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Age of Worms Obituaries

Age of Worms Adventure Path

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Name: One-Eye(Dr4), Luthian (Clr3), Grimm (Ftr3), Maeglin (Wiz4)............. TPK.
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Battle Temple of Hextor
Catalyst: Trap was well set, 3-4 critical rolls, and good tactics from me.

Two tieflings and two cultists lured the party into the Battle Temple, where Theldrick locked them in and they had to face five undead gnoll skeletons (turned from the entrance but 10 rounds had passed), 2 tieflings on the ground with a buffed Garras, 3 tieflings on the balcony with bows, and Kendra casting bane and doom on the party from the balcony. Theldrick summoned a fiendish ape and a spiritual weapon on the cleric of Heironeous who went down in 1 round after it appeared, Garras scored two criticals on the fighter and down he went, and the archers pelted the wizard with arrows. The druid summoned a dire bat, but Theldrick dispelled it with his scroll and then soundburst the druid, who failed his save and was critted by Garras.

The players appreciated after the battle how I ran the lawful and military tactics of the Temple.

Group: Newbies
Name: Toufgee(Barb 1 Shifter gorebrute), Aravil (Wiz 1 Human)
Adventure: Whispering Carin
Location: Food Room
Catalyst: Swarms and cows

When the swarm formed and moved forward, half the group headed in deeper to the room and the other half headed out. Toufgee was a tough guy and headed in, he engaged with the cow beetle, but even he could not withstand the onslaught of the acid swarm as they chow downed on him. Aravil had a similar fate as he was the next closest to the swarm.

So far:
Group Vets 2 deaths - agreed with Alastor to return bones
Group Newbies 3 deaths - agreed with Alastor to return bones

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Name: Gibbon (Bard 1)
Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Location: bottom of the green elevator
Catalyst: Learning that D&D ain't like a video game

I've started AoW a second time with a group of local teens. This is the first time playing for all but one of them and that one has only some experience. They got to the green elevator (i.e. elevator in the green lantern spoke of the main chamber) and I pulled out all the stops with my description. The elevator rose shaking and rumbling and screeching horribly, quite unlike the yellow version. As it appeared, the doors opened and one of them fell off.
Barbarian: "I get in!"
He had a rough trip down, could see the pocked and melted elevator shaft, and the elevator even fell the last five feet. He got out and threw his torch a little ways down the hallway. Up goes the shaky loud elevator. Half way up it ground to a halt, screeched once or twice, and then shudderingly started moving again. The second door fell to the bottom of the shaft. The elevator rose at the upper level with no doors, and dust and little chunks of stone falling off of it.
Bard: "I get in!"
I decided to ease up a little and only have the elevator fall half the distance, but it still dropped the bard to -1. The barbarian saw an acid beetle swarm appear right next to his torch (I also held back one of the two swarms and the mad slasher - who wants to just kill characters?). Instead of grabbing the bard and climbing as quickly as he could, he rushed forward and picked up the torch to menace the beetles with it. When his AoO came during the beetle attack he just dropped the torch however and swung ineffectively with the great sword. And he failed his fortitude save and became nauseated. As a move action he moved back to the bleeding bard (at -3). Beetles come on and drop the bard to -10 (we play a house rule that you can bleed to your constitution - the bard had a 13). Barbarian fails his fortitude save again. On his turn he decided to pick up the bard. This would of course still leave him in the beetle swarm. How many hitpoints did he have? 1.
DM: "You have two choices: leave your friend for dead and save yourself, or stay here and both die."

We're learning and still having fun.

Gibbon will be replaced by his twin brother, also a gnome bard (the player has a sweet spot from a Neverwinter Nights experience). He couldn't think of a name. He followed my suggestion. My suggestion? Nodwick.

Lantern Lodge

Well recently we had our first casualty in the game.

Where - Wispering Carin, main lantern room.

