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Who's Your Favorite Dragon?

Dragon Magazine General Discussion

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I'll bite...
1)Skie (DragonLance)
2)Cyan Bloodbane (DragonLance)
3)Hephaestus (Forgotten Realms)
6)Zyxanth (Age of Worms, also known as Slayer of Heroes)
7) Icingdeath (forgotten realms)
8) Onyx (Dragonlance)
9) Ilthane (Age of Worms)
10) Demodragon!!! (D+D cartoon! C'mon, put him in Savage Tide! You know you want to!!!!)

My votes go to:

Jormungandr (and that's the final word!)

Liberty's Edge

Rakshaka wrote:

3)Hephaestus (Forgotten Realms)

He CAN'T be a REAL dragon, because he got his ass handed to him on a silver platter by DRIZZT f-ing DO'URDEN! I SMELL A PLOT DEVICE!

Valegrim wrote:
hehe Wormy, I forgot about him; ok; he is number one on my list; great, now I have three. Wonder how the old guy is doing; be nice to have an update on his story line even though he is a comic hehe; when is Memorial Day; have a blasts from the pasts themed Dragon Mag.

wormy's gone, man... he's just gone.


One more to add to my list:

Nidhogg - the wyrm that gnaws on the roots of Yggdrasil in the depths of the Gray Waste. Good stuff. Frightened the hell out of my PCs.

oh; might have to wax on about a mortarium for wormy; sigh, sad news. I am just not up to the prose yet. sigh.

argh, I cant remember the world dragons name in the Northern myths that went to sleep and dust settled on him and the world formed, his waking is the end of things the end of the battle of ragnaroc and he shakes off the dust and continues his travels. There was a nice pic of Thor hitting him with a hammer in the old Dieties and Demigods; he is probably the most feared Dragon.

Jormungandr, the World Serpent. :)

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
Rakshaka wrote:

3)Hephaestus (Forgotten Realms)
He CAN'T be a REAL dragon, because he got his ass handed to him on a silver platter by DRIZZT f-ing DO'URDEN! I SMELL A PLOT DEVICE!

I just like him because of his venerable status and his "old cranky man" mindset. To be fair, Drizzt killed him with aid of artifact and other powerful realms characters, IIRC. A lesser example of this mindset would be the Female Red from Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Materfleur (unsure of spelling), though she doesn't get nearly the "screen-time" as Hephastus. I like the image of a grumpy old man just wishing those kids would shut up for an ancient dragon. Kind of an opposite image of the "Rarr! I am the most powerful being to ever...blahahaha", which is why I like it.

I think it was Malafleur/Flamestrike. :) She was cool.

Skie from the dragonlance series also Mirror (the blind silver i believe) also from dragonlance. in the campaign i'm in current contstanly running into Ganamede (a very old colossal red dragon) who i'm not sure is just a campaing dragon or legit dragon

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Ok, here is my top ten, I was and still am a really big Dragonlance fan, and my list reflects that. I tried to avoid Dragon gods, but Tiamat had to make the list.

1)Khellendros "The Storm Over Krynn" aka Skie. His loyalty turned obseesion for Kitiara was a great story, he went to hell and back for her it seemed and it was all for nothing in the end a true tragdy.

2)Khisanth aka Onyx. I loved The Black Wing, and her appearance in the Chronicle, coming out of the well and melting Riverwind...SWEET!

3)Mordukhavar the Reaver, a two headed spawn of Tiamat and, "one of the most powerful abominations to climb from the pits of Baator. He appeared in Dragon 260.

4)Silvara. My favorite silver dragon, a true warrior and defender of the good dragons of Krynn.

5)Onysablet aka Sable. My favorite overlord of Krynn (I'm excluding Skie here). I love the mad-scientist black dragon, she was the creator of all those wicked DragonSpawn abominations.

6)Deion and Procene the Astral Dragon. I love at the end of the adventure, Dragon Keep the sequence where the Astral Dragon causes Takhisis to back down and leave.

7)Karasendrieth (Kara) I really enjoyed the Year of the Rogue Dragon trilogy. Kara was brave, valiant, and a stone cold fox =D

8)Infyrana from the Dragon Mountain Boxed Set. I liked that she was the uber powerful red dragon who was manipulating every facet of this flourishing Kobold society in a mountain. Very Emperor Palpetine like in her maniplations.

