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Tell me about your party composition.

Age of Worms Adventure Path

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bshugg wrote:

Rontith LG human Paladin 5
The most unpaladin paladin you would ever meet. He has a lOT of trouble playing it and frequently gets screwed my the stiff alignment rules for paladins

Cohnor LG human Paladin 2 Cleric 3
The "hero" of the group and most idealistic. Does a good job playing a paladin.

Karkus CN Elven Ranger 6
Has racial enemy Humans and pretty much despises them. The mentor took him in trying to curb his murderous tendancies towards humans and half way succeeded. Plays his character very well.

Xzan CG Elven Ranger 4
A new player who hasn't really developed his characters personality. Originally wanted it to be like "Drizzt" but that was quickly shot down by the rest of the group. :)

Taliviir CG Human Sorceror 6
The only other pc still living from Campaign beginning besides Karkus, he is a quite and sneaky battlemage.

Brix Dwarf Cleric 2/Psi-warrior 1
Veteran player but new to the campaign. Plays a gruff no nononsense father figure. Frequently tells everyone the error of their foolish ways. Also is the one that is best at getting information and advancing the storyline.

Rontith fell when he broke the egg in Blackwall, and was covered in green worms. Karkus killed him with 2 well placed shots from his longbow. Karkus was almost infested earlier on and assumed the Paladin was going to become a spawn. It was a mercy killing. I didn't have the heart to tell him Paladins are immune due to their abilities. :)

Xzan died in Blackwall keep facing the Draconic Kobold rogues. The party was near death but they kept pressing on despite warnings from the Lizardman druid that Ilithane put "guards" in the chamber beyond

Taliviir died facing the draconic kobolds when he snuck in alone to investigate invisibly and they were able to track him by his footsteps. He was the longest lived PC in the group (beating Karcus by 1 session)

Brix left the party after an argument with the Paladins in 3 Faces.

The current Roster 1/3rd through Hall of Harsh Reflections:

Cohnor Paladin 2, Cleric 6 of Lathander.
Fights with a +1 spellstoring bastard swordds, and is fond of combat buff spells

Karkus Ranger 8, becoming a "justice of Weild and Woe" from Champions of Darkness, next level. Has a 5 headed dragon flail (from a previous campaign start) and is wicked with a bow.

Lucinia - Cleric of Mystra 6, Runecaster 1 - not tuned for combat at all. Mainly heals, runs Diplomat duties, and charges up Cohnor's spell storing blade with inflict spells. Takes ranged attacks with a wand of produce flame and a wand of magic missles. (Replaced Brix)

Alton - Rogue 7 - The standard well tuned rogue, rapier and tumble for sneak attacks, and silvered arrows for ranged threats. Rolled VERY well on stats. (replaced Taalivir)

Krin - Wizard 7, CN red wizard of Thay (invoker)- Replaces Rontith and much more suitable for its player than a LG paladin. Uses energy replacement to cast Acid bolts and Acid Balls rather than fire or Lighting. Inherited a ton of Magic goodies from the Sorc that died. I recommend playing the mage through AoW, as a lot of goodies are tuned for you.

Liberty's Edge

The original party consisted of the following.

Warpig: CN Half-orc barbarian on the run for “settling” a long held feud between himself and a half-elf rogue named Crow.
D'Rak: LE human monk recently thrown out of the Twilight Monastery for excessive brutality and for dealing drugs.
Gaer: N Halfling spell thief (class from The Complete Adventurer. Associate of D’Rak and Warpig.
Duncan Fife: LG human male Cleric of St. Cuthbert based out of the temple of St. Cuthbert.
Fenaril Ilisande Diol Fife: LG human female rogue. Aspiring paladin and married to Duncan. Also a follower of St. Cuthbert.
Windra: N elf female sorcerer. Associate of the wizard Allustan.

Gaer was killed by the acid beetle swarm. He was replaced by Carein, a CG human male 1st level Fighter/1st level swashbuckler.


Everyone is now at 2nd level and we start our 4th session this Tuesday. The party just barely deactivated the face at the end of the hall trap and they are about to enter into the first part of the true tomb.

Dark Archive Bella Sara Charter Superscriber

bshugg wrote:

Rontith fell when he broke the egg in Blackwall, and was covered in green worms. Karkus killed him with 2 well placed shots from his longbow. Karkus was almost infested earlier on and assumed the Paladin was going to become a spawn. It was a mercy killing. I didn't have the heart to tell him Paladins are immune due to their abilities. :)

If it makes you feel better, there is a lot of debate whether their abilities do actually make them immune. James Jacobs has said that the does not think that they are immune because the worms are not actually a disease (even though they are destroyed by the cure disease spell). However, many people take the position that the worms operate like a disease in all ways, and therefore paladins are immune.

We started AoW a couple of monthes ago in the World of Greyhawk 595 CY. Our party is 5 members and usually 1 mercenary NPC for muscle.

- LN male human ranger 2 from the Pomarj-occupied lands of the Wild Coast - eventually planning to go Justicar, but for now a member of the local garrison in DL with plans to become DL's next sheriff.
- NG male halfling rogue 2 from Elmshire.
- CN female human rogue 2 from DL, but schooled in Nellix - usually pretends to be a bard or cleric of Lydia until someone in the party needs healing...
- CN male gnome bard 2 (with 2 starting flaws) from a very small clan of highland gnomes in the NE cairns - a wild, barbaric and interesting character all around. Plans to go barbarian for a while.
- LN female human cleric of Wee Jas 2 from DL.
- usually hires on a another local DL fighter, scout, or warrior for added muscle.

We have had some side adventures already, but the party is still in the Whispering Cairn, trying to find the last lantern to open up the rest of the tomb.

Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

The campaign is set in a home-based game world that has been around for 20 years, though much of it has been heavily lifted from both Greyhawk and FR.

The first game is next week. We've spent considerable time in character creation and back story so far. Here's what we've got:

--An LN nobleman cleric of Moquol from the Free City, who has just had his contract as tutor with Smenk (arranged by Mestal Fixx) abruptly cancelled.

--An NG middle-aged elven fighter (this is a player who wouldn't let his old assassin chracter go, so is playing her as the same character--though it's 200 years later and the PC has forgotten all the skills she once knew) currently working for the bowyer/fletcher Venelle.

--An LN halfling wizard from Elmshire, whose coach-which was travelling to the Free City--was attacked by bandits and he found himself stranded in DL. The PC tried to earn gp using his cantrips, but was roughed up by thugs who told him that, "the Compustable Mage doesn't want any competition." He is the halfling who is mentioned in the beginning of the DL background article in Dragon.

--A CG half-giant (my variant since I couldn't find anything close to an official template anywhere) barbarian from the far north, who stranded hinself in DL after punching out the caravan master he was working for. He's currently working in Ragnolin Dourstone's mine.

--An LN warmage travelling to the the Free City with an important document, whose entire patrol was wiped out by a band of hill giants. Stranded in DL (a common theme), she's currently working at the Able Carter Coaching Inn as a serving wench/chambermaid--and looking for a ride out.

--An NG dwarf from Greysmere working as a miner for Ragnolin Dourstone, horrified at the rumours which surround his employer regarding his activities in Greysmere.

