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The last thought going through her mind was "And i thought selling Avon was tough!"

Liberty's Edge

The werewoof woke up, startled to have come so close to death at the hands of the foul assassin.

He quickly packed everything he owned, (which was not much) looked in the mirror and said to his reflection "lets get out of this place".

Then remembering, he had 23 cartloads of gaming books, he was going to need a few dozen 1st edition kobolds to help move them all.

Or, a Tensor's floating.

raft. Elsewhere things

In any case, the Man would be after him soon and he had to leave quick.

Liberty's Edge

He packed light and was off into the darkness.

He tripped over a root and cursed the darkness for not bringing a flashlight.

The darkness shrugged and murmured, "Sorry."

Liberty's Edge

"Thats it, I'm attacking the darkness!"

And so he tore a hole in the inky cloak of night... and paused... where, he thought, did the hole go?

Liberty's Edge

He cautiously approached and peered into the hole in the sky.

He saw Lucy the Night hag with diamonds in her eyes

The Werewoof jumped up onto the edge of the hole in sky and began to crawl forward, the night hag cackled and chortled at him for a moment but then her gazed drifted away as some chemical’s grip tightened on her mind, the tunnel started to narrow as he continued crawling forward.

Suddenly he was on atop of a gigantic mountain an next to him stood Pazuzu whom gazed him in the eye and said " Paradigm's are not here your lost in a wilderness of pain, this should not be as it is now come tomorrow after today!

The werewoof’s knee jerked and a clawed foot disemboweled Pazuzu; after which he tore off one of Pazuz’s wings, sat atop it and starting gliding toward the moon (really, really hoping that bright globe was made of cheese because he was getting hungry.)

He was fully aware the LSD had kicked in now for he was peakin big time, he just killed Pazuzu with some kick ass moves not seen since M**TherF**kin Bruce Lee killed Rosie O'donnel

Just then Crocket and Tubbs drove (flew?) up in a Ferrari and put the smackdown on him, which really sucks when you are trippin on a demon wing.

From all the candy his seat was sticky as he was drawn into the grapevine
then "introduce yourself" came on as he barreled through the fog
the demon pursuing, puffing madly on a metholated log

Our hero turned down the radio and surreptitiously glanced about, stars twittered and twinkled about him -- brushing the hair back from his eyes he smiled, “what seems to be the problem officers?”

Some where in the back of his mind he decided that you dont eat green slimey pizzas and wash them down with pepto bismal after watching every startrek episode, with commercials, while reading gaming books and taking nodoz and wearing caffine patches for 8 straight days!

That, and he really hoped the all night Drive-Through on the moon would still be open when he got there...

However the demon was hot on his tail at the moment and he had to shake the bastard son of Socothbenoth. "Benie" is what everyone called him, he was rich for he sold engough crystal meth to buy a sidestep truck and he liked to hang out with highschool girls at Starbuck's

The Ferrari had pulled up next to the wing, Tubs turned off the CD player (he was listening to an audio book about a pursuing demon which seemed to have nothing to do with this thread,) Crocket took a drag on his half smoked cigarette in response to being called an officer, he exhaled, “hey man, do you know where Pedro is?”

Then without reason the smoke lifted and he was now in a place all fuzzy and warm, the purple room of

oji040870 wrote:
Then without reason the smoke lifted and he was now in a place all fuzzy and warm, the purple room of

wrong game

yes, the werewolf felt warm and purple, he looked at Crocket and said, “yay, man!” -- then, he turned his gaze back to the silvery disk and kicked off with his foot glad to be back on his journey.

A green cloud covered the moon, and after it passed he landed on top of a watch tower in the middle of a Vietnam war era firebase (the wing withered and fell over the side, all used up;) popcorn cracks of repeated fire marked the spot in this sweaty jungle paradise were Charlie was storming the barbed wire fence.

Charlie was after all the ice cream cake.

Werewolves, as everyone knows, love ice-cream even though they are lactose intolerant, and even more well known is their love of the hunt--so the somewhat sobered but still drug addled werewolf set upon Charlie the ice cream cake with a drug spawned ferocity only seen in ... well... never seen before actually.

Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” fired up over the base’s olive green PA speakers; whip cream and cherries flew everywhere – oh, the carnage...

Liberty's Edge

Oh, it was a great victory for the Garou nation.

The Garou Nation president recent arrest involving him with satanic cults, processing and dealing in crystal meth labs in the artic circle and his secret slave ranch

Liberty's Edge

Fortunately for President Gore, the nimrod humes forgot to make his jail cell out of reinforced steel, so breaking out was a simple task.

Tanuk’s eyelids were almost frozen shut by the icy snow flakes blasting his face to the point of numbness, but soon it wouldn't matter, because darkness was descending; Al Gore was bundled, unconscious on the sled floor – Tanuk and his dog sled team had managed to effect his escape from the secret Garou slave ranch above the arctic circle, but now Tanuk feared he had killed them both…

Al Gore, high level Cleric, shook awake because of the cold, he then cast a control weather spell... "Global Warming" -- after which he looked around for the sexy Mia Tai girls.

As usual they were listening to lounge music and giggling at stories they didn't understand as they gathered around Gore's advisors, Tom Jones, Richard Gere, and Bill Clinton.

Gore sat up, the rumbling sled bumped him around, he thought of his advisors getting together drinking and whoring without him -- he was jealous -- "Wait! I can fly," he remember, and shot up into the air heading for Miami beach (Tanuk stopped and shook his head, he felt betrayed -- but, most human sacrifices do -- and froze to death a short while later.)

After landing on the beach, he walked around giggling at all the boobs.

Liberty's Edge

It seemed that most of the women there only had two.

A little, bikini clad Mai-Tai girl walked up holding her two big boobs by the hand, Richard Gere and Bill Clinton -- they didn't seem happy to see Al again.

Liberty's Edge

"I'm here to reduce both of your carbon zero," said the android-like President of the werewolves.

Richard Gere, mummer, rector and besmircher asked, “Can you summon Demon’s wizard?” – then he clapped his hands together and a tower of flame erupted from the sandy beach.

Some moron had just thrown gasoline into the fire-pit, but that didn't keep Gere from deluding himself and gesturing toward a qualude numbed surfer as if the surfer was some epic being from that bizarre game, D&D.

Liberty's Edge

The surfer nodded in agreement, climbing aboard his board.

He waxed-nostalgic about his hey days with Timonthy Leary and that day in the park

Liberty's Edge

Timothy had just done....well, what Timothy did, you know, and started to explain to the surfer about the final Black Rite of Osiris, how Spock was really Mescalito, and the mystifying Dogon tribe and their inexplicable knowledge of the existence of Sirius B, the smaller of the Sirius binary stars, long before modern astronomy knew about it, among other things.

Timothy’s revelation was intriguing -- some had long suspected the Dogon tribe’s knowledge came from direct experience, and that the earthbound Dogon's were of a long lost tribe with ability to fold space and time.

A falling star appeared over head, Dogzan looked toward the beach and immediately knew something was wrong, he leapt toward a swinging vine with one hand, and swung into action.

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