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The Adventures of YouTube!

Off-Topic Discussions

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Mach 5 test flight for the X-51A

Deaf 8-month old Jonathan gets his cochlear implant turned on for the first time

Sovereign Court

I bet it sucks being the most talented member of a band that's going nowhere. Still, bills need to be paid and you're not going to turn down the work . . . If only there were some way of staying entertained

A whole new meaning of "elementary" school

Asteroid strike on Jupiter

The Falcon and the Dragon lift off successfully

Sovereign Court

I think you deserve a Round Of Applause

Defector or kidnapped: you decide

The lion sleeps tonight... sung by a hippo with an annoying backup dancer.

That blasted green gummi bear!
Ich bin ein Gummi Bear!

Hot Chocolate

(and yes, for those inclined, the Gummibar channel has a World Cup song as well).

I've spent the last half hour holding my sides trying to laugh quietly because everyone else in my house is asleep. Here's hoping my computer stays happy for me to laugh some more.


You know Frontier Psychiatrist? Have you ever wanted a lounge version of it? If not, too bad, you've got one.

Over enthusiasm at possible awesome movie trailer.

No Cats.

You can't lay a finger on my Butterfinger!

Awesome song composed entirely from sounds from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

World of Workcraft

An interplanetary traveller returns home

Deific Paragon Time Dragon wrote:
Cats can't be walked


A fishy gardener

Aphids suicide attacks to defend their nests

Sovereign Court

Here's a little something for all you World Cup / Lord of the Rings fans out there: Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

Sovereign Court

Curiosity almost kills the cat. It lays a pretty serious butt kicking on the dog too


I've named the deer Curiosity. Also according to the OP the dog is fine, a little shaken up, but fine.

Liberty's Edge

Amazing ballpoint pen artwork in stop-motion.


Liberty's Edge

Actual rocket surgery.

CL!CK: A LEGO Short Film.

Liberty's Edge

Amazing French beatboxer.

Axis of Awesome - "The Four-Chord Song"

Liberty's Edge

Abbott and Costello show viewers the New Math.

Epic cover band drummer.

Liberty's Edge

Time stops in Grand Central Station.

Animated cake.

World's best carpenter.

Sovereign Court

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:

Epic cover band drummer.

Hmmmm, this looks vaguely familiar . . .

~Looks up at 3rd link on this page~

Shadow Lodge

Some words of Advice

The Rap Before Time



Lord of the Rings


Willy Wonka


Weird Science


Shadow Lodge

Iron Man I feel sorry for Batman...

Ant onslaught

How to destroy an iPhone4: let me count the ways...

The bionic cat

Holy electricity-stealing soldiers Batman!

At-At Day Afternoon

Liberty's Edge

This just in: L. Aron Nelson is BIGFOOT.

Liberty's Edge

New Dara O Briain stand-up on YouTube.

You know what this thread needs more? :D

Surprised Kitty


Liberty's Edge

BLU presents BIG BANG BIG BOOM, a stop-motion wall art film.

Back to the Future! In footwear at least

Your lunar colony (and its attendant problems) awaits

Liberty's Edge

Don't know if it's been posted before, but:

D&D Monster Man

Awesome optical illusions

The beginnings of Doctor Octopus?

You Make Me Smile

Saber Deodorant

Star Wars Subway Car

Sovereign Court

Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Star Wars Subway Car

That was great :)

What indeed were we thinking?

The Exchange

First you must ask yourself, were we thinking at all.

The landing method of the future?

Buckyballs in spaaaace

An interesting fashion statement

Hacking an ABM

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