--An LN cleric of Wee Jass, a local boy whose father is the gravedigger in the Boneyard.

--A CG elven rogue, a foundling whom the elven fighter rescued from assassins many years ago, and has raised as her own.

Currently mid-HoHR (All bent rules were bent in attempts at making the game more fun for those involved, we like to think we know what were doing. WoTC sources, Dragon magazine, some rare third party on DM approval.)

"Cyric" Human Paladin/Bard. Known for inspirational rants build up dramatically and have incredibly abrubt endings. Likes to "goad" enemeis (as the feat, Complete Adventurer). Been seen to appear like a blood filled suit of armor occasionally (Diehard feat).

"Dage" Human Were-housecat Spelltheif. Extremely cowardly, yet has a devil-may-care personality in his recently acquired hybrid form. Likes to throw alchemical items and activate wands. Known for being absolutely devastating in combat, when he actually enters it.

"Kor" Raptoran Cleric/Entropomancer. Nearly indestructable, (18 con) she beleives there are some things that just "shouldn't exist" (darkness, magic for domains). Modeled after Anne Bishop's "Witch" character from the Dark Jewels Trilogy. Potentially the scariest character we have, considering the role spheres of anhilation play later on.

"Neville" Copper-dragonwrought Kobold Sorceror/Luckstealer. Born unlucky (flaws for auto failure on 2 as well as 1) Neville was outcast from his tribe. We rescued him in the 3FoE, and he has been a loyal, if occasionally troublemaking friend since. Likes to stare at people and steal their luck.

"Stewart" Half-Ogre Ranger/Barbarian/Beastmaster. Stewie wants to be human, and hates his ogre half. Commisioned a falchion, as axes are not "elegant weapons". Kor made bottles out of the glass of the lanterns in the Wispering Cairn, which the rest of the party then put freely given blood and kind words into. Stewie then sent the glass to be fabricated (as the spell). The process somehow created a Legacy Weapon, which he named Bloodwind.

Just my two coppers.

Just about to start Prince of Redhand, after a sidetrek into the bowels of Maure castle.

Aden NE Human Fighter/Barbarian/Frenzied Berserker
Cash CN Human Sorceror/Archmage
Zeke CN Human Cleric

and their cohorts

Abdul NE Human Rogue/Assassin
Spike CN Half-Dragon(Augmented Human) Fighter/Tempest
Sean CN Ghost(Augmented Human) Bard

We're starting 'The Library of Last Resort' tonight, which will likely be interspersed with watching hockey & a few adult beverages...I sense impending character deaths ;)

Current party consists of:

- Gak, CN 1/2 orc fighter 13/barbarian 2. 'Gak smash' sums up this character, and as such he leads the party in deaths (4). He's also pretty broke due to the costs of res'ing.

- Delldrin, NG human warlock 16. Party leader; tempers his actions with wisdom. Phenomenally bad luck in combats that matter. As DM, I've built his demonic sponsor around a lackey of Vecna's; imagine my excitement when the Hand of Vecna appeared in LoLR!

- Nasham Feroz, CG zeph wizard 14. Very fond of prismatic & flashy spells. A showman who exhibits solid tactical intuition.

- Darvarian, aka. 'Fancy D', CG human wizard 15. (due to the rather effeminate writing he used creating his initiative card). Embraced the name, and has become fairly pompous & socially overbearing.

- Elithian, NG elven wizard 16. Spellcasting prodigy interested in documenting the AoW.

- Amanthus, N (G tend) human psionicist 14. Quiet, unassuming...but seems good at everything. The party is gradually leaning more on him than Delldrin for leadership.

- Arilee, CG 1/2 female copper dragon fighter 3/thief 6/temple raider 5. Deadly with the bow & bull-headed to the point of being irrational at times. Made an impression on Zeech.

- Roan, CG 1/2 elf ranger 15. Played 'the rube' to the hilt in Alhaster.

This party is extremely heavy in arcane & artillery, and equally lacking in healing. They pay dearly for resurrections etc. (in coin) and as such are falling behind in money & items. That'll teach 'em! Still, it's been a lot of fun to play & DM.


We have just gotten to the end of the first adventure and after a few deaths and some patton like deja vu's along with some long drawn out side quests the party stands like tis so far.

Torgard: CN half-orc Barbarian: the longest surviving PC so far is a mistmarsh refugee who's clan was decimated by a long rivaled lizardfolk tribe and was taken in as a trapper by a diamond lake based ranger who's death he was framed for and rescued the waif like human woman who was a ward of Allustan Neff. subject to all type of gossip of the power struggles of the lake, and charmed to reguraly bathe, he now serves as a bodyguard of Allustans student. A stare down in the town square with Kullen has all but guaranteed a face off away from the law.

Chang Ping: LN human Monk: Orphaned at the door of the twighlight monastarey he travells to seek the true wisdom of the stars and sky as taught by his discipline, and to find the origins of the people who left him with the sandalwood figure on a necklace he was discovered with. Stopping in at diamond lake he overhears the towns mindless and paranoid gossip of it's wealthy and heads towards the obsrevatory long since disregarded by his order.

Fimblebak Humpledik: NG halfling cleric of pelor: With a giddy almost childish outlook on life he revels in pelors grace towards healing and an intense hatred of the evils of vecna, he proudly wears a full plate and sheild with pelors image, clanking and skipping down most roads you see him on, he is a stalwart defender against the undead and compassionate healer on pelors path, even if it leads through an experimenting dwarf wizards lab, with explosives.

Schmalnik Grobadore: LN Dwarven Wizard (Transmuter): The brother of the greysmere member represenitive has an obsession with earth based magic and explosives, which has helped develop his hair styles is on the radar of ragnolin as a possible threat to his secretive mine operations. A hopeful for the same college Allustan went to in Greyhawk he has gone to studying under him and resaerching the whispering cairn with his animal companion: a badger named dusseldorf and being the groups scheming heavy, heavy magic and alchemical artillery, a ways from the back.

Serena: NG human sorceress: rescued by Allustan from a vecna cult lead by her father who was working for the faceless one, she was brought up as a young oracle and prodigy to be for the glory of vecna with her clairvoyant powers and a power towards necromany. after her rescue at the age of ten she was unable to control her abilities and the nightmares attached to them, Allustan has worked with her and grown to look after her as his own daughter. Hoping to free her from a nightmarish fate she forsees, he helps her to channel not only her powers, but her fate to choose her own life.

These are not all original characters and probably due to change, many deaths and visions of spirits passing have revolved around these fated souls, and the world of the dead tuggs after them from every shadow.

There have been deaths (Olidoc, Den, Fruitger), and there have been player drop outs (Al, Rick) and there have been additions (Mark, Aaron). The party has just killed the final cult leader and we ended as they witnessed the Ebon Aspect smashing the elevator. Here's how the party stands now. (P.S. I'm sorry for some of the names.)

Sir Lucius Allidore (human ranger 5) This middle aged devotee of Helm has come out of retirement to cleanse Faerun of evil. He is an effective tactician and the party looks to him as a leader.

Zigmund Feud (human warmage 5) Ziggy is the absent minded apprentice to Delfen (Allustan). He has learned much in the recent weeks. And though he continues to show his youthful naivete, his arcane arsenal has made him a vital member of the group.

