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D20 Mini Games / Global Positioning Maps

Dungeon Magazine General Discussion

Just a quick question for those that were familiar with the d20 mini games and Christopher West's Global Positioning Maps. I've went thru my mags and compiled a list of both features if you are familiar w/ these features take a quick look and see if I may have missed anything. Thanks

D20 Mini Games
Dungeon #90 Pulp Heroes
Dungeon #91 Shadow Chasers
Dungeon #92 Spelljammer
Dungeon #93 Thunderball Rally
Dungeon #94 Omega World
Dungeon #95 Mecha Crusade
Dungeon #96 Genetech / Delta Green
Dungeon #97 V for Victory
Dungeon #99 Hijinx
Dungeon #101 Iron Lords of Jupiter
Dungeon #102 Pulp Heroes Redux / Iron Lords of Jupiter part 2
Dungeon #105 Deathnet
Dungeon #108 Dark Matter

I would love to see these thing collected up into a PDF document and made available to purchase. I'm prolly one of the few that enjoyed these little games, but oh well the majority has spoken and I can live with that.

Global Positioning Maps
Dungeon #98 Municipal Police Station
Dungeon #99 Bank / Nightclub
Dungeon #100 Fast Food Restaurant
Dungeon #101 Family Home
Dungeon #102 Corporate Office Building / Modern Cemetery / Pawn Shop / Sleazy Urban Bar
Dungeon #103 Bowling Alley
Dungeon #104 Roadside Motel
Dungeon #107 Public High School
Dungeon #108 Artic Research Station
Dungeon #109 Modern Cineplex
Dungeon #111 Old Urban Firehouse / Occult Bookstore
Dungeon #113 Lakeside Cottage

Anyone got any idea if these maps are going to be reprinted in the d20 Modern Critical Locations book I saw solicited in the new Game Trade magazine?

Liberty's Edge

Yes, the Critical Location book will collect all of the previously-published Global Positioning maps, and present them with a whole bunch of new maps in the same style. :)

Yeah I had my eye on that book when I saw it on Wizards web site. I will definitely pick it up even though I have all those Dungeons already.

Good stuff!

The D20 Mini Games, I'd like to see those again. Especially Thunderball Rally and HiJinx.

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