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RotRL Obituaries

Rise of the Runelords

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Liberty's Edge

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Name: Ysabeau Heimalis
Class/Level: Fighter 1/Sorcerer 6/Eldritch Knight 2
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Wet Papa Grazuul

The PCs descended into the depths of Skull's Crossing, wary of "Wet Papa Grazuul" from the trolls' graffiti above, and so were not surprised when he exploded out from the pool in which he normally resides. Ysabeau won initiative over him (and he beat just about everyone else), so she fired a pair of scorching rays at him, successfully critting with one (total damage 44 hp). Grazuul, in pain and rage, struck back at her with his military fork - also critting. Total damage: 6d4+51+2d6. Since Ysabeau only had 42 hit points remaining at that point, I didn't bother rolling.

After the rest of the party killed Grazuul, the halfling with her new teleport self SLA took the military fork and went to Magnimar with it, trading it in for a scroll of raise dead and two scrolls of restoration, and two days later, Ysabeau was back and ready to rumble again.

Arcesilaus wrote:

Player's Handbook wrote:
Harm charges a subject with negative energy that deals 10 points of damage per caster level... If the creature successfully saves, harm deals half this amount, but it cannot reduce the target's hit points to less than 1.

I always read the bit about not reducing to less than 1 HP as part of the "if you save" sentence. Thus, if you make the save you take half damage, with a maximum of your current HP-1. If you fail the save, though, all bets are off and you take level*10 HP damage. Is there an errata or something somewhere? I would love to know so I can save the PCs the cost of the Raise Dead.


PS Woo hoo! Post #200!

I always come from the 3.0 version:

SRD3.0 wrote:

Harm damages a subject with negative energy that causes the loss of all but 1d4 hit points.

If used on an undead creature (requires a successful touch attack), harm acts like heal.

which could never kill the target.

But you are right, the 3.5 harm spell really reads like you handle it, although I rather like to play in favor of the PCs, so I interpret it in the lenient version. But no errata.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Alas, our poor halfling Monk 2/Rogue 1 was slain by Malfeshnekor, his face bitten off and his body devoured as his friends retreated valiantly, swearing revenge. He will be missed.

Dark Archive

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Name: Ganelon
Class/Level: Paladin 3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Nualia

Down in level 2 of the Thistletop dungeon the party rogue stumbled into the slashing cage trap, setting it off and alerting Nualia. The rogue survived but only just.

After retrieving the rogue from the pit, the party opened the door to Nualia's room and charged in. After a few rounds of combat, Nualia landed a critical hit on Ganelon. I'm using the Critical Hit deck so pulled a card out. Leg Swipe - double damage and knocked prone. That reduced him to 3 hit points. It was his go next and he decided (against the advice of the rest of the party) to stand up. Attack of Opportunity for Nualia, who hit and did 14 damage, dropping him below -10.

Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Seahara
Class/Level: Rogue 9
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Several Stone Giants
Story: After causing the giants to flee Sandpoint, the party tracked the Stone Giants and caught up with them when the giants had set a camp. The fighter/rogue(Jack), The Ranger(Aurado), and Seahara tried to sneak up on the giants and failed. After realizing that there were to many stone giants for the group to take at one time(7) the party retreated. Seahara decided not to run and shot at the giants and the giants swarmed Seahara and killed her. The rest of the party made it back to Sandpoint.

Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Corum
Class/Level: Wizard 4
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Foxglove Manor
Story: Well Corum was hit with the burning haunt. Well in the attic area he failied and jumped from the window to his doom. The bard did react quickly and cast Feather Fall on the Wizard who though it knocked off 240' of the 300' foot drop did not survive the remaining damage.

Name of PC: Assur
Class/Level: Fighter 4
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Cataylist: Foxglove Manor
Story: They discovered the basement entrance to the tunnels below. Well poor Assur was ripped in pieces by the ghoulish uprising Haunt.

Name of PC: Lenora
Class/Level: Rogue 5
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Ghoulish Dire Bat
Story: So the fight with the Undead Dire Bat was a hard one, the Cleric and Paladin were going at it like crazy! The Rogue sat back with a wand of Cure Light and was trying to keep the two up. Well the two went down, the Rogue healed up the Paladin and the Critter went next. Seeing only one threat, the Rogue, poor Lenora was massively ripped in pieces by the creature. Only had to make a five foot step so full attack option with all three attacks and hit with all...maxed out in one claw and bite and decent damage with the last claw. Lenora was brought well below -10. In fact the only thing that saved the party was the Player who played Corum finished his next character and I was able to insert him into this fight. If it wasn't for him it would've been a TPK.

Sovereign Court

Name of PC: Wog
Class/Level: Monk/1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Goblin Commando and allies
Story: Wog a half-orc monk raised in the town of sandpoints monastary was helping to save Aldern Foxglove from the clutches of a goblin commando, comming out of an alley Wog was shielding his allies when the goblins charged and amazingly all three hit for almost max damage taking wog down and pinning his allies in the alley where all they could do was back out and barricade themselves in a house till the raid was over. We shall always remember Wog who grabbed one goblin and attempted to use him as a club on another goblin.

Name of PC: Ronnin
Class/Level: Rogue 7/ Temple Raider 1
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Jaagrath Kreeg
Story: She got too close to Jaagrath, and was nearly ripped in half by his Ogre Hook as a result (he hit her with 10 point power attack going, his damage bonus took her from full health to -2, the rolled damage put her well below -10). Luckily the Cleric had just gotten 5th level spells and raised her after the battle, so I am sure she will be gracing this board again (this is her second time already, she also died in Skinsaw as reported above).

So far I am enjoying the level of deadliness in the series, each module has resulted in at least 1 character death for my group.