Boobsalicious (human enchantress 3/barbarian 1) She joined the group when she met them in the mines. A personal vendetta against the clerics of Bane brought her there. She stayed with the group after her former captors were felled, filling in the gaps that Ziggy's brand of magic left open.

Keth (half-orc druid 3/barbarian 1) He helped free Boobsalicious from the priests of Bane and now joins her on her quest for revenge. Though he remains aloof and apart from the other party members, his brand of divine magic has saved the group more than once.

Psalt (dwarf monk 4) This albino dwarf just joined the party tonight. He was working in the Ironeater mine, but after hearing rumors of a cult deep in the mine he decided to try to find a way to help. When he noticed the party disguised as cultists, he took a chance. Though still finding his place in the group, Psalt has proven himself in a fight, almost singlehandedly taking down Grallak Kur with his grappling prowess.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

Eredain wrote:

Fimblebak Humpledik...

Best name ever, incidentally. But are you sure it's not Zenglebert Wendleback? Or even Slut-Bonwalla? ;)

The party that just entered the Mistmarsh consists of

Trinton, Goblin Cleric 6: A follower of Xan Ye, his faith is mostly based on taking from the rich and giving to himself. A greedy, egotistical, slightly insane bastard, it's not exactly clear how he became a cleric, but it seems to have included a correspondence course. He was captured by Kullen and Balabar Smenk had both his ears cut off.

Sasha Theldrick, Human Barbarian 6: The Theldrick is a newly ascertained last name - she was captured in a raid on Blackwall Keep as a small child and raised by lizardfolk. Only very recently did she discover that the corrupt cleric she decapitated in the Dourstone Mines was in fact her father. She collects weapons, and is very proud that she's recently learned to read.

Vincent D'Froug, Elven Rogue 5: Tirra's nephew, she slipped him out of the Free City after a notorious drunken incident that involved sleeping with the Guildmaster of Theives' trophy wife. Sarcastic and deeply pretentious, Vincent is a dead eye with the longbow, and has a reputation for poor judgement. Hates Clyde with a fiery passion.

Diana, Human Ranger 5: Quiet, shy, but deadly with longsword and kukri, Diana has bonded somewhat with Sasha, but not with anyone else. Being held captive by the Faceless One does tend to make one a bit wary, after all.

Clyde, Halfling Jester 5: A bizarre, flamboyant figure, Clyde was hired by Allustan as entertainment for the trip to Blackwall Keep. Is infuriatingly optimistic, even in the grimmest of situations. His ability to catch arrows out of the sky has not won him the friendship of Vincent, nor has his tendancy to fascinate him at every opportunity.

Damon, Human Warlock 5: Damon stumbled into the party at the worst possible time. His mentor was a secret devotee of the Ebon Triad in Alhaster, and teleported him to the Free City out of whatever shriveled kindness remained in his heart. Except the old man didn't read the scroll quite right, sending Damon between Blackwall Keep and two-dozen frenzied lizardfolk. Clyde is rather taken with him, especially since he doesn't put up with Trinton's egomania.

The Fateshards - an update

The party has made it through the Spire of Long Shadows and been declared instruments of the Draconic Prophecy by Manzorian the Ancient Red, archmage and de facto draconic leader of the Chamber in Eberron. They're currently retrofitting their airship, Breath of the Prophecy, with better defenses before taking off to Alhaster, the capital of the pirate city-state Redhand in the Lahazaar Principalities.

Tamaren-sheth (Brownie d'Jorasco) - Halfling Heir of Siberys.
Formerly Allustan's wizard apprentice, Tamaren studied the past Ages of Eberron as a Cataclysm Mage in an effort to better prepare for the Age of Worms. His dormant Mark of Siberys recently manifested itself, giving him a potent weapon against Kyuss/Katashka's undead.

Alyssa Lynnell d'Lyrandar - Half-elf Dragonmark Heir
Abandoned at birth and raised by Gatekeeper druids, Lynnell recently rejoined her house after discovering her uncle was the head of Lyrandar's operations in Sharn. Her cousin Barak, an ace pilot, joins her as cohort and pilot of the House's prototype airship, the Breath of the Prophecy.

Ro - Changeling Rogue, Fighter
Ro is pulling triple-duty after Ilthane's attack on Diamond Lake, leading the party, forming the Fateshards Adventuring guild (and building its new headquarters in Diamond Lake), and running the town as Diamond Lake's new Mayor. He's leading it mostly by correspondence, though, while the party's in the sky. He's recently taken a dragonborn cleric under his wing, who he's nicknamed "Linus" since he can't possibly remember his full name.

Siell - Longtooth Shifter Twilight Ninja
After the Twilight Monastery was destroyed in Ilthane's raid on Diamond Lake, Siell helped found a new order of monks in the city focused on silent guardianship... defenders the rebuilding city will likely never know are there. He's glad to be back on trail though, honing his abilities against a deadly, hidden foe.

Phaedra - Elf Dragon Prophet
The party's newest member, Phaedra is one of Manzorian's favored proteges. An agent of the Chamber, Phaedra was sent to bring the party to Magepoint, a haven for dragonkin built into a volcanic island. She was curious how the party was meant to fit into the Prophecy, only to discover she was meant to be a part of it as well.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber

We're based in the Forgotten Realms, with Waterdeep being the Free City. We've just finished The Champion's Belt....

Nikolaus Graves: Cleric 6 / Doomguide of Kelemvor 5
Anar: Ranger 11 (dire wolf animal companion)...uses 2 dwarven waraxes
Solomon Binder: Warlock 11
Jarak Raven-Caller: Barbarian 1 / Hexblade 10...uses the greataxe and has a raven familiar named 'Omen'
[NPC] Barnaby: Rogue 3 / Wizard 3 / Arcane Trickster 5

It's a great group that has all the bases covered. We have Jarak act as main tank (he has 'Battle Caster' so he can wear medium armor and still cast hexblade spells) with Anar moving to flank as the support tank. Barnaby throws out arcane support spells (haste, dispel magic, confusion, etc.) while Nikolaus does the same with the divine magics (i.e. a healthy helping of heals...). Finally, Solomon rounds out the group by providing consistent ranged eldritch blast damage every round; his 'Coordinated Shot' feat from 'Heroes of Battle' makes it extremley easy to position him for maximum effectiveness.

That's not to say we haven't had more than our share of mishaps. Jarak is the party's 3rd tank: the first, Kurok, was slain by a critical hit from a priest of Vecna using Inflict Serious Wounds during 3FoE and the second tank, Titan, died against the dopplegangers during HoHR. The warlock died recently against the alkilith on The Champion's Belt, only to be quickly rezzed by a well-timed Revivify spell from Nikolaus. Nikolaus himself was killed via a SAVAGE beating from [SPOILER] the dwarven warmachines known as 'Pitch Blade' during The Champion's Belt. Gotta love the AoW :)

In our party we began with:
1st lvl ranger
1st lvl druid (me...)
1st lvl wizard/illusionist
1st lvl barbarian

Sadly though the ranger got popular and betrayed us and quit *sigh*...