Who - Zyzics - Human Warlock lvl 1

Cause of death - Was rend in twain by a Mad Slasher.
Please note I know the mad slasher has no rend attack, however two critical hits with it's two claws and it might as well have one.

Eltanin wrote:
Gibbon will be replaced by his twin brother, also a gnome bard (the player has a sweet spot from a Neverwinter Nights experience). He couldn't think of a name. He followed my suggestion. My suggestion? Nodwick.

LOL! Wait a few levels before you show him the comic!

Group: Newbies
Name: Laarg (Dwarven Barbarian 2), Cee To (Human Fighter 2), Ti (Razorclaw shifter Fighter 2)
Adventure: Whispering Carin
Location: Feral Dog
Catalyst: Unlucky, inexperience, overconfidence. cowardice?

The party rogue had been caught picking pockets in the Feral Dog and been given a warning by Kullen already - dragged down to the dog kennel and threatened with the dogs (this made my seven year old son cry so I think the warning worked!) - so he didn't want to go back in to ask Kullen about the bones. This left the characters above and a cleric 2.

They spread out downstaires and then Laarg started asking Kullen about the bones. Kullen got a bit annoyed and called the dwarf 'little man'. Laarg shouted back and initiative was called. At this point they were 1st level but I called for a level up before the fight started.

As second level characters they faced off - Kullen hit the dwarf for 22 points of damage after raging taking him to 9. Mero moved to the corner of the basement so protected by the others to cast Mage Armour on himeself. CeeTo and Tordrik had a good long range exchange, Tordrik with glaive and CeeTo with spiked chain, they hit each other for two rounds but the third they both missed.

Mero had cast sleep on Ti, CeeTo and Rasto but they had all shrugged it off. The Cause Fear affected CeeTo and on his round he fled, provoking AoO from Tordrik as he fled and getting nailed.

Laarg and Kullen had exchanged blows but Kullen got the second shot in that took Laarg below 0. He stabalised at -9! Kullen raced after Travis (the NPC cleric) and Travis ran for the staires leaving Laarg down (but stable), CeeTo down and Ti up. Lunk (the rogue) was outside.

Mero put his knife to Laarg and called for a stop to the fighting and Ti backed down but would not put his weapon down. Laarg paid with his life as Ti faked a back down and cut Rasto down. Kullen moved CeeTo as Ti put his knife to Rasto.

An offer of CeeTo's life in exchange for Rasto and the promise not to come to the Feral Dog was offered, and appeared to be taken, but then Ti changed his mind and cut Rasto's throat! CeeTo paid with his life, and then they charged Ti down and killed him too.

A shame really, a good set of characters but they were a little over confident.

So far:
Group Vets 2 deaths - agreed with Alastor to return bones
Group Newbies 6 deaths - failed to persuade Kullen to reveal the where abouts of the Land bones

Group: an all evil party (they wanted to and I aim to please)
Name: Cal Rae’tel (Half-Drow Ranger/Rouge)
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Battle Temple of Hexor
Catalyst: lucky roll, group dissention

Two members of the party ran after the fanatic running to warn his comrades, getting there just to see the side door barricaded. Regrouping (and allowing the bad guys to prepare) the party slowly trekked towards the main room. When a few members entered the party wizard (necromancer), the now commanded skeleton companion (Jack :), and bard decided to wait outside the door to make sure that they would not be attacked from the back. At this point Theldrick decided to close the door locking the paladin, psion (nomad), Cal, and druid inside the room while the wizard and bard attempted to get through the side barred door. With the skeletons, the few remaining fanatics, Garras & Kendra, and Theldrick pummeling the party from above and ground level, Cal charged a fanatic and dropped him. Another fanatic hiding behind the statue, retaliated and scored a critical hit dropping poor Cal to (-7 hp), with the entire party cut off from Cal, the Wizard and Bard (who rolled a 20 on bashing through the door) managed to get inside the room to Thaldricks surprise just to see Cal bleed to death. Somehow the party survived and the Paladin used his deep pockets (noble) to bring back Cal.