KissMeDarkly wrote:
I've already decided to turn these two corpses into Cauldron-Born ala the Dragon Article, using the altar as an alternative Black Cauldron.

Dragon article? Please explain to this newbie!

highsidednb wrote:

Now only one original PC from the party that came together during the Swallotail Festival remains...

that is amusing... IMG none of those characters that had been at the Swallowtail festival even made it through Burnt Offerings :)

Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Maxston
Class/Level: Barbarian 9
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Enga Keckvia, Ratcatcher
Story: Upon entering Enga's Cave from the tunnel, the kobold charged the barbarian when he reached the entrance(He was the only one able to fight it in melee because Enga blocked the entrance to her Cave). After getting hit for a lot of damage, he withdrew to the back of the party only to be hit by the fireball thrown from Enga's necklass. The party then dispached the kobold.

Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16, 2011 Top 32

Orik Vandercaskin, dead by Vorel's Phage. The party slew the Skinsaw Man and escaped the manor, but Orik was infested (infected?) and soon decomposed into a pile of gory mold. He will be missed. He is the second character death thus far.

Scarab Sages

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Just discovered this thread, so I have a long list.

Name of PC: Tallis
Class/Level: Human Ranger 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Back Stabbed by Koruvus
Story: While exploring the Caverns of Wrath, Tallis made the mistake of puting his back to an opening. Koruvus rushed in and did almost max damage. Koruvus won the initiative and hit with all 3 weapons including 1 critical hit. Goodbye Tallis.

Name of PC: Kael
Class/Level: Human Wizard 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Goblin Druid's Revenge
Story: Kael had just killed the druid's animal companion. The druid walked into the thistle. the party tried to find him and left the wizard alone. Druid came out of the thistle and attacked the wizard. 2 rounds later, dead wizard.

Nobody died in the skinshaw murders, but I hit the jackpot in Hook Mountain Masacre.

Name of PC: Kibb
Class/Level: Animal Companion
Catalyst: The PC did it
Story: The PCs were walking along the path to Fort Rannick, when a bear came charging around the corner and screeched to a stop. A PC who already made a name for himself as a "shoot first ask questions later" sort of guy, sees a wounded Kibb and decides better safe than sorry. Gaining the initiative, he fires 2 arrows and does max damage. Kibb comes up to him, lays down in front of him and just looks up at him. Rukus Graul and his hounds come up a round later and coup-de-gras Kibb before anyone can do anything. He the thanks the party for their help (Such a polite ogre).

Name of PC: Kaien
Class/Level: Human Cleric 4
Catalyst: Fought then ran away.
Story: While fighting Biggun, Kaien decided to check on the prisoners since Biggun was on the other side of the barn fighting. The fighter on the other side full retreated to get healed. Biggun turned his attention to Kaien. Kaien did damage to Biggun and received same. Down to 4 HP, he decided to attack then retreat. Biggun AoOed him to -14 HP.

Name of PC: Vale
Class/Level: Human Ranger 2/Fighter 4
Catalyst: In over his head
Story: During a fight against many ogres, Vale was surrounded by 3. He lasted 4 rounds and took out 2 before the final blow.

Name of PC: Kevin
Class/Level: Human Cleric 6 - Kaine's replacement (2 sessions later)
Catalyst: Backed into a corner.
Story: While fighting Jaagrath Kreeg, Kevin decided to go toe to toe with the Ogre. Down to 1 HP, decided to cast cure moderate wounds on himself without going defensive. One AoO later, second dead cleric.

Name of PC: Koethar
Class/Level: Human Ranger 6
Catalyst: Bullseye
Story: Fighting the last remaining ogres in the fort. Low on HP. Took a critical hit from a rock right between the eyes.

Name of PC: Jakardros
Class/Level: Human Ranger 9
Catalyst: No protection
Story: Same battle as Koethar (same player too). The giants got into melee range with Jakardros since Kibb was not there to protect him. A couple of rounds later, he was pushing up daisies. On a happy note, Koethar's replacement was a druid who resurected him 6 days later as an elf.

Name of PC: Sarina
Class/Level: Gnome Bard 1/ Rogue 7
Catalyst: Nobody knew who to help
Story: In the Kreeg clanhold, Sarina and 2 other PCs were grappled and rolled on the floor by Annis Hags. When they came up, no one was sure who was who. Sarina was left to fight the Hag alone while the rest of the party watched. After taking a beating for a few rounds, Sarina's husband cast dispell magic and the Annis Hags returned to their true selves. Before anyone could react, the hag hit with both claw attacks, critting with one, and rended. The Druid Iggy tried to reincarnate her, but when she found her new form was going to be a human, she decided she did not want to return.

Name of PC: Bat
Class/Level: Dire Bat animal companion and mount of Iggy the Halfling Druid
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Never fight a dragon by yourself
Story: During the giant raid on Sandpoint, Longtooth was wrecking havoc. Iggy and his bat were the only ones who could reach Longtooth. Did Iggy blast Longtooth with magic? No! He had the bat bite longtooth on the tail (while in mid-air). Longtooth full attacked and used his breath attack. All attacks scored. Since Longtooth went after the bat for all attacks, it died while Iggy change into a small bat and ran away to plot his revenge.

Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Vallin
Class/Level: Dwarven Wizard/7th
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Scarecrow Construct
Story: Well this one is simple with a creature that deals 2d6+11 dmg a hit and attacks twice in one rd...well the Wizard stayed to close for two rounds.

Name of PC: Nikolen Sorescu and Jehnos of the Shoanti
Class/Level: Human Fighter 1 and Human Barbarian 1, respectively
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: A unnatural string of critical (3x) horsechopper attacks

Story: The party rolled into the glassworks to find Tsuto's goblin's happily making mischef in the glass-blowing room. They rushed in and handily dealt with the goblins without taking a scratch. Two of the goblins made it out of the room and down the stairs to warn the half-elf of the intruders. As the DM I was afraid that Tsuto would go down too quickly without his compliment of goblins, so I decided to upgrade the two goblins who went to fetch him to commando status, and added in a few more regular gobs for good measure.