But now the rest of us are now lvl 13!!!! (cept for barbarian, he sacrificed his life to save our group, during dopplegangers and the mirror part)

My character is a Druid named Tofu Lagardae that is a chef trying to make a healthy meat substitute...

Next we have Redbeard the Dwarf barbarian. He's crazy and carrys around beer...

Then last but not least we have Sariph the Wizard Illusionist who has saved us many times. He's probably the most normal character.

Skafloc - Aerenal Elf Wizard - Patient, thinks things through before acting.

Melnick Kobold Extraordinaire, Worshipper of Siberys, the Great - Kobold Cleric of Siberys - Suicidal, rascist, dragon wrought Kobold of the Black Dragon variety, and the comedian of the group.

Romero 'Rom' Kristos - Human Artificer - The oldest member, patient and helpful

Arik Dejardan - Human Fighter - Still a teenager, unsure of how to act. Looks to others to lead.

Nameless - Warforged Fighter - The Adamantium Tank, nicknamed the Nubian Brother by Melnick, blocker of doorways, mighty steed of Melnick.

Liberty's Edge

We're about to begin AoW (just before or just after this summer) with a higher level party, after having finished "Fiend's embrace" in Dungeon 121 (great adventure).

The group has just levelled up, and it will be easy for them until Hall of Harsh Reflection, I guess (however, higher level, less XPs). They are :

- Roberc, M halfling thief 5 CG, (from Elmshire ; used to spend time at Diamond Lake for the summer by his cousins)
- Lysystrata, F half-drow wizard 5 LN (follower of Wee-Jas) (underdark near Istivin ; grew up in Greyhawk with her human mentor, a friend of her mother),
- Garrak, M human (orc blooded) fighter 5 NG (from Diamond Lake),
- Fhaggot , M human thief 5 CG (from around Greyhawk ; has lived in Diamond Lake),
- Sheshnara, F human (orc blooded) favored soul of Mayaheine 5 LG (wild coast now occupied by Pomarj forces),
- Uhriel (surname), M elf cleric 5 of Corellon Larethian (from Celene),
- Krudin (from "Fiend's embrace"), M human barbarian 5 (from the wolf nomads).

Strong party now, but let's see how they're going to manage from HoHR and after (the 3 first adventures will be easy for them).

Well, I'm going to start a campaign journal later this week, but here is my party composition after our first 2 sessions of AoW:

1. Halloran Swift (NG Male Human Evoker/eventual War Weaver)

2. Richard Swift (CN Male Human Warlock)

3. May Swift (NG Female Human Fighter-Archer specialist, maybe going Order of the Bow?)

4. Devin Swift (CN Male Human Cleric of Procan - A minor GH sea god IMHO)

5. Leah (CN Female Human Rogue - focused on stealth/infiltration - kind of a tomb raider really)

6. Asuna (LG Female Paladin of Heironeous - uses a Hvy Flail to trip & disarm)

7. Kupo (NG Imp using the Savage Species rules - He is the "odd" one in the party - originally the familiar of an evil mage, he "saw the light" after his master was defeated by Pelor clerics/paladins, and now he wants to become good and play for the winning side and get into Heaven insead of returning to Hell.)

As you can see, we are playing in Greyhawk....and you can also see the unusual amount of CN characters, which I feel is a direct result of our DM describing Diamond Lake as a GH version of Deadwood during our Character creation session.

Also, a fair amount (4/7 really) of the characters are siblings from the Swift family. something that I (Halloran) suggested and got a little out of hand, lol... but its worked so far, because if it wasn't for family ties, Halloran and May probably would of run when Devin and Asuna got taken down by the wolves early on in the WC... and the family ties help to keep the CN characters "in check".

May campaign is set in Greyhawk
Male Hobgoblin Barbarian/Bear Warrior from complete Warrior.
Male Grey Elf Cleric/Sorceror/Mystic Theurge.
Male Baklunish (D&D equivalent to Arabic cultures)Human Fighter/Rogue. Aspiring to be a Dervish.
Male Half-Orc Barbarian/Weapon Master(Spiked Chain).
Player who played the Baklunish Dervish decided early on in the campaign, around 3 Faces of Evil that D&D was not his cup of tea, told everyone, and left the group.

Scarab Sages

We just started AoW the other day using the Gestalt rules from Unearthed Arcana. Our group (still all 1st lvl) consists of:

Human Druid-Monk
Twin Human Fighter-Monks
Human Ranger-Rogue
and Dwarf Fighter-Cleric (that's me)

I've already decided that if my Dwarf buys the farm then my second character will be an elven (or half-elven) Cleric-Sorcerer.

I cannot resist the lure of this thread... New campaign, just started. We have:

Jonas - Human Cleric 1 (of Lathander)
Cergus - Human Paladin 1 (of same faith)
Klem - Human Scout 1
Zebediah - Gnome Bard 1

Liberty's Edge

We just started AoW as well. I am DMing. Our party is currently:

Lillandrin Moonmeadow: Elf, Psychic Rogue - Lil is the niece of our well-known Silver Mine manager. He doesn't like her very much, but tolerates her, for now. She's a bit of a troublemaker.

Cora: Halfling, Rogue - Cora is Lil's drinking buddy. She's a bit highstrung and prone to spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Oiba: Air Genasi, Cleric - Oiba was drawn to Diamond Lake by his research into the Wind Dukes. He is rather vain (think Fabio).

Azir: Human, Ranger - Azir hunts the undead. They are his favored enemy, due to a rather traumatic childhood experience. He also hunts criminals, as bounty hunting pays the bills better than killing zombies.

My players started at 1st level as follows:

Human Monk 1
Elven Druid 1
Elven Druid 1 (yes, two of them)
riding dog animal companion
Human Rogue 1
Young Ogre (1st level Ogre as per Savage Species - he was mistakenly brought up by a dwarven clan as a dwarf, with no idea what he really was)

Now, they are in Sodden Hold, nearly complete and nearly 9th level, composed as follows (two players have dropped out):

Elven Druid 3 / Wizard 3 / Mystic Theurge 2
chimpanzee animal companion
Human Rogue 2 / Cleric 5 / Shadowbane Stalker 1 (god = Blerred, god of the blacksmiths and miners)
Ogre / Fighter 2 (fully grown now, but still convinved he's a dwarf with a thryoid condition)
Human Paladin 6 (follower of the cleric)

That should be a pretty stable go-forward composition, with the elf taking her next levels in Arcane Heirophant and everyone else taking the obvious levels as they advance.

Basically it's pretty well balanced, with the cleric/rogue having the social skills, one big tough fighter (with reach!), a couple of minor backup fighter-types and a couple of spell-slingers who so far mainly chip in from range with attack spells and the occasional buff and healing spell.

We started a couple months ago, but due to real life, will probably finish Cairn tomorrow.

We are set in Eberron. Party is:
- Smoogo, CG Gnome Warlock 1: Family are Dragon Below Cultists w/ no ties to other cultists in town; all work as accountants for the various mining interests (how evil). Smoogo has been touched by his family's "patron", but is trying to fight it off.
- Eldric, N Shifter Druid 1: Patron of the local druidic sect, friends of the barbarian
- Keegan, CG Human Barbarian 1: "Indentured" servant of Smenk, whose family died when he was young. Has anger issues. Kullen is hunting him because he has skipped work for the last week while exploring the Cairn.
- Tanis, N Human Scount 1: Freelance scout working with the local garrison
- Pol, NG Human Archivist 1: Low ranking functionary in the garrison clergy; attracted to stories about the Cairn.

