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What are you listening to as you browse the message boards?

Music & Audio

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Liberty's Edge

Bright Eyes
Cymbal Rush
Santa Christ

Liberty's Edge

This song gives me feels. Too many, in fact. Especially if I've been drinking.

Liberty's Edge

Public Enemy
Don't Believe the Hype

Liberty's Edge

Chuck Ragan - "The Boat"
Gin Blossoms - "Found Out About You"
Gin Blossoms - "Angels Tonight"
Black Flag - "Wound Up"
Black Flag - "Slip It In"
Black Flag - "Swinging Man"
Prince - "Lay Down"
yndi halda - "We Flood Empty Lakes"
Taken By Trees - "Sweet Child O' Mine" (cover)
Elliott Smith - "Coming Up Roses"
Elliott Smith - "Miss Misery"
Elliott Smith - "Somebody That I Used To Know"
The Decemberists - "Down By The Water"
The Decemberists - "The Legionnaire's Lament"
The Decemberists - "Mariner's Revenge Song"
Rachel Bloom - "F++~ Me, Ray Bradbury"
Social Distortion - "Ghost Town Blues"
Social Distortion - "When She Begins"
Social Distortion - "Making Believe" (cover)
The Traveling Wilburys, featuring Gary Moore - "She's My Baby"
Joel Jensen Heath - "On Your Wedding Day"
Lucero - "Fistful of Tears"
Flipper - "Life Is Cheap"
Flipper - "The Way of the World"
Flipper - "Shed No Tears"

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hentai Mode
Mai Waifu
Stevie Wonder

Liberty's Edge

Dropkick Murphys - "God Willing"
Melvins - "Hooch"
Neil Young - "Harvest Moon"
Brand New - "Car"
Brand New - "Moshi Moshi"
Brand New - "Vices"
Johnny Cash - "Dirty Egg Sucking Dog"
The Ruts - "West One (Shine On Me)"
The Ruts - "In A Rut"
Superjoint Ritual - "Waiting For The Turning Point"
PSY - "Gangnam Style"
Toxic Parents - "Inherit (Born With Scars)"
Toxic Parents - "Cavity"
Toxic Parents - "Gutter"
Toxic Parents - "Growing"
Toxic Parents - "Provide"
Ashtray - "SSBC (This Is Our Theme Song)"
Ashtray - "Punk Rock Candy Mountain"
Ashtray - "Drinking Song (I Wanna Get Drink)"
Ashtray - "Cardboard Dan Punk Rock Anthem"
Jets to Brazil - "Rocket Boy"
Jets to Brazil - "Chinatown"
Jets to Brazil - "Sea Anemone"
Jets to Brazil - "King Medicine"
Hot Snakes - "Automatic Midnight (live)"

Liberty's Edge

A friend of mine did this little animatic for the Decembrists' "Mariner's Revenge Song."

Liberty's Edge

The Eldritch Mr. Shiny wrote:
A friend of mine did this little animatic for the Decembrists' "Mariner's Revenge Song."

Wow, that's really cool.

How Do I Live
The Neverhood Theme
Star One

Sovereign Court

Rye Whiskey

1 person marked this as a favorite.
drunken_nomad wrote:

I had a thing for Spinderella too (she DJd on some other crappy Mtv show that I watched just to see her) ...and Chilli from TLC. lol.

Eric B and Rakim - Juice/Know the Ledge I LOVED this movie

Boogie Down Productions - My Philosophy

Two hip hop albums making the circuit in my car at the moment:

Paul's Boutique

I think this might be the best song on the album, even if it is just a Public Enemy parody.

Renegades of Funk

I was at a party last month and there was this couple from New York. They got quite inebriated and when I asked one of them what he did for work he got quite weepy and his boyfriend started telling him not to talk about it. But, you try telling a drunk dude not to talk about something...

Turns out, he works for a music publishing company and one of his main projects is a dispute between Afrika Bambaataa, Kraftwerk, the Soulsonic Force and some other dudes about the royalties to Planet Rock. Thirty years later! Hee hee!