Tsuto showed up and monologued for a minute, as any good villan would. The fighter and the barbarian won initiative, and charged Tsuto on round one, killing him before he could even get and attack off(talk about a glass cannon!). While effective, this left them engaged with Tsuto's commando bodyguards. The two women (a rogue and a druid) were engaged on the other end of the room with three newly arrived goblin regulars. The commandos proceeded to land nothing but critical hits with their 3X damage halberds, taking the fighter-types unconcious in two rounds. By this time the women had dispatched two of three goblins, but had taken horrible wounds in the process.

Seizing the opportunity, the commandos both delivered coup-de-grace attacks, killing the warriors before fleeing back into the smuggler tunnels, leaving the lone goblin to deal with the rest of the party - which of course, he didn't. We ended 3 HP away from a TPK on an encounter were we killed the "boss" in the first round.

Name of PC: Volstok
Class/Level: Human Paladin of Freedom 8
Adventure: Hook Mountain Massacre
Catalyst: Jargreth
Story: PC's first attempted diplomacy and then stormed Fort Rannick by frontal assault while the rougue cleared corpses from the sluice gate. Battling 20+ orgres, their cleric is capturesd alive. In a later, more stealthy, approach they come upon Jargreth, Dorella, and two Orge Fighters waiting on the second floor. The Paladin survived a critical charge (full power attack) from a +1 Human Bane Ogre Hook, but was sunsequently killed after numerous full attacks.

What a good death...

Name: Herzog the Bold
Alignment/Class/Race: Chaotic Good Human (Varisian) Bard 5
Module: Skinsaw Murders
Location of Death: Caverns underneath Foxglove manor
Cause of Death: The Skinsaw man

The heroes had set free Iesha from her prison and had used her to find their way to Aldern's lair. Unfortunatley, the numerous debilitating diseases and ability damage suffered from the haunts insured overcautious exteneded rests inside the manor, allowing Aldern to react to the development of his obsession being in his own quarters (That, and they were trapped inside by the effective way of fighting the flying swarms). He proceeded to go about his grisly work so when the heroes found his chambers beneath, they were empty. They were creeped out as they examinied the signs of Aldern's obsession with Grimtusk, our half-orc barbarian/fighter. Suddenly, Aldern appeared behind them in the caves. He had two new companions; the Barretts, who the PCs had ignored previously despite their requests to check out their haunted house (The barretts moved after their encounter with the goblins in BO). With the two ghouls in tow, and a bound and gagged Shalelu (who had enough ability damage to die of ghoul fever within a night)complicating matters, Aldern revealed himself in the highest of dramatic fashion, wanting Grimtusk to join his new family. Aldern and the ghouls waded in and paralyzed both front line fighters (including Grimtusk). It looked grim, but as the pack moved in to gain new members, Herzog tackled Aldern, taking him over the 50 foot ledge while simultaneously whipping the remaining ghoul's leg and taking him down with him. Thanks to a feather fall, Herzog began floating toward Aldern, but the ghoul who was hanging beneath him had other plans. It clambered up the whip length and clawed Herzog, paralyzing him. Aldern came out of his depression and became the Skinsaw man as Herzog landed next to him paralzyed. With that, the Skinsaw man went about his work amidst the screams of Herzog's companions. Herzog died, but he bought his paralzyed companions enough time to rally and avenge him, as a concentrated barrage of arrows, spells, and an emotionally battered barbarian's greatsword assaulted him, taking him down.

Scarab Sages

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Got a few more deaths to report. Just in case you are wondering, I have a party of 9. I either max the HP of their foes, or add extras, depending on the situation.

Name of PC: Druard
Class/Level: Elf Druid 10
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Where did all these giants come from
Story: When Dwarven Fighter Torga got yanked into the dining room, the rest of the party had to follow. Druard shape shifted into a large earth elemental and charged into battle. Several hits later and he was on the floor below -10 HP. Resurrected by Druid Ignasious as a Human.

Name of PC: Soveliss
Class/Level: Elf Ranger 9/ Sorcerer 1
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: For I see not
Story: Wizard Glim used wand of knock to get into the library. A shining child appeard and blinded half of the party. After the battle, the found the door had relocked (they did not open it during the fight), so the wizard used the wand a second time. A second shining child appeared. This one blinded the rest of the party except soveliss. Paladin Arden confirmed a critical fumble and dropped his sword. During this fight the party opened the library door and 1/2 the people (including Soveliss) went in. After the second shining child was defeated, the scanderig decided this would be a good time to attack. Knowing they could not defeat the scanderig, everyone retreated into the library. Arden asked Soveliss to retrieve his lost sword since he was the only one who could see. Soveliss went back out and picked up the sword, provoking an AoO. Already low on HP from the shining child attacks, he was rendered unconcious. The party closed the library doors and left him to his fate. An hour later when the party could once again see , they opened the doors so they could retrieve the body, but it was no longer there. They have not yet found the body.

Name of PC: Ignatious (Iggy)
Class/Level: Halfling Druid 11
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: I see you, can you see me
Story: Mokmurrian had encased the party in the solid fog. Unfortuneately, he lobbed a couple of fireballs in there, thus thinning it out somewhat. After the party had escaped, he went into the fog and continued his magical attacks against the party who thought he was up the stairs. Iggy turned into a dire bat and flew into the the fog after spotting where a spell came from. Using his sonar, he was able to find Mokmurrian (remember, the fog was partially disipated).
Two hits from Mokmurrian's great club (one a crit), and Iggy fell to the ground, dead. Dwarven Cleric Borador cast raise dead on him.