9)Dragotha the origional undead dragon. Huge part of AoW adventure path, prolly should have been higher up on this list.

10)Tiamat, Queen of the Chromatic Dragons. Tiamat was my favorite character from the D&D Cartoon as a kid. She's a Five-Headed Dragon! 'Nuff Said. Really should have been higher on this list, but I wanted to give the non-deities some press.

RPG Superstar 2011 Top 16

1. Ashardalon-I ran the entire original AP for my group, and the fight with Ashardalon was a great capstone to the path.

2. Dragotha-Getting close to seeing him in action now, but the build up has been great.

3. Balagos the Flying Misfortune. Gotta love a clumsy bronze teenager prone to accidentally flying into tall towers.

My three favourite D&D dragons in order: Thauglorimorulous the Black, Ashardalon, Utreshimon.

Thauglor is featured in the Forgotten Realms novel Cormyr, a story which does a fantastic job of expressing just how long-lived dragons are in contrast to entire human nations. He's the original Purple Dragon of Cormyr, so named because he becomes so ancient that his black scales fade to a faint lilac. A memorable story.

Ashardalon from the Sunless Citadel adventure series is an interesting opponent for several reasons. A single powerful creature so selfishly guards his lifespan that he is willing to sacrifice any amount of mortal lives to survive himself. Demon hunters and devil hunters get to use all their abilities on the big end boss. Interesting note: Ashardalon makes a sort-of appearance in the final episode of Buffy under the guise of Homestar Runner's Trogdor the Burninator - the maps they used in that episode were sold on ebay, and turned out to be from the Bastion of Broken Souls, where Ashardalon is faced. I "blogged" this back in May.

Finally, DMs will recognise Utreshimon as the name of the blue dragon from the Moathouse at the beginning of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil. I once ran this encounter with my players, hoping that they'd never played RttToEE before so as not to spoil the "what-happens-next". It turned out that they had played this part before, several times. Defeating Utreshimon, one of my players began to recant a comprehensive list of every previous character of his and how he killed this particular dragon a different innovative way each time, including once when they somehow managed to nail his wings to the ground to avoid his kicking up dust.

Dark Archive RPG Superstar 2013 Top 32

Klauth (Forgotten Realms)

He's awesome!

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Tim Hitchcock wrote:

Calling on All Dragon Enthusiasts!!!

Dragon magazine is currently putting together their yearly “Top Ten Dragons of D&D” and we’re looking for some experienced players’ perspectives on the greatest wyrms (or wyrmlings) in D&D history.

Nicolas Logue and Tim Hitchcock

Tiamat and Dragotha are of course most notoriously popular.

I didn't see a favorite old school dragon from 1st edition: Tyranthraxus!

I always had a major liking to that guy.

I remember another dragon back then that my old 1st ed DM ran years ago; in the module we fought an ancient red mount of a githyanki lord name Apocalypse. Although I dont honestly know if this actually part of the module or something he used creative freedom on.

Either way, all you old school Pools of Radiance fans: Hail, Tyranthraxus!

1. Boris of Ebe
2. Gellidus
3. Demodragon
4. Rauglothgor
5. Trogdor!

morgue wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

8: Vessicant

9: Mist

Who are these two?

Vesicant was a small green dragon from Dungeon #16. She was a little underfire power but made up for it with clever tricks and traps.

Cyan Bloodbane my green idol from the original Dragonlance trilogy. I transplanted him to Mystara where he occasionally made rumblings in Norwold.

Korbundar from CM2: Death's Ride. A powerful blue dragon whose island home was protected by six hidden flying hydras. He allied with a pair of other villians to open a portal to the Plane of Negative Energy. The wicked-cool picture of him on the cover sold me on the module.