They just cleared out the observatory; the beat up Filge but let him live---they were going to take him to the garrison. Instead, Kullen tracked them down after the big fight (waiting for them to come out) and made them a deal---give him the necromancer and he wouldn't kill them (or take the "striking" barbarian). They capitulated, of course (they were in shape to face Kullen and his gang); but they may plan on telling Smenk sometime in the future.

you could hardly call ours a group but we have these characters...

Harlan Finch
HM, Rogue1/Swashbuckler3/Thug1
as quick with his rapier as he is with his siver tongue and a demon at dragon chess (didn't even have to cheat... stick that in your pipe Khellek!)

HF Barbarian4/Wizard1
an orphan from the swamps raised by Jeirian's fanatics (picture bridgite neilsen)who keeps trying to convince her friend to see the error of his wicked ways

almost had a TPK with the wolves in WC... a bit of judicious fudging on the part of the DM i think. we have just started 3FoE after being 'commisioned' by Smenk to take out the cultists

My game is set in Eberon and the party is three sessions into Whispering Cairn. I ran a flash back adventure set in the Last War to give them a unified back story (and an extra level to help keep them alive).

The party consist of:

Duran Thavier d'Cannith, a 2nd level human marshal. He is the face of the group. While he has not earned everyones respect as a leader yet, the rest of the party is setting a pattern of getting in over there heads when they don't listen to his suggestions.

Alastor Syro ir'Desekane, a young half-elf female scholar (savant 1/archivist 1) who has a tendacy to wander away from the rest of the group, though she has learned to keep them in sight now.

Stone, a male iredar kobold 2nd level shinobi (house variant ninja). He primarily uses a sling in combat and acts as a guard to the rest of the pary, watching their backs in combat.

Hammertoe, a male personality Admantium bodied warforged 2nd level fighter. He is the main combatant of the group.

Kaya, a human female 2nd level battle dancer. She fights with a combination of longspear and unarmed combat. She often assist Stone when the party needs to scout an area out.

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Well our party has gone through alot of change
(If they are still playing they are 12th level we have returned to the Whispering Cairne)

The two characters from the begining are

A Human cleric of Wee Jus who is now a Master of the Shrouds
5th level Cleric 7th level Master of Shrouds (I think)(The undead he summon are the souls or the villians from through out the AOW he uses death touch on most major villians and takes thier souls) (Shadows Kick Ass)

A Half Duegar Psion Mage Cerbromancer
3rd level Psion 3rd level Mage 6th Level Cerbromacer (Was going to be an Arch Mage changed his mind not sure what to do in four levels)

A Half Orc Fighter Tempest He uses a Large Double Sword (that is very effective) (he is an NPC so i dont remember his levels)

A Human Fighter, Barbarian, Raging Archer Very Very inefective character cant rember levels (Buddie moved 100 miles away drives down for some games)

A Elf Fighter, Paladin, Champion of Corellion, fighting with an Elven Fullblade (good weapon) rides a Griffin a new member to our party very effective even though he died a few times (Military Friend just got our of the service)

A Dwarven Barbarian fighting with an Urgosh also just joined our group reciently so far pretty effective

A Human Fighter Sorcerer Dragon Desicple fought with a large bastard sword (No longer with us got a job and cant make the game) very effective character

An Elven Scout very ineffective character (No longer with us got a job cant make the game)

I think their is a new player coming this weekend

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Our tactics have gone a little like this

Kaine the Cleric Summons shadows and they drain what ever we fights str down real low

Glanrin the Cerbromancer Drops psionic bombs on the enemy after he prepped any combat guys with his wizzard spells

The rest of the party rushs into melee to keep people off Kaine and Glanrin

These tactics have worked so far when we start to face alot of undead we are going to have to change a few things

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Hello, everyone.

bshugg wrote:
If it makes you feel better, there is a lot of debate whether their abilities do actually make them immune. James Jacobs has said that the does not think that they are immune because the worms are not actually a disease (even though they are destroyed by the cure disease spell). However, many people take the position that the worms operate like a disease in all ways, and therefore paladins are immune.

This was a situation that happened in my group (I'm the DM). Personally, I have to say I agree with Mr. Jacobs and those who think that paladins are not immune to the worms. My understanding is that the worms are a supernatural effect and not a supernatural disease, to which the paladin would be immune.

As for the party compostition, this is the actually the 3rd group, the other 2 were TPKed - the first by the spawns at Cromm's Hold (Blackwall Keep), the second while fighting Ilserv (Zyrxog). And yes, we're playing in Forgotten Realms using Eric Boyd's conversion notes.

Jotun -> male Half-giant Fighter 9
The player has put the half-giant's Powerful Build to good use.

Alak -> male drow Rogue 8
Despite high ranks in Search, the rogue seldom finds the traps - usually they find him!

Etna -> female human Wizard 10
She's planning on becoming an Archmage, but she needs to stay alive until then...

Valkan -> male human Druid 10
He likes to use Wild Shape and, as we say, release his inner beast.

Arthur -> male aasimar PsyWar 4/Paladin 5
An aasimar raised as a Psychic Warrior in a village of Psions that later found his true calling as a Paladin of Tyr. 'Nuff said! :)

Tantra -> male human Fighter 10
His two previous PCs died, so the player decided to be a Fighter and see if now HE does the killings...

We've just finished "The Champion's Belt" (they won!) and I'm planning on starting "A Gathering of Winds" this weekend. Let's see if they survive.

Jean, the mean DM :)

Dark Archive

We're up to our fifth session for the AoWAP in Eberron, the party have just gotten past the wind trap in WC and are about to meet Alastor. All 2nd lvl too now.

Ironfoot - Ftr2 Warforged - DM PC
Hired to be the 'muscle' for the group. Used to work one of the mines.
Secret: Has a docent component from Xen'drik that tells him to kill constantly.

Andos Galtiem - Brd2 Elf
Works for the Korranberg Cronicle, told by boss to investigate the empty cairns around the area. Has nothing to do with him playing music while the other staff are trying to work.
Secret: Aspires to rule Eberron, Khorvaire or perhaps his own kingdom.

Jaign Prose - Sor2 Human
16 year old, chaotic sorceror. Adopted by the ladies at the Midnight Salute, is undergoing training by Allustan to control his magic.
Secret: Gets magic from chaotic bloodline of the progenitor dragon Khyber.

Tox, Zuul, Bur - Rog2 Changeling
Hired to be the group guide. None know he is a changeling and will be an interesting roleplaying situation during the Hall of Harsh Reflections when his character will be kidnapped and found out.
Secret: Is an exile of Sharn with connectons to the Tyrants of the Free City.

This is the most interesting party combination I've run, mainly due to the roleplaying reasons but also because this is my first campaign I'm hoping to actually finish.

I got a second group, because my first group quickly dissolved, because players wanted a different playing style. As you can tell from my last post, all but the Mystic Theurge was a melee tank, thus we had no one with ranged attack or social skills, just brute and magic force.