Shadow Lodge

Chuck i have to sya a few things.
1) Tallis was an elven fighter
2) Iggy's name is spelt Ignatius
3) Koehthar was a ftr5/rgr2 and a rock didnt kill me i was in melee
4) FreeFall wasn't hit by longtooths breath weapon
5) Jakadros was killed cause you said he wouldn't use melee weapons
6) Iggy didn't stay dead for long (YEAH CLERICS)

but keep it up i think your doing great!!!

Shadow Lodge

one more thing chuck can you help decide something? please look at my mystic theurge thread.
thanks(if anyone else wnats to post they can)

Name: Biznakle
Alignment/Class/Race: Elven Archivist // Wizard
Module: Sins of the Saviors
Location of Death: Runeforge, The Shimmering Veils
Cause of Death: Empowered Fireball, times four

So, after having had the rogue double-duplicated via opposing mirrors of opposition (beautiful trap, will have to borrow it for the future) and invisibility sphere-ing past the mirrors, the party entered the cathedral of Pride and saw the four identical Vraxeris clones. Unfortunately for the party, they thought it was one Vraxeris and three Mirror Images. They were disillusioned when the party attacked (starting with an ill-chosen darkness centered on the clones, which gave them all the cover they needed to go invisible) and the clones responded with four fireballs all impacting one square from the still-invisible wizard, in his first session of the campaign. The other three party members all had Evasion and made all four of their reflex saves. The wizard did not have Evasion and made zero of his Reflex saves, taking 36d6*150% damage and reducing him to a smoldering corpse.

Next session they get to deal with Delvhanine (and I'm not entirely certain they'll choose to give up magic items rather than 5 minutes alone with her...), the stone golem, and, unless one of the casters figures out they can plane shift away, the Wrath wing. Once they get out of Runeforge, there's still that dragon they thought they killed... I expect at least one more 'death' in this module (though as always I allow action points to turn a death into a near-death experience).

Dragonborn3 wrote:

one more thing chuck can you help decide something? please look at my mystic theurge thread.

thanks(if anyone else wnats to post they can)

*link to the aforementioned thread in case anyone is interested*

Right, back to the reports of PC demises! :D

Name of PC: Kreegone
Class/Level: Dwarven Ranger 8th level
Adventure: Hook Mountain
Catalyst: Letting the kreeg get organised after the alarm was raised.
Story: The party allow one of the door guard ogres escape and raise the alarm (although he was silenced and had to mime), rather than follow him, they loitered near the entrance allowing all the ogres in the are to occupy the choke point. During the battle Kreegone was critically hit, drawing from the Critical Hit Deck I got a card that knocked him prone. A few blows later and another lucky critical and Kreegone was dead. Even after his death one of the Ogres took time out from the battle to try and twist the head off his corpse.

Liberty's Edge RPG Superstar 2008 Top 32

Name of PC: Korhol
Class/Level: Cleric of Saraenae
Adventure: Sin of the Saviors
Catalyst: Arkrhyst
Story: Arkrhyst burst out of the cave as the PCs began their climb of the stairs. He dove, relying on his dragon fear (which wasn't effective as the dragon hoped it would be) and breathed. The Celithion, an elven wizard, threw fly on the paladin and Jandar (the paladin) flew up to meet the dragon. Stymied from flying onward, Arkrhyst dropped, crushing two of the PCs (first time I as a GM had used a dragon's crush attack) Desminora, the shadowdancer and Eni, the dwarven barbarian) and pinning them both. The wizard casts greater dispel magic but forgets to concentrate (oops) and Arkrhyst (who has already declared power attack +9 when he attacked the paladin (who apparently wasn't wearing armor -- glamored mithral plate armor)) AOOs and crits the wizard. The wizard goes quickly way, way negative but Korhol, the cleric, has a delay death racked and the wizard is saved, albeit at -30 some odd. The cleric then starts throwing sound lance after sound lance and annoying the heck out of the dragon, so the dragon the does a flyby attack, grabs Korhol and flies onward; fireballs going up like flak after him. Arkrhyst continues to climb, breathes on the poor cleric, knocking him unconscious. He then drops the cleric from 200+ feet onto the now conscious mage (the fighter poured two cure critical wounds potions down his throat) and hits. Korhol is paste and the wizard is also negative again, but still until the effect of the delay death so quick application of more cure potions saves the wizard. Retreating, Arkrhyst flies into his cave to drink what healing potions he has. Arkrhyst now has 20 some few hit points.

The party decides to retreat to the boat they came in on and rest. The plan is attacking in the morning after loading for bear.

Arkrhyst however has other plans...

Name of PC: Celithon and Ontrix
Class/Level: elven wizard (see above) and aasimar warmage
Adventure: Sin of the Saviors
Catalyst: Arkrhyst
Story: Resting on the boat its first watch. Jandar the paladin has the watch and hears a loud splash from a distance away. Realizing that white dragons have a swim speed, he rushes to wake everyone. All are awake when the dragon swimming under the boat and rips out the keel (the boat had been previously described a s an old fishing boat in need of dry docking and repair but good for crossing the lake one or twice more). The party dives into the water (they are 50' from shore). Arkrhyst come up on the next round and discovers that the party in in the water in a nice cone-shaped pattern, and taking advantage, he breaths. However, no PC goes down (yet). Closest to the dragon are Celithon and Ontrix (who are BTW, the lowest Str PCs in the group and since everyone had dove off the boat to swim to shore, they were the closest). Ontrix tries to cast a spell and forget to concentrate, Arkrhyst take the AOO, knocks her unconscious and cleaves into the wizard and crits. Not a good day for the wizard. The wizard is knocked unconscious and Ontrix and Celithon begin to drawn.