Oddly enough my favorite D&D dragon encounter came from a random encounter chart on page four of X4: Master of the Desert Nomads. While crossing the Salt Swamp boardering the desert of Sind the party was ambushed by a sneaky nameless black dragon who shot a line of acid though the camp while the party was at dinner leveling one of the group's two toughest fighters, knocking her from full to about 5 hit points in one round (and about twenty-feet back as well). It escaped the subsequent battle and then played cat and mouse with the party until they exited the swamp. That dragon is still there waiting for more would-be heroes to test itself against, all you need to do is roll an 8 on the table and he'll show up again.

The recently named Xiureksor, the green dragon from the Isle of Dread (X1; and Dragon 352) also gave my party fits, but not so much because she was sneaky more because at the time of the first encounter she was overwhelmingly powerful. It took a long time to root her out of her cavern lair.

And then there is the Great Green God who graces my home campaign once every few years. Ancient, clever and cantancerous to the extreme, the "God" is also weakening as his old growth forest home (which at one time covered an island the size of Ireland) recedes before the constant onslaught of civilization.

One day, perhaps soon, you shall read of my revenge....
The Great Green God

Flame, from Dungeon #1... I mean, he had a whole friggin' ship in his cave lair! Is that cool or what!

#2 would be the little purple dragon from "What's New?", the one who went "Growf" all the time and reproduced like gremlins when they got wet...

Ooo, Cyan Bloodbane, I forgot about him. I also have a dragon bath puppet of the Dragon from Baby Einstein for when my son is born. ;)

As a Ravenloft fanatic, I vote for the only dragons in the setting: Ebb, the shadow dragon belonging to Azalin the lich, and Gloom, her mate. Following the Requiem, Ebb fled Castle Avernus for the Mountains of Misery, where she & Gloom are now watching over a clutch of eggs. It must be expected that with Azalin's return to power, there is a plan in place for the future wyrmlings.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Since softcover books from the various campaigns are being used in selecting a 'favorite' dragon, I'm going to nominate a dragon from a book that is not from a WoTC book. I would nominate Glarung from Tolkein's Simarillion. He is wily, cagy, incinerates anything in his path, devours the helpless, leads armies to war, plays mind games and toys with several major characters, and was damn near indestructable until Turin came along...

How can anyone forget the coolest dragon out there? Gleep !!!

Liberty's Edge

KROIPHONIOPRAXIS THE INIMITABLE of Kyle Hunter's 'Downer: D&D for the Chaotic Neutral' is KICK-ASS (even though he gets stuck in the form of a ferret)

Has to be:

Mizaaab Zalen (the Greyhawk Dragon)-the 'behind the scenes' patron of the old 'Falcon' series of 2e GH modules. Not only did he become a major patron of characters in that trilogy, he even set himself up as a fixer and lawyer for a major PC thief, had PCs as his followers (including a samurai with a Batman-type fixation, regrettably-'Stately Grey Manor' indeed!), and had his son (by his mate Aestrella Shanfarel, also a Greyhawk Dragon)appear in a 'Greyhawk-2000' minicampaign arc I ran IMC.

Besides him one should mention Dragotha, Torc the Red Dragon (from 'Fate of Istus', who in human guise duped even the Paladin-King Belvor of Furyondy), Sulphacitezus (in whose hoard the great sword Azor-Alq lay), Ailamere (the Prismatic Dragon), Vesicant, and the Great White Wyrm from 'Glacier Season' whose name escapes me...

Tiamat (Dungeon & Dragons cartoon series)
Lashonna (Age of Worms – Dawn of a New Age)
Chronepsis (Draconomicon)
Asiroxus (Istivin Campaign Arc)
Xyzanth (Age of Worms – Kings of the Rift)

and of course


Sovereign Court RPG Superstar 2009 Top 32, 2010 Top 8


#1 on the list has to be Skie. I blame him for my love of the Blues

#2 Saridor- Psionic Dragon Deity, nuff said

#3 Mataefleur dunno why, always had a softspot for her.

#4 Lightning Draconians in general.

5# Mist. She just had class for a CE engine of destruction.

Scarab Sages

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

1. Cyan Bloodbane - A kick ass green.
2. Dragotha - I can't wait to kick his ass in our AoW campaign
3. Skie - Yeah, he was a bad ass
4. Tiamat - 5 heads, nuff said
5. Bahamut - He's cool, and a great deity for human paladin/cavalier types.
6. Falazure - an evil bastard
7. Chronepsis - a dragon other dragons are afraid of.
8. Io - the great grandpappy of all dragons.
9. Flamestrike - a crazy dragon who mistook human children for her own dead ones! Booyah!
10 Khrisanth - She rocked and it took the power of a goddess of healing to destroy her.

