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8 Word "Star Wars" Themed Word Game

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Scarab Sages

He was searching for all his porn downloads.

But what he found shocked him. In R2D2's

Scarab Sages

"Videos" folder was evidence that the Reagan Administration

Grand Lodge

really had things right with "Trickle Down Economics".

Scarab Sages

"The Emperor will be pleased with the news."

Because the "winner takes all" folder is getting

Scarab Sages

small, even with the Emperor's new tax cuts."

Hey, who's that in my closet? The Emperor

Scarab Sages

rubbed his hands to generate a charge and

after a few moments a light went on

Scarab Sages

It was the neon-red "Intruder Alert" alarm!

Grand Lodge

"Drat!" said The Emperor, "I've been meaning to...

...fix that siren." He looked at the light...

Then reached out with his finger. Zap! That hurt.

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