Arkrhyst then offers a bargain, they PCs can die now and give all their stuff to the white dragon or they can each give him two magic items and he will let them live. Jandar counter offers saying that that is fine but they have to go through the dragon's lair to get where they need to go. Arkrhyst says then it would be three magic items each. A bargain is struck. And the dragon keeps the war mage and the wizard from drowning and the PCs willingly give the dragon three magic items each!!

Name of PC: Celithon
Class/Level: wizard
Adventure: Sin of the Saviors
Catalyst: earth elementals
Story: Again the wizard forgets to concentrate and the earth elemental crits while power attacking for 10. In his favor the player didn't realize that the EE has a 15' reach. However, his character was crushed and soon to be dead except Korhol (who they had raised from the dead) did have a delay death memorized).

It was a day where the GM kicked the PCs buts up and down and around the block. Heh.

Name of PC: Onawa
Class/Level: Male Elf Barbarian 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Onawa, meet Scarecrow. Watch out for that scyt.. too late.
Story: Scarecrow critted for a total of over 70 dmg on a single blow, cleaving the poor chap in twain.

Paizo Employee CEO

Name of PC: Grey
Class/Level: Male Human Rogue 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Story: After resting the night in the bramble tunnels, the party makes a rush across the rope bridge leading to Thistletop after the sorceress puts sleep on the guards. Grey moves much faster than most of the party and he and 2 others get into the stockade first room and have to fight off a swarm of goblins. One goblin opens the door to an inner courtyard and release 4 goblin dogs into the fight. 2 goblins and all 4 goblin dogs surround Grey and take him down with 2 crits in the bunch. He might have survived if the cleric wasn't 4 rounds behind him, moving at 20 feet per round. Currently his starting to bloat body is waiting for them to finish off Thistletop before being transported back to Sandpoint for burial.


The party had taken a bit of battering in the Glassworks fighting the goblins and had used most of its offensive spells but decided to 'just have a quick look around the catacombs' before resting. Sadly they went straight to the Cathedral of Wrath and Erylium.

Name of PC: Melok of the Shriikirri-Quah & Salazar Mara (Gnome)
Class/Level: Ranger 2 & Bard 1/Sorcerer 1
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Not enough R&R between encounters
Story: The party tried to organise a tactical retreat but Melok was criticalled and killed in the process and Salazar was cut off and killed by the Sinspawn. Another member of the party was also knocked below zero HP but still lives. The remaining party member Jal Parasio fled the catacombs and has since enlisted another group of 'heroes' to rescue his friends... sadly he will be to late for these two.

The rescue is underway but as the new party explored the catacombs for the initial party they were surpised on the stairs to the Prisoner Pits by Koruvus. They opened the door at the top of the stairs initially, looked down and then decided to go back and check out the library before decending, allowing Koruvus to surprise them.

Name of PC: 'Dog'
Class/Level: Wolf companion of Varzac the Druid
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Brave defense of the party
Story: As the party reached the bottom of the stairs entering the Prisoner Pits Koruvus was hiding around the corner. The lead player had the good sense to sneak down and take a quick look around the corner alerting them to his presence. She decided discretion was the better part of valor and sounded the retreat against a three armed monster. It all became a bit of jumble on the stairs and Koruvus used his breath/spit attack to incapacitate Varzac. The wolf leapt to his defense but was easily killed by Koruvos the following round. However this round allowed the party to pull Varzac up the stairs and deal with Koruvus in the room above in the subsequent rounds. A heroes death...


Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber

Well, we lost 3 more in the Assault on the Stone Giant Fortress.

I'll let dm Paylin step in for the gory details, but

Dee-Dee, Bard Cohort 8
Kerrigan, Rogue 9
Ulgrim, Barbarian 8

all bought it in some manner or another during that fun-filled-romp through the lower levels of the fortress.

Dahlia, Bard 10, also got turned to stone, leaving the party at

Toki, Goblin Druid 9
Wartooth, Direwolf animal companion
and Taris, Cleric/Ardent 9, who escaped via teleport.

very very deadly.


Liberty's Edge

Name of PC: Shot'ha Rust'haveli
Class/Level: Fighter/Expert(11 levels total)
Adventure: Sins of the Saviors
Catalyst: Freezemaw
Story:After taking half of a Full attack from the old dragon, Shot'ha withdrew but unfortunatly was in the wake of the most PC's that Freezmaw could get with his breath weapon. The cleric, Gerfoodle, was able to raise Shot'ha after the rest of the party defeated the dragon.


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Another death in the attack on the Jorgenfist.

We re-assaulted the fortress, this time sneaking a little bit better.

Right at the secret entrance Toki the goblin Druid/Beastmaster took enough damage from the General's pick to drop him to -32 or so. Delay death and Healing Hymn brought him back without permanent loss.

Then, a few rooms later, the mural room enthralled Dee-Dee the Bard 8 cohort, who then rolled a natural 1 on her fort save vs. death.

She was last-breathed into a goblin, with no level loss.

Her 2nd death, she then suicided twice more back in Sandpoint later, coming back as a Githyanki, then a Maenad (we have our own master-list for reincarnation).


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No character deaths in Rise of the Runelords since September? ouch...

Any idea what the tally is ? ^_^


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not reading the obits thoroughly solely because i'm still in the middle of playing this one.

limited deaths in our group mostly thanks to close wounds, healing hymn, and my druid's augment healing abilities.



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Yet another PC falls...

Name: Toki
Class: Druid / Beastmaster
Level: 11
Where: En Route to the Runewell
Catalyst: Goblin, button, booze.

On the way to the runewell, the party stops off in Riddleport for some mischief, mayhem, and loot-sellin'.