In no order

1. Tiamat (Yes I understand you gave her 3.5 stats in the D&D cartoon full series)
2. Smaug (yes I know wrong IP - but it was Favorite Dragon)
3. Infyrna
4. Onyx
5. Sky? (Kitirra Blue Dragon)

I would like an updated story on Baphamut (Platnium/Fiz) and Tiamat (Chromatic/Tahkasis)

Tiamat and Bahamut. They have been an essential part of my campaign since 1996.

daedel, el azote.

1. Skie (Khellendros)
2. Cyan Bloodbane
3. Tiamat
4. Malystryx
5. Onyx (Khisanth)
6. Borys of Ebe
7. Tyranthraxus
8. Dragotha
9. Klauth

Grand Lodge

Nicolas Logue wrote:

I love Khisanth too!!!

Keep em coming everybody this is great stuff!!!

Yep from Dragonlance...first dragon I ever faced. I had this cool little wand called the Wand of Wonders then. Scared the party every time I used it. We we all psyched up for a major whooping when I got a lucky roll followed by massive damage. The dragon was down to only 1 HP. I jumped up and screamed "Individual XP!" Fully planning on delivering the fatal blow and earning the full dragon XP for myself. When our little paladin swopped in next and tagged it with an easy hit, and whispered, "Party XP."

Only dragon I ever faced and lived against. Unless we ran away first... "Yeas I know I can't outrun the dragon. I just have to outrun you and its beath weapon. Here hold this anvil for me would ya? There's a good boy"

Borys of Ebe. Despite having the daftest name of any dragon anywhere, he still manages to be a holy terror. And if you are lucky enough to kill him, things only get even worse... ;-)

Corpse Tearer. Because, well, he rocks. What's not to love about a dragon that snacks on the World Ash just for kicks?

Kizarvexius. Because he knows how to make damn fine bacon!

1. Kizarvexius

Old school. Big time.

Tim & Nick,

Just got Dragon #356. Great list. However...

Who told you Cyan Bloodbane was a dracolich? He's not!


I wish I'd seen this thread when the votes were going....

1.) Tostyn Alaerthmaugh [AeberToril]
2.) Dargauthoth [AeberToril]
3.) Vvaraak [Eberron]
4.) Siberys [Eberron]
5.) Wormy [Dragon Magazine waaaaaay back in the day]
6.) Zz'Pzora [AeberToril]
7.) Dah'mir [Eberron]
8.) Thalagyrt [AeberToril]
9.) Zhaila'Xanxax [a beholder 1/2 ShadowDragon villain I ran in a Torillian adventure I ran awhile back. He was fun to run.]
10.) Nymmurh [AeberToril]

Liberty's Edge Contributor

Cam Banks wrote:

Tim & Nick,

Just got Dragon #356. Great list. However...

Who told you Cyan Bloodbane was a dracolich? He's not!


Get Matthew over at the Dragonlance Nexus, its all his fault. :)

Tim Hitchcock wrote:
Cam Banks wrote:

Tim & Nick,

Just got Dragon #356. Great list. However...

Who told you Cyan Bloodbane was a dracolich? He's not!


Get Matthew over at the Dragonlance Nexus, its all his fault. :)

The Nexus is a fantastic storehouse for unofficial fan-created materials of all kinds, from alternate timelines, new fan organizations, and rules of all shapes and sizes. The Lexicon entry for Cyan was written by Matthew but the "sources" he cites are his own, none of which are accepted by WotC or MWP.

If anybody at Paizo ever needs information about Dragonlance, they should feel free to contact me or somebody else at Margaret Weis Productions. We love to help!

Managing Editor | Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.

1. Mist 2.Newt 3.Fizban 4.Cyan Bloodbane 5.Gorgoldand 6.Shimmergloom 7.Vessicant 8.Aghazstamn /Rauglothor 9.Takhisis 10. And Flame

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Tiamat, no contest.

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