Group 2:
Hashkal, Male Kobold Int-based Rogue 3, specializes in alchemy and inpromptu fighting. When the party got to the Feral Dog, the player decided that the Kobold would pack more punch with a fireplace poker, still red hot. 1d6-2 bludgeoning plus 1d6 fire, combined with a sneak attack and crtical, he knocked out Kullen in one hit. Followed by an Intimidate check to demoralize the rest of the gang, the rest of Kullen's crew went running out of town! :)
Derek "Dwarf-Tosser" Duncan, Male Elf Fighter2/Monk1, specializes in Bastard Swords, plans on wielding two at once coupled with Whirling Steel Strike(from Eberron book, allows flurry of blows with long/bastard swords), then eventually become a Kensai. Arrogant and foolish, considers everyone but others who can best him in physical combat beneath him. Acknowledges Smenk's presence, but just barely. Quote: "Anyone who hides behind thugs for protection is a coward at heart!" Made this opinion quite well known in Diamond Lake. Bound to cause trouble in future! <:O
Kelly the Quiet: Female Human Wizard from Keoland, part of an organization of mute spellcasters who specialize in safe-guarding powerful magic from public knowledge. Talks in Sign Language, spellbook in unknown language.
Abelwharn Stulwar, Male Half-Elf Cleric of Ralishaz, God of Luck, overwhelming odds, and gambling. Sees life as one big game. Skilled DragonChess player. Actually thrilled to be part of a team taking on Kyuss. Quotes: "With the world against you, the odds are not very good, but when you win, it proves all the more rewarding." "Team of Mortals versus Apocalyptic Cult; Odds 40-1, place your bets now!"

Man, I really tried to explain the characters, but they are already full of stories that are necessary to explain to have a hint of their true selves (at least most of them), and this was taking too much. So, this is just a briefing:
Khelben Senesaw, LG, human monk 11 of the old order, inicial member, dead once, follow some ideals of budism (example: discourage killing and just use non-lethal damage against living beings).
Respen Lianodel, CN, elf fighter 6/ mage 1/ arcane archer 4, inicial member, bad attitude, almost nothing of an elf traditional behavior, lacks the right ear after being tortured by drows when 7th level.
Nicholas Coldgaze, CG, half-elf rogue 10/ fighter 1, inicial member, dead once, teenager and arrogant, keep trying to avoid his father, who really creeps him out.
Hangorhas Stoneshield, NG, dwarf mage 3/ cleric 3/ mystic theurge 5 of Mystra, the top weird guy, old and kind of crazy, uses a pink robe and is the group´s grandpa, in fact is kind of sad, cause had to bury, in play, his father and his only son, who was the group´s fighter for a while. He was also banned from his village for turning to the human goddess of magic.
Sir Henry Jones (real name too long to write here), N, gnome conjurer 10, annoying joker, looks like Indiana Jones with half the height and twice the head size. New member.
Lots of others charactes fought side by side with them, some NPC´s, other PC´s, some has died, some has left and one give himself as a guarantee to a lich with whom the party was forced to bargain. The lich was specially glad, cause the guy was a druid (ouch!) and is becoming more and more insane.

johnnype wrote:
Race, class, levels and more if you feel so inclined.

Just started

Grey Elf Archivist
Sylvan Elf Scout
Human Fighter
Half-orc Barbarian
Dwarf Paladin
Human Sorceress
Dwarf Rogue

Now on our second session of the Whispering Cairn:

Michaelo Minx, Human psi rogue 1/erudite 1
Lavathac, Goliath barbarian 1
Orocka the second, Dwarf cleric 2
Lamaraith, Grey Elf wizard 2
Popuk, Halfling duskblade 2

R.I.P. circa session 1:
Orocka the first, also a Dwarf cleric 2
Vlanse, Human paladin 2

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AoW set in the world of Greyhawk. The party has completed the whispering cairn and went on a side trek(home under the range) to toughen up for that ultimate beast of an adventure, "three faces of evil".

Spleef Llewnroc- N Male Human Wizard 4 Boccob
evocation specialist
Necro/Illu banned schools
Apprentice to Allustan and friends with Kullen's nephew, fellow party member Gaarbok Halfsnout

Gaarbok Halfsnout- NG Male Half-Orc Fighter 4 Pelor
His uncle is the notorious "Kullen", who isn't very pleased that Gaarbok has been hanging around Allustan and Spleef. This has added some great excitement to the game as the group tries to avoid tangling with Kullen at all costs.

Jezlo Trumblay- LG Male Elf Ranger 4 Pelor
He has been gathering info on "the seekers" for the bronzewood lodge and met Spleef and Gaarbok right before they tackled the whispering cairn.

Fullob McLooty- NG Male Halfling Rogue 4 Pelor
Fullob hails from highport and is searching for his older cousin "fingers", who was sentenced to work in the mines of Diamond Lake and hasn't been heard from since then. The only thing that Fullob enjoys is...well..loot!

Hojas Ormdugas- LG Male Half-Elf Cleric 4 Pelor
Strength and Healing domains
His masters in the free city sent him to Diamond Lake to investigate cult activity in the region. Horrible stories about wayward evil priests have been circulating around the churches in the free city, and young Hojas has been sent to "just keep an eye on things".

Edit: We really only have 4 pc's, but the party runs Hojas as the NPC cleric. It also makes me happy that my character is in the game, even if I have no control over him and can only watch as they feed him to the wolves. Lately, only 2 players have been consistently showing up, so someone might have to die soon :)

Tor Libram wrote:

Oct 13 2005: We ran through the 'introducing the party' scenario set in the Fane mining office that was posted here some time back (should be searchable if you use the key word 'ugloop') last night.

We have:
Aethelwulf, human fighter 1; boyfriend of Constance Grace whose son has disappeared whilst playing in the hills above Diamond Lake. The scenario kicked off beautifully as he met the rest of the party on the road out of Diamond lake and saw a small figure getting stooped on by stirges in the distance...

Martina, human sorceror 1; shaping up to be the party leader and driving force behind the group. Rapidly tiring of her magic act at the Emporium (and also being groped by drunken miners) she is looking for cash to afford to get out of town. Coincidentally, her ten year old brother recently skipped town with the beastmaster from the Emporium.

Enys, human druid 1; Nogwier had been receiving reports of unkillable undead and green worms from his scouts and sent Enys into Diamond Lake to consult with Allustan. He happened to meet Martina in Allustan's garden and they decided strength in numbers was a better plan.

Enid aka (various), changeling rogue 1; working as a barmaid in the Emporium (under the name Suzana) allowed Enid to eavesdrop and pick up all sorts of rumours and schemes. When Martina and Enys sat down in the Emporium to plan their expedition, Enid overheard and told them she knew someone who might be helpful. Returning a few hours later in different clothes, she introduced herself as Alethia and talked the other two into letting her come along for a share of the profits.

Next week, into the adventure proper.

Well, tonight we have the aftermath of Three Faces of Evil.

Gosh, playing at such a speed is exciting!

Anyway, we now have:
Aethelwulf, human Fighter 5. Soon to be mightily angry about the fact the Constance has been murdered by agents of... well that's for him to find out!

