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I thought I might start a thread to hear some amusing stories about PC's adventures in Alhaster. At our last gaming session, our group (after three sessions in Alhaster) finally obtained invites to the gala. The group had split up to do a few things around town, and two of them, an elan psion and a dwarf ranger/deep delver/tempest were relaxing at the Ogre's Hideout when they were approached by B'kruss. Words were exchanged, and ultimately the hobgoblin challenged the dwarf to a hog wrestling contest. B'kruss pinned the dire boar in 5 rounds, and then it was the dwarf's turn. The dwarf managed to grapple the boar in the first round, and then...the psion Ego Whipped the boar, dropping its charisma to zero. The boar then went comatose, curling into a fetal position. The dwarf continued to act as if the boar was giving him a rough time, jerking it this way and that, and holding his 'pin' for three rounds, ultimately beating B'kruss' time by one round.

Very cool! My players are running through the Wind Dukes Tomb in Gather of Winds right now. Hopefully they will kick the role-playing up several notches because I'd hate to sic the Blessed Angels on them for disturbing the peace in Alhaster.

I can see it now . . . Lashonna visits them during their parole hearing. :D

Too pc's haven't even started the second adventure yet...that's because we live in different countries now and I only see them once per year...who knows....maybe next June we can finish 3 adventures don't think so

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