Fool's Gold, and not the Stone Roses track... it's sort of hi-life/Afrobeat type stuff, only half the tracks are in Hebrew... one of those odd combinations that happens to work really well, or perhaps I've had too much beer.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Nine Inch Nails-Downward Spiral and Pretty Hate Machine Albums.

Liberty's Edge

I've been living in a Gin Blossoms song for the past couple of months, if you haven't noticed.

Liberty's Edge

Lemuria - "Pleaser"
The Decemberists - "The Mariner's Revenge Song"
White Guilt - "Race And Nation"
White Guilt - "Refine"
White Guilt - "Human Flood II"
White Guilt - "Injusticia"
White Guilt - "Comatose"
Gin Blossoms - "Goes to My Head (live)"
Gin Blossoms - "Hold Me Down (live)"
Gin Blossoms - "Don't Change For Me"
Gin Blossoms - "Idiot Summer"
Gin Blossoms - "Long Time Gone"
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - "The Waiting"
Social Distortion - "Let It Be Me (live)"
Brand New - "Sink"
Brand New - "Vices"
Brand New - "Daisy"
Brand New - "Gasoline"
Richard Shindell - "Your Guitar (live)"
Richard Shindell and Steve Knightley - "You Stay Here (live)"
Down - "Bury Me In Smoke"
Down - "Stone the Crow"
Down - "Pillamyd"
Down - "Eyes of the South"
Down - "Ghosts Along the Mississippi"

Liberty's Edge

Ode to the Brain
video games
Haunted Courts
Swing of the Clock

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

VNV Nation's 'Burning Empires' EP

Liberty's Edge

Oppa Jamstyle
Charteuse Rewind
Arisen Anew
Savior of the Dreaming Dead
Red Disc

Liberty's Edge

Rex Duodecim Angelus
Killed by BR8K Spider​!​!​!​!​!​!​!​!
Instant Consequence
Jit EP
Casey Lalonde
Caravan Palace

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I've been neglecting my rocktime friends.

All right, Paizo! Are you ready?!? Will you welcome Epic Recording artists, Cheap Trick!

Liberty's Edge

Down - "Stone the Crow (acoustic)"
Down - "Witchtripper"
Pantera - "This Love"
Pantera - "Piss"
Cake - "Comfort Eagle"
Georgia Satellites - "Keep Your Hands To Yourself"
Explosions in the Sky - "Trembling Hands"
Geto Boys - "Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta"
Mumford and Sons - "Wagon Wheel" (cover)
Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters (Henry Rollins) - "Ex- Lion Tamer" (cover)
Rollins Band - "Move Right In (studio jam)" (cover)
Rollins Band - "Low Self Opinion"
Rollins Band - "Ghostrider" (cover)
Jets to Brazil - "I Typed For Miles"
Jets to Brazil - "Chinatown"
Social Distortion - "When She Begins"
Mark Erelli - "Five Beer Moon"
Mark Erelli - "Once"
Mark Erelli - "Abraham"
Mark Erelli - "God Loves Everyone"
Mark Erelli - "Baltimore"
Gin Blossoms - "As Long As It Matters"
Reel Big Fish - "Don't Start A Band"
Reel Big Fish - "Take On Me" (cover)
Billy Currington - "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer"

Liberty's Edge

- Victory Song
- Lai Lai Hei
-One More Magic Potion
-Battle Song
-Token of Time
-Twilight Tavern
-From Afar

Amon Amarth
-Cry of the Blackbirds
-Twilight of the Thunder God
-Guardians of Asgaard
-Under the Northern Star
-Death in Fire
-Runes to My Memory

-Det Iskalla Trollblod

-Baldurs Tod
-Runes You Shall Know

Liberty's Edge

Heartful Cry
more of this dude
Bec Noir
Red Disc

Liberty's Edge

Cro-Mags - "We Gotta Know"
Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
The Hippos - "Lost It"
Brand New - "Fork and Knife"
Brand New - "Untitled 03 (Brothers)"
Brand New - "You Won't Know"
Brand New - "Handcuffs"
Brand New - "Limousine"
The Irresponsibles - "Break Me"
Queen - "Princes Of The Universe"
Queen - "Flash Gordon theme"
Queen - "I Was Born To Love You"
Queen - "You Take My Breath Away"
Jets to Brazil - "Sweet Avenue"
Jets to Brazil - "King Medicine"
Jets to Brazil - "Sea Anemone"
Jets to Brazil - "Conrad"
Josh Ritter - "Lawrence, KS"
Jukebox the Ghost - "Somebody"
Richard Shindell - "A Summer Wind, A Cotton Dress"
Brian Fallon - "National Anthem"
First State - "Evergreen"
Rollins Band - "Ghostrider" (cover)
Rollins Band - "Shame"
Rollins Band - "Disconnect"

Pathfinder Battles Case Subscriber

A playlist of Kenji Kawai stuff with a few other songs mixed in.