An as-yet-unnamed dwarven Cleric 4 of Kord. After Martina took 28 of a possible 36 damage from one of the Faceless One's lightning bolts, her player decided to create a greatsword-wielding dwarf and become the healer tank.

Enys, human druid 5. Currently in bear form and unable to shift back to human as it was the first time he shapechanged and doesn't quite know how he managed it. Enys' animal companion, a wolf, got coup-de-graced by an acolyte after the Faceless One magic missiled him unconscious. Cue bear form...

Enid, changeling Rogue 4/Fighter 1. Immensely funny scene where she revealed her ability to the uneducated and yokel-like Aethelwulf. Her skills as a shapeshifter have been underused so far, but I predict good things for infiltrating the lizardfolk lair and the Free City.

Cleaver: Warforged Fighter 7 CN
Scratch: Changeling Artificer 7 CG
These two are played by the same player due to small group at the beginning of the campaign. Cleaver's the tank of the group and Scratch is his bandaid station, as well as his conscience.

Dresden: Half-elf Wizard 6 CN
Brash young wizard, former apprentice to Allustan. Womanizer, braggart, and all around annoying guy. Uses Cleaver as a "tactical shield" for launching his various destructive spells.

Aenid and Urr: Elan Druid 5/Master of Many Forms 1 CN; large wolf animal compaion
Hates being in any town. Currently disappointed about not being able to raise a black dragon as was his future plan. Friend and business partner of Gonge. Urr is one of the best fighters in the group.

Gonge: Drow Monk 5 LN
Sold potent kalamanthis (thanks to Aenid) for the Twilight Monastery. Probably the most practical member of the group.

Darius: NPC Cleric 5/Exorcist of the Silver Flame 2 NG
Moral compass of the group, though they tend to convince Darius to let them try less than moral tactics. He prays for their souls. Brought to Diamond Lake by his mentor, Brother Bronwyn the Exorcist as they were on the trail of a devilish bard wreaking havoc throughout the 5 nations. Dislikes how local church is run.

Playing in Greyhawk:
All characters are 2nd Level and started there, having come from outside of Diamond Lake (they are all Elves and work for the Moonmeadow estate as gophers).

Graven - Star Elf Male, 1st Lvl Fighter, 1st Lvl Cleric of the Death aspect of Istus, Goddess of Our Fate. Hardcore and serious.

Lauryl - 1/2 Drow Female, 2nd Lvl Priestess of Elistraee (Possibly a Sword Dancer in the future). Serious, but less so than Graven.

Yelena - Sun Elf Female, 2nd Lvl Rogue, worshipper of Olidamarra. A goofball with a larcenous nature.

Celise - Human Female, 2nd Lvl Sorceress. Wanders around in strips of cloth as clothing.

The party is nearing completion of the Whispering Cairn, having sold the owlbear to Allustan, ambushed Kullen and his crew, taken down the necromancer in the Observatory and buried the bones. Celise's player lost her first character to the creature in the iron balls, having been knocked unconscious and then dragged below before the party could act (where he was subsequently eaten).

The game group I'm PLAYING in (playing in the version the player of Graven is running for his own tabletop group):

Syrinx - Illythirii Female (Bard 1/Cleric of Eilistraee 2). Wanders around in skimpy clothing and fights with a bastard sword. Working toward Sword Dancer.

Kain - Human Warmage 4. Uses a fullsword and wears armor. Concentrates mostly on fire spells. "Blow things up first and ask questions later." Believes in Bahamut, the Good Dragon god, despite very few believing in him.

Teonas - 1/2-Elf Barbarian 4. Fairly straightforward Uthgardt.

Tenor - Human Paladin of Torm 4. Typical paladin who doesn't want anyone to do anything without his permission first. Mostly ignored, though everyone works around him to do their own thing. The fall guy for most jokes.

David - Shadow Gnome Rogue 4. Heading toward Shadow Dancer, so very quiet and mysterious. The rogue from OOTS and this guy would have a good time together.

Amaris - Cleric 4 of Bahamut. Old companion of Kain. A friendly, if somewhat clueless fellow.

Having been run through other adventures prior to this one, the group is now investigating the lantern chamber of the Cairn itself. The DM has inserted insectoid template creatures to maintain the Mischka element, making it a challenge for this level party.

Two parties:

Caleb (M tiefling rogue/thief-acrobat/tiefling paragon) The unhittable trap monkey.
Alexei (M half-elf transmuter/cleric/alienist/fleshwarper) Can graft anything, anytime, anywhere. Familiar is a squirrel known as Morthossk, Despoiler of Souls.
Mason (M human fighter/psychic warrior) Spiked chain trip-specialist. Threatens the entire known world.
Sigard (M human cloistered cleric/radiant servant of Pelor) Heal b%&%+ and undead smacker-downer.
Drake (M human bard/monk/dragon disciple) The only lawful character. Likes to bite everything.

Andromache (F elf wizard) Condescending apprentice of Allustan.
Gunther (M half-orc cleric) War-hardened combat medic.
Okk (M dwarf barbarian) All barbarian, all the time. Considers holy water to be "nummy".
Alfonse (M human druid/monk) Venerable naked man. Wild shapes into aberrations.
Zhen (M dwarf monk) Has the worst luck with everything.
Zega (M human ranger/barbarian/fighter/rogue/horizon walker) Terrified of animals. Animal companion is a pig who ate some of the mind flayer tadpoles and glares at everything with unblinking, otherworldy eyes.

here's my player's party:

human(f) paladin/sorcerer/eldritch knight
catfolk druid w/ sabertooth tiger companion
air genasi rogue/cleric of olidammara/shadowbane stalker
githzerai monk
drow wizard
aasimar paladin

Liberty's Edge

johnnype wrote:
Race, class, levels and more if you feel so inclined.

Two parties:

CG Rogue 2, CN Rogue 2, NG Bard 3, NG Bard 3, CG Cleric 3, CG Halfling Warlock 5, N Elf Necromancer 6;

N Fighter 3, CN Barbarian 4, CG Ranger 5, Fey'ri Hexblade 1 (ECL 5).

The AOW campaign I am running is on it's 6th session and has two players.

Lugdush - 1st level Half-Orc Paragon/2nd level Paladin or Hextor/1st level Half-Orc Paladin (from Races of Destiny) - Hoping to prestige class as a member of a prestige class that the player is inventing, the Seventh arm of Hextor or something like that where he will grow six arms. He also wields a Axe of Legacy which he is just starting to learn about. Lugdush is just beginning to form a church of Hextor amongst disenchanted miners, much to the disdain of the Garrison. He has set up shop in the Ugo Fant Manses and has just discovered and cleared of a Gibbering Mouther, a collapsed mine beneath the mansion.

Sam Herrick - 1st level Human Paragon/3rd level Cleric of Wee Jas. Sam wields a Scythe of Legacy which he is also starting to learn the history of. He is stationed at the Cairn of the Green Lady and is currently involved in solving a murder a newlywed miner couple. He is also seeking the whereabouts of a follower of Nerull known as Ilkin the Lord of Withering.

All 1st level PCs, we just started a Greyhawk Campaign set in Gran March. The first adventure is "The Burning Plague" (free WotC download).