Poor Cal probably could have survived if not for a lucky roll and the Druid refusing to heal him before entering the room. Which he has done on other occasions, almost killing other party members. (He now sleeps in fear of being skinned alive by the party).

Name: Sylus (Human Rog/Bbn)
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Grimlock Caves
Catalyst: Failed saves against Krenshars

The 2 best fighter types (and only ones with darkvision) both failed their saves vs. the krenshars and went scampering down the cliff leaving rogue and wizard to clean up by torchlight. Sylus went toe-to-toe with the kennel master in the shadows and didn't do too well. At least not as well as his reanimated skeleton which held its own against the feral dagger grimmie...

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Name: Bhaal (Human Ninja/Swashbuckler/invisible blade)
Adventure: A gathering of winds
Location: True Tomb
Catalyst: a full round attack from a Advanced Occulus demon (19HD)

Having spent the last day trying to figure out how to get inside the sarcaphocus room, the party finally made it. First was the great Korm, the barbarian, followed by Bhaal the thrower. Seeing the tomb infiltrated Augeric attacked.

Slowly the remaining members: Kyrion the bard, Ancilia the druid and Rath the Cleric of Obad-Hai made their way too, but Kyrion and Ancilia got paralysed at the mere sight of the demon.

The comba raged on and Bhaal was staying invisible because he feared the demons wrath. But when the Occulus demon disaeared too, the cleric cast invisibility purge with everybodies consent...they feared him very much. Unable to turn invisible Rath became the focus of Augerric's attacks, since he had been a thorn in his side.

Augerric landed three blows, two of which where very deep cuts and Bhaal dropped dead on the floor. His spirit will be forever bond to the 5th layer of the Abyss, because of the pact he had with a certain devil.

A new character will take his place.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

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Name: Cathar Stolichnaya (Binder 6, Knight of the Sacred Seal 3)
Adventure: Hall of Harsh Reflections
Catalyst: He didn't roll a 1.

The party, hearing that Ilthane has come to Diamond Lake looking for Allustan and "his little minions" head to the Whispering Cairn to find the wizard... and find Ilthane instead. Riding on her back is none other than Balabar Smenk, escaped from Diamond Lake's prison in the attack. Smenk uses staves of ooze and fire to make the terrain very difficult for the PCs.

Cathar, bound to Tenebrous and Amon, uses a trick that worked so well on Zahol a few sessions ago - flicker into position, breathe fire. Smenk rolled a 1, causing one of his items to be damaged. The staff of fire, to be precise. Destroying a staff of fire with a fire effect, I ruled, should cause, if not an earth-shattering kaboom, at least a good-sized explosion.

Smenk is reduced to a charred skeleton, Ilthane lost a big enough chunk to be beaten down by the rest of the party in a few rounds... and Cathar was brought to -9. Thanks to the caustic mire and his teleporting behind Ilthane, he died before he could recieve medical attention. His body was buried and magic items distributed, as is the custom. As the group's comic relief character, he will be missed.

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Name: Mara Brightmoon, Silverbrow Human Dragonfire Adept 3
Revanna, Human Monk 2, Cleric of Kossuth 1
Azrid, Shield Dwarf Crusader 3
Grayus, Human Cleric of Lathander 3
Adventure: The Whispering Cairn
Location: The True Tomb
Catalyst: Deciding against resting before heading to finish the cairn.

The group finished off half the cairn, a terrible battle with Kullen and his gang, and Filge’s tower all without resting. The clerics had been out of spells since the battle with Kullen and everyone was at half health only because of the Dragonfire Adept’s vigor aura. They decided that since Alastor Land had said the last room was behind the locked door, they decided to head back to the cairn, loot the treasure that they hoped awaited them and return to the town to rest in style, now suitably rich. Enter the Wind Warriors. The crusader falls in the 2nd round and suddenly its up to the two clerics to try and kill the wind warriors while the Dragonfire Adept blows nearly ineffective fire. Grayus drops and in the same round the vigor aura brings Azrid back to conciousness. He gets off one good swing before the wind warriors knock him out again. Mara drops the following round canceling her vigor aura and Revanna drops the round after that. The wind warriors hurl their bodies into the hole in the floor where they all fall to their deaths except Azrid who floats down with his ring of feather fall. Insulted one of the wind warriors stabs him in the head, killing him.

