard alongside Hookmaw and Silas (whom I considered the most iconic of the bunch). Aramis engaged in melee with Jaagrath (after shaking off the Charm), and ended up eating a crit from his Hook, bringing him down to about -50.

Since my players were quite taken with Razmus, the player will be playing as him next session.

Name: Kyros La'Deun
Class/Level: Wizard/5 Fighter/1 EK/2
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre/Retaking Rannick
Catalyst: Jaagrath

Story: Kyros attempted to save Aramis' life, and ate an attack of opportunity, followed by Jaagrath's second attack. Upon learning that Jaagrath had Power Attack, I used it against him. Kyros died. As he was a backup PC (we started out with only three players), I'd been looking for a way to get rid of him, and this worked as well as any other method.

Name: Vale Temros
Class/Level: Whatever the heck Vale was.
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre/Retaking Rannick
Catalyst: Jaagrath some more.

Story: After being brought into the negatives, our Cleric channeled and brought Vale of to 15. Reading that Vale had little concern for his own safety, I had him charge Jaagrath. You can guess how that turned out.

Name: Orik Vancaskerkin
Class/Level: Fighter/7 (Aramis' cohort)
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre/Retaking Rannick
Catalyst: Jaagrath again.

Story: Orik took a beating from Jaagrath and Hookmaw, and subsequently retreated. After finishing off Aramis, Kyros, and Vale, Jaagrath killed our lovable down-on-his-luck mercenary with a perpetually shifting accent.

Kaven also died via trampling.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm sure that Kaven deserved it! :)

Silver Crusade

Yeah. They figured him as the shifty one, so they stuck him with the large assault group.

Grand Lodge

Name(s): Obidiah Blackwood, Doyle Henshaw
Class/Level: Universalist Wizard 17, Alchemist (Grenadier) 17
Adventure: Spires of Xin Shalast
Catalyst: Karzoug, the Claimer (Wail of the Banshee)

So I suppose this can effectively be my 'Hey My Group Finished' post. I guess it's fitting that it's in the obituary thread. I did kill a large number of characters (whether through people having to use their hero points or just outright).

The group was deep in the throes of the fight with big K. I had used an alternate version of the fight hinted at by Mark Seifter in his 'Ask Me' thread and had at this point done considerable damage to the party.

I severely nerfed the fighter/cavalier by mazing her griffon mount and thoroughly infuriated the group by having Karzoug bounce from set piece to set piece using magic jar and project image (scroll).

In the end they had gained control of one of the Storm Giants, killed the Rune Giant, and were fighting off the last Storm Giant as they surrounded Karzoug, his back up against a wall of force. In one more round they were set to win and I wanted to go out with a bang.

The result of the Wail wasn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be. Killing Obidiah (again) and Doyle's twin form duplicate were undoubtedly less than fun for the wizard's player.

In the end of course, the fighter/cavalier destroyed the ancient wizard ending the campaign.

The group let the sole remaining storm giant live giving me a good excuse to tell them that he had been the main villain of Giantslayer, which I'm running for another group.

Now we are moving on to Skull and Shackles and I get to go haunt their obituaries thread.

Till we meet again RotRL.

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