Since we were there anyways, we dug out some old smugglers-tunnel maps from the Fort Rannick treasure, and went a knocking. Literally.

For some reason, we thought it would be all cool for us to show up and say
"Hi, Smugglers. Will you be our friends?". At least we were all under invisibility/silence aura at this time.

Once inside, we find a cunningly hidden secret door, with a big red button. Naturally, the rogue finds no traps, and asks, "Toki, wanna push the button?"

Being a goblin having just gotten wonderful new Boots of Big Stepping, and being slightly inebriated in real lift, that sounded like a wonderful idea. 82 HP of Sudden Strike damage later, I'm dead, that sounds like a bad idea after all, and we're rolling initiative.

Got reincarnated as a Xeph, so all was cool after I got the Sizing enchantment cast on my favorite Guided +1 Club, the Wis-Pickle!


Paizo Employee Developer

Name of PC: Celeste
Class/Level: Cleric (Sarenae) 2
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Rolled a 1 on a reflex save to not fall into the water on the bridge to Thistletop. Story: She was knocked out at 0 on impact, but failed the second of her drowning Con checks. The wizard successfully tree-shaped himself (with Gogmurt's potion) and the bard to either fall and take less damage or float and not need to breathe, but wasn't able to get to the cleric in time. I feared (and hoped for?) a TPK, but the ranger, who was on the island with all the goblins/goblin dogs managed to kill the last one that hadn't been sleep spelled with his single action in staggered condition before passing out himself. The surviving members did make it to 3rd level, though, so they get to try again slightly better prepared.

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Long time, no death. All of these happened in the Halls of Wrath.

Name of PC: Krog
Class/Level: Half-Orc Barbarian 12
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Ignore the monster - Bad Idea.

While the rest of the party was fighting the guardian, Krog decided to climb and see what it was guarding. It came back and grapple Krog, using him as an improvised weapon and took damage sames as the target. When the it fell, so did Krog who landed below it.
Reincarnated as a half-elf.

Name of PC: Ignatious (Again)
Class/Level: Druid 13
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Polymorph - Bad Idea.

While fighting the Boss, Iggy decides to turn into a T-Rex and decided to bite the boss and initiate a grapple with the idea to swallow the next round. Unfortuneately, the boss had vampiric touch prepared. Since Iggy only had 15HP left, and the boss did more than 25, Iggy dropped to -10.
The cleric was able to come and cast breath of life on him before the the end of the round.

Name of PC: Druard (Again)
Class/Level: Druid 12
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Acting like a Meat-Shield - Bad Idea

While in earth elemental form, Druard was fighting the demon. Druard was hit with 3 crits with the claws, none confirmed. Add in the rend, and he took 74 points of damage. This dropped him below -10HP.
Rincarnated as a Halfling.

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I've had two so far, both in Burnt Offerings, both by the same player.

Name of PC: Kestien Whisperwillow
Class/Level: Gnome druid 1/wizard 1, was aiming for arcane hierophant PrC. Was.
Catalyst: Irony?
The group (five players & one DMPC) had cleared the top/goblin level of Thistletop & was checking the rooms/areas one by one. When they came to [C18 Caged Horse] & opened the door, Kestien attempted to calm Shadowmist using wild empathy. Multiple times. Because the player kept rolling way under the DC. And also, every time, she skooched closer to the horse, even as it backed away. She finally cornered it & failed another WE roll, so Shadowmist kicked out at her. And critted. And rolled nearly max. damage. Like Gallagher & a watermelon.

Name of PC: Erim Gilnore
Class/Level: Dwarf cleric of Cayden Cailean
Catalyst: Never bum-rush the BBEG.
Two or three sessions later, the group, minus one gnome but plus one dwarf, had finally reached [E4 Observation Deck] & initiative had been rolled. The dwarf ran in to battle Nualia toe to toe. She popped off cause fear. The elf (archer) ranger ran, scared out of his mind. The human fighter dropped his weapons & cowered, unable to flee. Leaving the (other) elf rogue, halfling swordsage/monk, & half-elf rogue/sorcerer to try to battle Nualia on one side, & a pack of manes on the other (coming from E5). Hey, there were six adventurers. Anyway, the dwarf got whittled down, being up close, & after he went down, dying but not dead yet, the first ever death knell was cast in one of our games (by Nualia, in case it wasn't clear). Then the battle went downhill. ;-D Not a TPK, but the party was quite unprepared for the speed at which hit point totals plummeted.

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Turin the Mad wrote:

No character deaths in Rise of the Runelords since September? ouch...

Any idea what the tally is ? ^_^

Dude, you make it sound like killing your PCs is some kind of "badge of honor"? Having to stop so the character can be resurected or a new character created(especially above 1st) can put a real crimp in the game session. Fitting that new character into the party can be a challenge as well.

Yes, there needs to be an element of real danger for the PCs. But a good GM needs to balance that against the needs of the story and impact on the morale of his players.

Deads in Burnt Offerings:

Minvant: cleric of Desna (level 3) dead fighting Ripnugget.

Helgrim: varisian warblade (level 3) dead fighting Nualia (She confused him with her liaison).

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Two deaths in the Hall of Illusion

Name of PC: Ignatious (Iggy)
Class/Level: Druid 13
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Self Immolation

While fighting his doppleganger created by the mirror of opposition, Iggy decides to cast flamestrike. However, see as how the doppleganger was in the square next to him, the strike also hit him, and his friend druid, and his doppleganger. The other druid's doppleganger was destroyed, but so was Iggy. The other druid barely survived, but so did Iggy's dopplegange.

Name of PC: Dugan
Class/Level: Cleric 12
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: I thought they were just mirror images

After the fight with the dopplegangers, the party walked into the main area of the hall of illusion. Standing by the Peacock statues were 4 men that looked exactly alike. The party thought they were one NPC and 3 mirror images of of him. Four empowered fireballs later, and poor saving throw and the party needs a new cleric.