Demiurge 1138 wrote:
As the group's comic relief character, he will be missed.

Too bad, I like the comic relief guys - but they do pay the ultimate price on a regular basis.

Hopefully he did not go quietly. Did he have the Feat "Gets the Last Laugh"? It allows a dieing character a bonus to attack and damage equal to their ECL, or a single move action provided the action inflicts some sort of ill-will. LOL

Conner Zanulainen, Human Fighter1/Ranger5
William O'Conner, Human Paladin6 (of St. Cuthbert)
Adam Blige, Human Cleric7 (of St. Cuthbert)
Lab-Kraus, Lupin Ranger5/Beastmaster2
Hans Polo, Human Warmage6
Urthok the Brainer, Half-Orc Barbarian6/PiousTemplar1
Lwaxana, Half-Elf Sorcerer7
Adventure: Hall fo Harsh Reflections
Location: Sodden Hold
Catalyst: Leaving the doppleganger guards behind them as they enter the dangerous weapon-filled pool, along with awaiting invisible stalkers.

The group entered the cell area and were immediately wary that all people in the cells might be dopplegangers. They were most concerned of the elf noble, less so about the guards. They decided to leave all of them in the cells while they continued to look for the dopplegangers.

The guards waited until they started trying to walk across the planks over the pool and attaked from the rear as the stalkers attacked form the front. And while the barbarian killed a stalker in 1 round, they pretty much got wholloped.

They woke up with no belongings in the cells, but instead of resting and formulating a plan, they immediately began to break out, which they did so easily, even though the spellcasters were bound and gagged and they all had no possessions. That proved to be a problem when the guards returned. A dumb move by the warmage (moving back to the pool area with the remaining invisible stalker meant certain doom. And with how they so easily escaped the first time, the doppleganger decided they weren't worth the trouble keeping alive. Dead party.

Dark Archive

Name: Jezlo Trumblynn(Ranger 11)
Location: Icosiol's Tomb(a gathering of winds)
Cause of Death: Con drain from the dread wraith

Our party finally discovered how nasty ability drain can be. Restoration will always be prepared(and scrolls etc..) from this point forward. Too funny :)

Liberty's Edge

tWC near TPK:

-first to die:
Count Malcolm Trinius Evander Greenwood IV
CN male human fighter 2
Mode of death: Skewered by a Wind Warrior.
Last words: "Run! I'll cover you! OH...."

-second to die:
Gilmer Araeon
CG male elf cleric 2
Mode of death: Pushed off a platform to his death (by a Wind Warrior).
Last words: "I'll kill you for what you did to...."

-Third to die:
N male human warmage 2
Mode of death: Filge (1-hit kill)
Last words: "Die! Die! Diiiiiiiiii........"

The Exchange

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Name: Will (Cleric 11, Sacred Exorcist 2)
Location: SoLS, Main chamber of the Ziggurat
Cause of Death: Discorporating Dive - Corrupted Sword Archon

Name: Marzena (Sorceress 13)
Location: SoLS, Main chamber of the Ziggurat
Cause of Death: Harm spell from Kelvos

The party thought they had the combat with three Swords of Kyuss and a Wormcaller well in hand, having trapped what enemies remained behind two Blade Barriers. That's whenthe door behind them opened. When the Sword Archons flew into the main chamber, the character's were positioned around the door, waiting for the Swords to charge madly through the Blade Barriers. Will had about enough time to think, 'What are Angels doing here?' when one dove on him, spitting him upon its twin arm blades.