Aerosmith--"Sweet Emotion"

Yeah, I love this song, but they spend too much time talking over it during the video. :(

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

System Syn, their entire library.

Liberty's Edge

Shadow Lodge

Brothers in Arms ~ HammerFall
A Little Time ~ Helloween
The Siren ~ Nightwish
Scales of Justice ~ Avantasia
My Selene ~ Sonata Arctica
Hand of Sorrow ~ Within Temptation
Downfall ~ Sirenia
Birth of Venus Illegitima ~ Therion
The Hunter ~ Iced Earth
Dark Wings ~ Within Temptation
Twisted Mind ~ Avantasia
The Book of Heavy Metal ~ Dream Evil
Red Baron/Blue Max ~ Iced Earth
Shadow of Your Own Self ~ Sirenia
The Toy Master ~ Avantasia
Stand My Ground ~ Within Temptation

Orthos wrote:

The Book of Heavy Metal ~ Dream Evil


Shadow Lodge

drunken_nomad wrote:
Orthos, have you been to Wacken Open Air festival? Almost every band youve mentioned was there. Theyve already sold 50k of the 75k tickets for 2013. It will be sold out by the time I convinced myself to buy them last year. If you havent gone to the festival yet, GO!

Somehow missed this after my last post.

Sadly, Wacken's in Germany and I live in the States. Even if I could have gotten to it before the sell-out, I'd never be able to make it to Europe.

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Modules, Tales Subscriber

Kirsty MacColl - Soho Square

Liberty's Edge

Alabama Thunderpussy - "Whore Adore"
Linday Ellis, Doug Walker, and Kyle Kallgren - "Distraction"
Jean Jacket - "White Walls"
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - "An' Another Thing"
Wedding DJ - "Orinoco Ninja Flow" (Enya / Die Antwoord mashup)
Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up"
Iggy Pop - "Repo Man"
The Band - "Ophelia"
Tony Sly - "Devonshire and Crown"
Tony Sly - "In The End"
Tony Sly - "Discomfort Inn"
Tony Sly - "Hey God"
Tony Sly - "Dark Corner"
Tony Sly - "Flying South"
Koffin Kats - "Way of the Road"
Bruce Springsteen - "Johnny 99"
Gangstagrass, featuring T.O.N.E.Z. - "Long Hard Times To Come"
Tupac Shakur - "Keep Ya Head Up"
Dinosaur Jr. - "Get Me"
Guster - "One Man Wrecking Machine"
Mark Erelli - "Ophelia (live)" (cover)
Mark Erelli - "Johnny 99" (cover)
Mark Erelli - "Five Beer Moon"
Slowdive - "Silver Screen"
Slowdive - "Crazy For You"

Liberty's Edge

On repeat:

Jets to Brazil - "Sea Anemone"

Liberty's Edge

i feel fantastic
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
more of those guys
and more

and this for four hours?

Shadow Lodge

Threshold ~ HammerFall
Heart of Twilight ~ Edguy
The End ~ Dream Evil
Fear the Night ~ Dream Evil
Blessing In Disguise ~ Edguy
My Land ~ Sonata Arctica
Don't Fight Your Desire ~ Helloween
Locomotive Breath ~ Helloween
The Shadow of Uther ~ Kamelot
In My Darkest Hour ~ Sirenia
Techno Castlevania ~ Unknown
Into The Fire ~ Sabaton
The Boy who Wanted to be a Real Puppet ~ Sonata Arctica
Comatose ~ Ayreon
Where the Rain Grows ~ Helloween
Save Me from Myself ~ Sirenia
End of the Rainbow ~ HammerFall
HammerFall ~ HammerFall
Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear ~ Sirenia
Lunar Lament ~ Demons & Wizards
Wind Beneath my Wings ~ Sonata Arctica
Everything Fades to Grey ~ Sonata Arctica
Out of Control ~ Edguy
Wounds ~ MasterPlan
The Edge of Paradise ~ Kamelot

