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XP for Kyuss??

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Ok, this may be a strange question for any number of reasons, but I cannot find any sign of what kind of XP players should get or what Big K's CR is. I'm asking because I'm planning a campaign, and I'd like for my players to have the chance to continue on after Dawn of a New Age. Based on Dragotha, I'm guessing at least 30 - and even that's dependant on how effective the party is in weakeningn him.

Any thought? Did I miss something somewhere (wouldn't be the first time)?

Do a search on the Boards and you will see that this has been answered a few times. James Jacobs recommends treating it as a CR 27 encounter though deities technically don't have CRs.

Alright, I'll do that. (I browsed the topic titles before posting, but nothing in my estimated time frame jumped out at me.)


Paizo Employee Creative Director

Correct. Kyuss himself doesn't have a CR; if he did it'd be somewhere around CR 35. However, the encounter with him is stacked toward the PC's favor (assuming they take care of everything in the right order) so he's not as dangerous a foe as his CR might indicate.

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