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What events take place in your campaign??

Age of Worms Adventure Path

Just wanding what event other DMs are using in their campaigns? For example, Im thinking of haveing my players, right when they start their meeting in the abandoned mine office, hear Auric and his party passing by in their search for a tomb in the Cairne Hills. What other events involving the NPCs of Diamond Lake have you other DMs come up with as the players are exploring the Whispering Cairn then going to town for supplies, etc. Perhaps I might like them enough to use them myself!! Thanks!

When they came to the mine office there were kabolds
lairing there.
I used a bunch of kobold figures and their stat. cards.
One was a Kabold Sorcerer and he was gradually
recruited into the party.
One of the player characters is a spell thief.
The fact that the two brothers are half dragons helped.

My favorite thing that my groups done that isn't a part of the Adventure Path is make friends with a lot of the people in Midnight's Muddle.

The crazy, acid-scarred human fighter trusts the racist halfling Zud implicitly and will berate the rest of the guys if they ever need to go to Souf's.

Another ingenious thing they did was to give the Mirror found in Telakin's chambers to the Free City government to aid them in discovering which of their members were dopplegangers.

The bard/paladin in my group is also intent on discovering what's so evil about Khellek and why Auric hangs out with him, something I really haven't figured out yet.

Dark Archive

I started the action in our game by having a package the Rogue "borrowed" from a careless courier contain documents intended for Balabar Smenk. Most of the papers were dull, and useless from a blackmail standpoint, even, but one caught his attention... an aged document detailing the location of 'Whispering Cairn'.

The Rogue had maxed-out Skill ranks in Knowledge (Local), and so was aware of Smenk's status as a wealthy mine manager--and repuation as a greedy bastard--and so figured a good haul must be found there.

This intro will hopefully pay off in a few ways later on:

1. Of course, laying groundwork for animosity between Smenk and the heroes;

2. Giving the heroes a reason to leave Diamond Lake if the heat gets too intense if/once Smenk learns one of them was responsible for the theft;

3. Foreshadowing that Smenk is going to unusually desperate measures to line his pockets, which of course is because his part in the Dourstone Mine operation is bleeding his coffers dry.

4. Remote possiblity of the heroes being able to implicate Smenk part in the theft of documents from the militia's cartographic records (I'm assuming Bask used Charm Person do do the deed, and others in Kullen's gang were accomplices);

So, if you have a character in the party who's a bit of a street urchin and would be bold or desperate enough to steal a valuable-looking package, and can tie said unsavory character to at least one other PC, you've got a possible and plausible way to jump-start things.

My players wanted to RP the buying of mine equipment from the dry goods store... something they enjoyed thouroughly (especially the druid... if she'd had the money she would've purchased every canary in the place so they could be set free). On the way out, I had the lead party member bump in Kullen, who was on his way in with the gang to do some intimidatin'. That bump led to a shove, scowl, and the party making some serious apologies as they were utterly intimidated by the hulking albino half-orc with the freaky tattoo. The rest of his gang swaggers in, and the party skedaddles.

Later, when the players head to the Land homestead and find the severed arm, they all have a much better chance to recognize the tattoo, and will attach more significance to it.

The danger in this is if you have an overzealous, see-it-be-rude-to-it-kill-it party, who may not live past "Why you ugly..<death>," so use with caution.

Shadow Lodge

In a nutshell:
- Tirra befuddled a squire in Cicaeda's office to knock off a particular map that Khellek knew was there - Ulavant's hidden original. It was disguised in a scrollcase with the Seeker's sign on the "lid"
- One of Smenk's informants got a whiff, Kullen and crew are sent to hunt down the squire.
- The Squire being chased in the Storm and fearing for his life throws his backpack containing the scrollcase of maps as well as a big fat diamond that was used for payment up onto the Emporium roof.
- Brother Arnie (one of the PCs) witnesses this whilst relieving himself in the darkness behind a few crates. He then sees the boy scamper off whilst Kullen and crew go past in a fury.
- Arnie then meets up with the rest of the party at the Hungry Gar (converted to a middle-market tavern).
- A disturbance is then heard in the Gar as Kullen enters holding a bloodied axe. He looks around for something before exiting.
- Before you know it, word is that there's some boy from the Garrison hanging up in Memorial Square (next to the four bodies of the criminals unjustly hung that day).
- He is hanging by the back of his skull, his body missing from just under his ribcage and below (a vicious "halving" by Kullen). There was also evidence of torture (The PCs are left wondering whether the torture was successful).

This gave the party enough impetus to find out "what was in the bag". The trio's Stirgenest Cairn investigation is just a ruse. The Whispering Cairn is NOT well known at all. They have divined through Seeker archives in Greyhawk where the "real" map was. They would now be very dirty and are trying to get to the bottom of things.

From here the party have a headstart on the competition (but not for long). I preferred a more detailed start than just: you guys meet in an old abondoned mining building wanting to investigate a Cairn. I wanted them to get a feel for the town, a look at the Emporium (which I'm linking to the 3FoE) as well as a hatred for Smenk and co. So far, it has worked pretty well.

Best Regards
Herremann the Wise

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

My party got a wee bit derailed by Kullen and his gang. As in, they lost. The party's warmage (whose fault it was that they engaged in a straight up fight) was decapitated, and the goblin cleric dragged off to Balabar Smenk's mansion for interrogation. He kept his mouth shut, but lost both his ears to Smenk's frustrated torturer (which, admittedly, helps his disguise as an "ugly halfling").

So, how did the remaining adventurers get back their kidnapped comrade? Smenk happened to know that the Governor Mayor had in his possession the papers gathered by the pesky courtesan Constance Grace, who had disappeared mysteriously several days before. So he made a deal - the goblin's life for the Governor's blackmail material. The party's rogue had a little help in breaking into Neff's mansion, though, as the boggle Tom Shingle had been escaping from his cage in the Emporium for several weeks now, committing petty acts of larceny to supplement his income and keep himself entertained. A near miss with Neff's guard dogs and a <i>sepia snake sigil</i> trap set by Allustan later, the rogue escaped, papers in hand. He has of course kept the originals, giving Smenk a series of copies in exchange for the goblin.

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