My Wacken trip was about 3 years in the I want to go back so much! (or to the Download/Reading Festival)

Rammstein recently announced they would be at Wacken in 2013 and the last 25k tickets went in a few hours. I cant even imagine the "homecrowd" madness while Rammstein is on stage. The response to U.D.O., Volbeat, and Oomph! was INSANE...and probably would have been for the Scorpions if the weather would have held out for a bit longer.

Unfortunately, unless you live in NYC or LA you are probably not going to get to see any of the great European metal played live. Paganfest has been a cool package deal thats hit a few more cities in the states. And Maiden has brought a few of those bands with them on their tours.

In Flames and Machine Head are HEADLINERS at those European festivals, but they play supporting roles here in the states. Machine Head is the opening band for Dethklok and In Flames opens for Lamb of God this year. Weird.

Gark, have you seen the Zeros?

There are 10 band members onstage and its like "play a song then kind of gather together and figure out next tune then someone from the crowd shouts a title then they play that one". Very disorganized. Fun and strange.

Shadow Lodge

drunken_nomad wrote:
Unfortunately, unless you live in NYC or LA you are probably not going to get to see any of the great European metal played live. Paganfest has been a cool package deal thats hit a few more cities in the states. And Maiden has brought a few of those bands with them on their tours.

Yeah, the closest I've gotten to seeing any European music is when Sonata Arctica toured in... I want to say 2007? They came to Phoenix and I got to see half the show, had to leave when my ride started getting a migraine. Nightwish came the following year but I couldn't afford to go, and they and Kamelot are touring the US right now but I won't be able to make it to the show in Georgia due to work.

Shadow Lodge

Dark Chest of Wonders ~ Nightwish
Memory ~ Avantasia
Trace of Life ~ Edguy
Battlefield ~ Blind Guardian
Kamelot ~ HammerFall
King of Fools ~ Edguy
The Human Stain ~ Kamelot
Picturing the Past ~ Sonata Arctica
A Mental Symphony ~ Sirenia
Sleeping Sun ~ Nighwish
All I Need ~ Within Temptation
I Don't Believe in Your Love ~ Avantasia
Declaration Day ~ Iced Earth
Mourning Star ~ Kamelot
Under the Ice ~ Blind Guardian
Follow the Blind ~ Blind Guardian
Raven of Dispersion ~ Therion
Led Astray ~ Sirenia
The Path to Decay ~ Sirenia
Doomlord ~ Dream Evil
Neverland ~ Avantasia
Waking Dreams ~ Ayreon
Fallen Angels ~ Edguy
At Sixes and Sevens ~ Sirenia
Attero Dominatus ~ Sabaton

Shadow Lodge

Kill It ~ Helloween
Kind Hearted Light ~ MasterPlan
Keeps Me Burning ~ MasterPlan
The Price of a Mile ~ Sabaton
Evilized ~ Dream Evil
The Prophecy ~ Dream Evil
Eye of Shiva ~ Therion
Pure Evil ~ Iced Earth
Rat Race ~ Avantasia
Karma ~ Kamelot
Evenfall ~ Tristania
Prophecy ~ Iced Earth
The Other Side ~ Sirenia
Moonlight ~ Kamelot
The Pierced Spirit ~ Iced Earth
The Misery ~ Sonata Arctica
Eternal Return ~ Therion
Power ~ Helloween
Euphoria ~ Sirenia
Anthem ~ Kamelot
Juliet ~ Sonata Arctica
Angels Fall First ~ Nightwish
It's The Fear ~ Within Temptation
Another Angel Down ~ Avantasia
Planet Hell ~ Nightwish
Peacemaker ~ Sonata Arctica

Shadow Lodge

The Last Amazing Greys ~ Sonata Arctica

An incredibly and surprisingly sad song, if you actually listen to the lyrics...

