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Need Help with making a player a deputy of Sherrif Cubbin

Age of Worms Adventure Path

I been thinking of using the Idea of making one of my players a deputy of Cubbin. Just wondering if any DMs have done this as well. My problem is I want him to have always lived in Diamond lake. So how does he become a deputy? As a condition to this, I told the player his character does not enjoy how Sheriff Cubbin and his crew treats the citizins of Diamond lake, so how do I keep him from abusing his power. Thanks for any help you Fellow DMs could give me.

I have a player that for some reason wanted to be a deputy. Even if Cubbin was interested in taking on rookies, he'd prob want to test their loyalty (think "training day" for cinematic inspiration ;) ). I had Cubbin send the PC out to keep a close eye on Kullen at the Feral Dog for no other reason than Kullen would probably beat the snot out of him. Fortunately, he was sidetracked by the other party members, but i suspect he'll soon realize he's not wanted and most of the good folk of Diamond Lake are suspicious of his connection with Cubbin anyways.

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