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I wouldn't chance it, Trey. Our lawyer golem is hard to sneak past. His arguments have arguments.

Our gibbering mouther/werewolf hybrid never sleeps and is all-seeing. Respect those fangs.

Keegs is looking at all the pretty colors right now. We could probably sneak past him.

Paizo Employee Sales Associate

Kruelaid wrote:

You know, I clicked that link last year, then browsed this thread again for some reason and forgetting, had to hit that link again.

Why, why will I never learn?

Don't click on this one, either. Seriously.

Now that was funny.

What a maroon.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Trey wrote:

Or you can just bide your time until a new edition of D&D is nearing, and sneak in while the guardians are engaged in that issue.

Not that I did that. But, you know, someone could.

And this is why the ability to teleport without error is handy.

Entry gauntlet? What entry gauntlet? I'm just here with th other dragons, that's all.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Campaign Setting, Pawns Subscriber

I was actually coming to this thread to request a custom avatar, but after reading the first few (i.e. actually thread-relevant) posts, I have to agree with the "no custom avatars" majority.

I was on "Gruumash, Why are you so awesome?" and he granted me a green bandana and gold earring. I figured it would be entertaining to download the Elan avatar, edit it to add a green bandana and gold earring, and upload it with a message thanking Gruumash for his great gift.

But yes, unfortunately, although my use would have been clever and witty (obviously), a good 10-15% of all posters would choose annoying/flashy/animated/pornographic avatars, so I have to join the "no custom" crowd.

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Yeah, custom avatars are way down on the todo list. Like, so far down they look like ants. Tiny, customized ants.

I too like the no signature settings here. While I wouldn't mind a single line or something, sadly people tend to fill it with stuff.

I would like custom avatars though. Some of the very popular pictures are taken by several people and I orient myself strongly with the image of a post.
I have read a few threads where two people had the same avatar and it confused me a lot (I usually don't read the names of the posters).

If uploaded, personal avatars is seen as too risky though (or too distracting), one thing that would be nice is some sort of color balance changer many art programs have.
This way you could customize your image a little (shifting its colors).

I don't know how difficult it would be to integrate that into the forum though. I might underestimate the difficulty ^^

So we ask for new avatars in this topic or that one?

Paizo Employee Senior Software Developer

Asking for new avatars won't really get you anywhere. We don't take requests.

Gary Teter wrote:
Asking for new avatars won't really get you anywhere. We don't take requests.

I request no new avatars. Especially not right this instant. ;)

<ducks out of the thread before Gary throws a dead motherboard at him>

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