The Presidential debates.

Shadow Lodge

All Over the Nations ~ Helloween
Crimson Rider ~ MasterPlan
The Lucid Door ~ Sirenia
Shamandalie ~ Sonata Arctica
Nothing Ever Dies ~ Kamelot
Land of the Free ~ Sonata Arctica
Headbanger's Ballroom ~ MasterPlan
Battalions of Fear ~ Blind Guardian
What Have You Done? ~ Within Temptation
Stand My Ground ~ Within Temptation
Pale ~ Within Temptation
E=MC^2 ~ Ayreon
Blood on my Hands ~ Demons & Wizards
The Asylum ~ Edguy
Reign of Terror ~ Sabaton
I Walk Alone ~ Iced Earth
Far From the End of the World ~ MasterPlan
Chain of Minerva ~ Therion
Towards the End ~ Within Temptation
Forgiven ~ Within Temptation
Dark Wings ~ Within Temptation
At Sixes and Sevens ~ Sirenia
Victim of Fate ~ Helloween
The Fall Within ~ Sirenia
Meridian ~ Sirenia

Shadow Lodge

The Wicked Symphony ~ Avantasia

One day I'll run an Evil campaign and this will be their theme song.

This next one is the first song on our new album!

Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego!

Lee Dorsey--"Working in a Coalmine"

I am still very far behind in what you guys have been posting, but, Gark, half of your links don't work!

Liberty's Edge

Social Distortion - "Don't Drag Me Down (live)"
Social Distortion - "Story Of My Life"
Social Distortion, featuring Julian Ness - "Prison Bound (live)"
Ellis Paul - "She Was (live)"
Ellis Paul - "God's Promise"
Patti Smith - "My Generation"
Patti Smith - "Rock 'N' Roll N!@~&%"
Patti Smith - "Gimme Shelter" (cover)
Gin Blossoms - "Girls Can't Wait"
Gin Blossoms - "Found Out About You (Dusted version)"
Gin Blossoms - "Slave Dealer's Daughter"
Gin Blossoms - "Fireworks"
Gin Blossoms - "Dream With You (demo version)"
Gin Blossoms - "Hold Me Down"
Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
Pantera - "Drag the Waters"
Slowdive - "Dagger"
Slowdive - "Machine Gun"
Slowdive - "Silver Screen"
Slowdive - "When the Sun Hits"
Slowdive - "Crazy For You"
Jerry Jeff Walker - "Pickup Truck Song"
Jerry Jeff Walker and Willie Nelson - "The Man in the Big Hat"
Jerry Jeff Walker - "Long Long Time" (cover)
Jerry Jeff Walker - "Trashy Women" (cover)

Saved up some money, so it's new record time, namely:

La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata


Beth Jeans Houghton (NSFW)

Limeylongears wrote:

Saved up some money, so it's new record time, namely:

La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata


I couldn't watch the NSFW video w/o making an account, but those Mexican hippies lay down some good vibes! [bubble bubble bubble]

Here's a link to some of Beth's tunes on Grooveshark , so you can enjoy them without YouTube getting all flustered at the sight of a nipple and shutting you out.

Shadow Lodge

Heeding the Call ~ HammerFall
I Walk Alone ~ Iced Earth
Boiling Led ~ Falconer
Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear ~ Sirenia
The Power of One ~ Sonata Arctica
Sail On ~ MasterPlan
Kill, Burn, Be Evil ~ Dream Evil
Comatose ~ Ayreon
Memory ~ Avantasia
Under the Ice ~ Blind Guardian
Superheroes ~ Edguy
Champagne Bath ~ Sonata Arctica
A Rose for the Dead ~ Within Temptation
The Coming Curse ~ Iced Earth
The Black Halo ~ Kamelot
Dark Saga ~ Iced Earth
The Lucid Door ~ Sirenia
Bring the Hammer Down ~ HammerFall
Love is Blind ~ Dream Evil
Transylvania ~ Iced Earth
My Number One ~ Dream Evil
What Have You Done? ~ Within Temptation
Halloween ~ Helloween
Something for the Ages ~ HammerFall
Forever is a Long Time ~ Avantasia

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