Name of PC: Zalrid
Class/Level: Druid/13
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Figer of Death

Story: The heroic party carried on into the Ravenous Crypts to loot the place. They had just beaten The Drear Ravenous Zombie and thought the treasure room was next. As the plodded onwards they came across the Lich Kazaven, whom asked them questions as his Devourer put himself between the party and his Summoner. As combat started the front line of the Fighter and Rogue went forward to get their targets leaving Zalrid open. Kazaven blasted the Shonti druid with necromantic fury and the wizard watch as his companion dropped dead before his eyes. With that Zalrids animal companion, Po the bear, fled the field in his magic plate armor with Domineering Armor Spikes.

The rest fo the party fought on, and with many spells and charges blown on magic items they beat the lich, but with great cost of a lost healer and a mighty war machine.

Shadow Lodge

Charles Scholz wrote:

Two deaths in the Hall of Illusion

Name of PC: Ignatious (Iggy)
Class/Level: Druid 13
Adventure: Sins of the Savior
Catalyst: Self Immolation

And I did it on purpose to!

I would just point out that while Kael did die, it was a great death IMO (and I'm the player). Succeeded on a tumble check to get pass the AC to face off with the Druid, had shield and mage armor going at the time. The druid needed a crit to hit... and got just that! Full on Crit and Maximum Damage too! Went from Max HP to Dead in one hit.

I don't have my books with me, so I don't have names handy, but:

Class/Level: Wizard (Mage of Arcane Order) 13
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Mokmurian

Class/Level: Ranger/Fighter multiclass 13
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Mokmurian

Class/Level: Cleric (Radiant Servant of Pel.. er, Sarenrae) 13
Adventure: Fortress of the Stone Giants
Catalyst: Mokmurian

Some spoilers, obviously, so


Mokmurian observed the party fighting against the Headless Lord's encounter and took copious notes. The party spent quite a while at the shining child's door attempting to discern the password (they were so close, they realized there *was* a password, they just couldn't figure it out) from the Black Monk's loot. Eventually they just said "screw it" and decided to risk the trap. After fighting the Shining Child (and nearly losing a couple party members after a well-placed wall of force split the party), they entered the Library.

Mokmurian let them explore the library a bit while he buffed up. When the party came out of the library, Mokmurian waited for them to bunch up nicely and sent in two Hounds. They fogged up the area and sufficiently confused the party while Mokmurian moved into position and Reversed gravity, catching the whole party 10 feet off of the ground (and none with a useful movment ability active).

The dwarven defender, effectively blind and immobile cursed and attempted to make a lasso to pull himself out of the gravity/fog.

The ranger dispatched a hound.

The cleric attempted a dispel magic, but failed.

The wizard cast greater invisiblity.

Conna the Wise (played by player 5, whose duskblade died to the rocs/harpies outside) cast fly.

He followed up the next round with a Flesh to Stone on the (uselessly invis, thanks to pre-buffing by M) Wizard to neutralize the most dangerous opponent.

The next round the party began playing marco polo to find each other in the fog and try to find a way out. Conna flew out of the fog to find Mokmurian and a hound waiting for her. The ranger fired blindly. The dwarf cursed and threw rope.

Mok followed up the next round by making the fog solid. Conna attacked the hound on the way to Mok.

At this point the dwarf was utterly despondent about being stuck in the solid fog. He flailed around with his axe, hoping to catch it on something that he could use to pull himself toward a wall, or shove off of. The cleric unsuccessfuly tried to find the stone-wizard. The ranger fired blindly and uselessly into the solid fog.

The next Round Mokmurian Baleful Polymorphed the ranger into a toad.

The next round the Conna cast a fireball, centered on the hound (killing it), also getting herself, Mokmurian and, unwittingly, turning the toad/ranger into a briquette. The dwarf found solid ground and began fighting his way through the solid fog. The cleric, tried to find the ranger or the wizard but the fog prevented him from doing so.

Mokmurian hit the cleric with a disintegrate, which was resisted for minimal damage.

The dwarf moved through the fog, Conna fired a lightning bolt at Mokmurian. The cleric, with a line of sight to Mokmurian created by the disintegrate, fired back with a flamestrike that was largely innefective. He began to make his way toward the fight.

Mokmurian followd up with a crippling ray of enfeeblement on the cleric, effectively removing him from the fight.

Conna and the dwarf continued to beat on Mokmurian, who pulled the doors to the library shut, trapping the wizard and cleric's bodies inside behind a newly locked/trapped door. He beat back on Conna and the dwarf for a while until he decided to retreat into the library, where he dispatched the cleric and wizard easily. Later, in his lair, Mokmurian met his end from Karzoug as the giant army above dissolved thanks help from Conna's allies in the stone giant forces.

The dwarf and Conna, used a scroll of teleport to retreat. Conna rejoined the giants to help re-establish jorgenfist under non-evil rule, the dwarf decided to retire from adventuring. The group decided to create a shiny-new lvl 13 party to continue/complete the AP, which they are thourougly enjoying.

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Name of PC: Devon
Class/Level: Wizard 4
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Catalyst: Let his curiosity for the depths of Thistletop get the better of him.
Story: While entering Thistletop (for the third time) Devon took a critical arrow hit from a goblin on one of the towers which resulted in Str and Dex damage enough to drop him to 4 str, Devon continued into the bowels of Thistletop and rested for a night to recover his Dex damage after clearing the first dungeon layer. The party went straight downstairs the following morning and right to Nualia's chamber, where they dispatched her handily with well timed blindness and grease spells (the latter thanks to Devon). But then they kept exploring so that Devon could discover ancient Thassilonian secrets. And he got touched by a shadow who drained him to below 0 Str, so he is now a shadow along with them, haunting the lower depths of Thistletop. Whether his former companions return to vanquish him remains to be seen.