Party composition:

. Corporal Worsley Willin (male human marshal)
. Labelos (male half-elf scout)
. Kerchitt Pussyfoot (male halfling rogue)
. Abremem Pahn (male human sorcerer)
. Sister Selentha Vrianian (NPC, female human cleric of Heironeous)

my group and i just started the AoW last week. the party consists of 5 PC's:

thorvan ruthek, male dwarf rog1. distant relation of bitris ruthek of the greysmere covenant. worshipper of bahamut.

rom tzulouscz, male rhennee urban ranger1. blackmailed in to service with the sheriff, he wants nothing more than to leave town.

balfesh, male suel hexblade1. works at the emporium as a 'cooler', using his bad luck to make sure people don't win too much while gambling.

arak, male flan clr1. a spirit shaman type working for the bronzewood lodge.

lo-kag "brokenguard" thuliaga, male goliath ftr1. abandoned by his tribe, he was picked up by thorvan and traveled to diamond lake together. works for tilgast in the mines.

Just Started AOW, so we are really behind-

Human Female Swashbuckler 1/Wizard 1 with Chanceborn Heroic path

Human female Cleric of Fire and Earth 1/ Warmage 1- Elementalist heroic path

Dwarven Fighter 1/Barbarian 1 Fights with Paired Spiked shield- iron born heroic path

Human Male scout 1/ fighter 1 - Paired double hand crossbows

Human Male Fighter 2- wields large sized warmace - Giant blooded

Well, here's the latest incarnation of my AoW group, set in Eberron.

Echiro- Warforged Monk 15- Permanently Enlarged+Battlefist= Horrendous damage, the party's main tank.
Falon- Human Cleric 1/Favored Soul 14 (of Dol Arrah)
Engel- Human Warlock 14- fey-blooded
Jaren ir'Waylan- Human Sorcerer 8/Cleric 1/Silver Pyromancer 5
Fenrir- Human Paladin 12(Silver Flame)- Uses stats from the Warcraft RPG to make an Elite knight, even Thrane and the Flame performed experiments during the Last War.... ;)

Haven't updated in a bit:

Cohnor Paladin 2, Cleric 6 of Lathander.
Fights with a +1 spellstoring bastard swordds, and is fond of combat buff spells

-Died to the aspostate of Kyuss in Champions game and lost his holy relic under a horde of Wights.

Karkus Ranger 8, becoming a "justice of Weild and Woe" from Champions of Darkness, next level. Has a 5 headed dragon flail (from a previous campaign start) and is wicked with a bow.

- Still living, now 8/2 ranger/justice. The only living remaining member from the start!

Lucinia - Cleric of Mystra 6, Runecaster 1 - not tuned for combat at all. Mainly heals, runs Diplomat duties, and charges up Cohnor's spell storing blade with inflict spells. Takes ranged attacks with a wand of produce flame and a wand of magic missles. (Replaced Brix)

- Still kicking Now Cleric 7/ runecaster 2. Every session its player mentions how unsuitable she is and how she's probably going to die.

Alton - Rogue 7 - The standard well tuned rogue, rapier and tumble for sneak attacks, and silvered arrows for ranged threats. Rolled VERY well on stats. (replaced Taalivir)

- Died, but was reincarnated as a kobold. Currently Kobold Rogue 8

Krin - Wizard 7, CN red wizard of Thay (invoker)- Replaces Rontith and much more suitable for its player than a LG paladin. Uses energy replacement to cast Acid bolts and Acid Balls rather than fire or Lighting. Inherited a ton of Magic goodies from the Sorc that died. I recommend playing the mage through AoW, as a lot of goodies are tuned for you.

- Still living, Wizard 9

Grodd, Human Fighter 8 NG. Uses a greatsword and power attack to boost his damage.

Unnamed, Druid 8 TN. Hasn't actually joined but been rolled up to replace Cohnor the fallen Paladin.

So overall:

Ranger 8/Justice of Weild & Woe 2
Fighter 8
Cleric7/runecaster 2
Druid 8
Kobold Rogue 8
Wizard 9

Getting ready to go to the ball in Redhand, and the party composition is as follows:

Castle Fronklen,(LN) Human Male Cleric of ST. Cuthbert 13, Fighter 2
+Cohort- Caithlan,(LN) Female Drow Hexblade 8, Rogue 5

Horoton, (CG) Human Male Fighter 6, Bard 9
+Cohort- Lugan, (NG) Bugbear Fighter, 6 Ranger 6 (reincarnated)

Sir Reymon Gillete,(LG) Paladin 15 of St. Cuthbert

BlackCrowe, (NG) Human Spirit Shaman 11, Beastmaster 4
+Cohort- (NG) Kragemore ChromeShield, Human Dragonborn Dragon Shaman 13.

Of these PCs, none are the original heroes of diamond lake. However, Castle's player has only suffered two deaths in the entire campaign and is in fact playing a distant brother of his original PC who came to Diamond Lake from Furyondy to help the ailing church of St. Cuthbert. (terrorized em at first level with a wandering Ilthane, thought I would set up another reason for them to hate the dragon til the PC died in TFoE)
Also, Blackcrowe's Player has died ONLY ONCE, replacing a different Spirit Shaman (Blackwolf) who made it all the way to the Champion's Belt only to die by the Apostle's breath (it was about to die anyway so decided to take him with it. Didn't think I was gonna roll 16 Con drain and have him fail his save, and would take it back if I could)
The Spirit Shaman class seems so make mincemeat of most of the harder encounters such as the infamous invisible stalkers and some of the Caern monsters. Chastise Spirit is awesome!

johnnype wrote:
Race, class, levels and more if you feel so inclined.

We're Just about to start the campaign. We have:

Human rogue, Human cleric of St. Cuthbert, Human Warlock, and a Dwarf Fighter.

Playing in this campaign whilst DMing SCAP.

Our party came in from Ravenloft @ about 4th level and started the path. The lubberly DM chap upped encounters where necessary and our levelling slowed down whilst we plowed through some of the easier stuff. It is starting to catch up now.

Current roster we have:-

Crag - Human Male Barbarian 9th Level. Takes his first level of Frenzied Berserker next. That should prove interesting. Does some sick damage.

Edana - Human Female Sorcerer 9th Level. The player did previously have a Dwarven Tempest but changed as the DM advised we really may require some arcane support. A learner player, but loving the firepower of a caster without having to know a zillion spells.

Gregori - Elven Male Bard 8th/Arcane Archer 1st Level. Aimed for this from the start. A bit of a noob player but has come a long way with this character.

Vlondril - Tiefling Female Fighter 8th Level. Based a bit on Uma Thurmans character in Kill Bill. Uses Katana and Wakizashi. A new player but refreshingly goes out of their way to accessorise with gaudy clothing and trinkets. Good RPing.

Delia - Human Female Ranger 1st/Rogue 4th/Invisible Blae 4th Level. Twin Kukri user. Damn scary. Dont turn your back on this one.

Euryales - Human Female Fighter 2/Cleric 6th/Radiant Servant of Pelor 1st Level. My character. Big back story and plays with an 8 con. People learn to protect the weak healer ;P

A fun group to be sure. Lots of fun.

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