Been a while, but here's three more from my Rise of the Runelords campaign:
Character: Grimtusk, Half-Orc Barbarian
Module: Skinsaw Murders
Location of Death: The Seven's Sawmill
Cause of Death: Falling Prone while surrounded by Cultists.

The heroes came upon the Cultists and IronBriar in the middle of one of their midnight ceremonies. As they waded in, Grimtusk used Acrobatics to throw himself into the middle of the cultists; trying to do as much damage as possible. Unfortunately, his flying leap into their midst ended in an ungraceful landing, dropping him prone before the band of murderers. With the party unable to help him due to numerous Sound bursts stunning them, the murderers made short work of him. Quote- "I should be okay as long as their not all rogues. Oh yeah, they're a cult of killers."

Character: Calvert, Human Cleric of Cayden Cailean
Module: Hook Mountain Massacre
Location of Death: On the road to Turtleback Ferry
Cause of Death: Pitched battle with Ogres

En route to Turtleback Ferry, the Heroes came upon a small tribe of Ogres who had been displaced from their holdings north. During the battle, the heroes seemed to have the upper hand, but they underestimated the strength of the Ogre Berserkers (Barabarian). I had them Power Attacking on every hit to up the drama, with the majority of hits needing at least a 15-16 to hit the PCs. This may have let them get careless as Calvert, despite previous injuries, attempted to finish off the wounded Ogre Berserker who lead the band. Unfortunately, he was not able to drop him before the Ogre got in one final swing, a critical hit, which reduced him beyond the threshold of death.

Character: Badzong, Human Mercenary (Fighter)
Module: Hook Mountain Massacre
Location of Death: Fort Rannick, Commander's Room

Between Dorella Kreeg's Spells and Jaagrath Kreeg's Human Bane Ogre Hook, things were extremely tense during the battle to retake the fort. Having massacred every Ogre who had crossed them thus-far in the assault, The heroes were surprised by the ease at which Jaagrath shrugged off their blows and returned them in kind. First to fall was Vale, flanked by Ogres from the adjacent room, followed by Kaven, as an Attack of Opportunity from Jaagrath smeared him against the walls. Badzong had only just joined these heroes but made a galliant choice to save their lives. He sacrificed himself facing Jaagrath, holding the line while his companions healed and regrouped. Though he has horribly eviscerated by the Pappy's cruel Ogre Hook, he bought the time necessary for Lucas, Paladin of Cayden Cailean (Knight of the Vineyard), to rally forth and strike the retributive killing blow. Pappy's head severed, the Paladin (despite being at 5 hp and the only PC conscious) thrust it forth into the courtyard and intimadated the rest of the Kreegs into abandoning the fort.

Name of PC: Camlo
Class/Level: Wizard/14
Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast
Catalyst: The Horror Tree

Story: After defeting the Wendigo and having the bunk room's door to the outside ripped off in the fight the party turned to the Vekkers' room. Realizing they needed more wood for the fire the party decided to go to the old pine tree to cut it down. So they all lined up with the backs to the cliff and no where safe to run.

Alas as soon as the first swing of the fighter the undead monster acted. Striking everyone it deemed an enemy. After the second attack Camlo thought fast and dirty and dropped a fireball on the unnatural monster. The Horror Tree countered with two slams on the helpless wizard, one of which was a critical. Needles to say Camlo was flattened to a whooping -36 hit points.

Luckily the party's priest had the foresight to get the materials for a resurrection, just in case.

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Name: Relic
Class/Level: Mnk2, Sor1 (undead)
Adventure: Burnt Offerings
Location: Thistletop, Throneroom
Catalyst:[/b] Ripnugget's commando bodyguard "Hurtwurst"


HurtWurst lived up to his name, critical hit, max damage on poor Relic in the first turn of combat.

We're a pretty casual group — and we want to reach the end of Burnt Offerings before xmas break — so I performed divine intervention and let him live on after consuming the party's entire healing reserve during the combat. But struck dead is struck dead, and so I post.

Scarab Sages

Name of PC: Sherry Floyd
Class/Level: Chelaxian male Urban Ranger 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Jumping from the tower

Name of PC: Wade Valdemar
Class/Level: Chelaxian male Duskblade 6
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Xanesha and fall down the tower

Name of PC: Shalelu Andosana
Class/Level: Elven female Fighter/Ranger 2/3
Adventure: Skinsaw Murders
Catalyst: Xanesha and fall down the tower

The seven players adventure group makes its way up to the tower, where Xanesha is waintng for them (I had an extra player for the day, who was playing with Shalelu). In the battle, the rogue was temporally petrified by medusa mask's Xanesha also. Wade & Shahelu were hit by the lamia and were knocked down in negative hit points. When the bard & the wizard/fighter of the group pushed the Angel Statue over Xanesha, the roof partially were down the tower, damaging seriously the Lamia and killing Shalelu and Wade.
Xanesha were stunned but life at the street with the cleric. During the next two rounds, the cleric attacked the lamia without any effect. When the lamia unstunned, seeing that the cleric were the only PJ near and that he was openly wearing the sihedron medallion, she decided taking it from him, before flee. Sherry's player ask me if he could jump out the tower and fall over the lamia with his weapons aimed to her... I tell him that he could, but the fall probably kill him too, because he was seriously wounded. He choose jump to save his best fried. I rolled the damage from the fall and automatically apply to Sherry and Xanesha. Sherry died from the falling, taking Xanesha with him, but now, they are songs about him in the city.... I'm thinking in doing a "version" of the combat as an opera and playing in Magnimar's and Sandpoint's theaters.

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