Marzena, invisible and assuming she was protected, ran to Will's body in the next round and Teleported them back to Bellaxus' ruin. Then she made the mistake of teleporting back to the Ziggurat. Kelvos, concealed by Greater Invisibility and endowed with a See Invisibility of his own, approached her undetected as she stood by the gaping hole in the floor. Marzena briefly felt his hand touch her back, then received 140 hp worth of Negative energy.

Liberty's Edge

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Name: Windra (11th level female elf sorcerer)
Location: A Gathering of Winds: The Falling River
Cause of Death: Hacked to death by the advanced Wind Warriors.

Well, that and being foolish enough to follow Vandar the fighter/rogue down the waterfalls of death know as the Falling River and leaving the rest of the party behind in doing so.

Earlier in the adventure, Windra had been captured by the shadow plane hopping spider known as Flycatcher. In exchange for returning Windra (and exchanging a sizable chunk of treasure for collateral) the party agreed to follow the River of Blood to find and kill a ghoul lord that Flycatcher had wanted dead for some unknown reason.

Upon descending the Falling River from the main tomb of the Wind Duke Icosiol, the party encounter a group of six wind warriors, elemental beings that some of the party had encountered before in the Whispering Cairn. The wind warriors fired crossbows while the party returned fire with a returning trident, scorching rays and fireballs. Eventually, the wind warriors retreated further down the cave after their supply of crossbow bolts was exhausted.

With Windra levitating and Vander tied to her and hanging from a rope, they both descend deeper into the caverns that ran followed the Falling River. (The reason that they left the rest of the party behind was due a communication break down. Vandar was 50 feet deeper than the rest of the party and only Windra made a listen check against the roar of the water fall.) Upon arriving at a large basin of water about 150 deeper than the rest of the party, Vandar and Windra has a choice. Levitate backup and rejoin the rest of the party or continue. Vandar told Windra “Let’s go down one more ledge. Just one more and then we can levitate back up.” So they did.

Vandar and Windra descended another 125 or so feet and were attacked by the Wind Warriors. Although Windra fought bravely (she did manage to kill one of the Wind Warriors with a scorching ray) she died on the blades of the elemental guardians.

Vandar fell deeper into the cavern, taking Windra’s body with him. Using tumbles and the use of a ring of feather falling (ironically borrowed from Windra before they began their descent), Vandar arrived at last at the chamber at the bottom of the Falling River known as the Star Chamber.

As Vandar made his way to shore, dragging Windra’s body with him, he heard a voice behind him say “Greetings. May I be of assistance?” Vandar turned to be face to face with Lord Moreto, the vary ghoul that Flycatcher the spider had commissioned the party to kill. Vandar realized that Moreto wasn’t alone as two undead monstrosities where accompanying him as well. This being the most polite ghoul that Vandar has ever encountered, (and fearing for his life) he engaged Moreto in polite conversation, even admitting that Flycatcher had sent him and the other party member to kill Moreto. Vandar noticed that Moreto keep on looking a Windra’s corpse as if to say “are you going to eat that.” Still fearing for his life, Vandar offered Windra’s corpse as good will offering. Moreto graciously accepted the gift. So far, Vandar has rolled well on both Bluff and Diplomacy checks and when we wrapped up, Vandar was inquiring as to what was the source of the trouble between the ghoul and the spider. All the while, Moreto has been enjoying this unexpected treat. (After all the falling and sword cuts, Moreto did find Windra a little gamey but to admit as much to Vandar wouldn’t have been very polite. If Moreto is anything, he is civilized….

Character Lost: Darius
Class: Cleric 4/ Fighter 1/ Bard 2 (Wanted to be an evangelist)
Location: HoHR (Under Sodden Hold)
Cause: Giant Octopus was hungry

The party was looking at the well leading down to the first area under the Sodden Hold, trying to figure out the barrel and how to get down there. Darius, being a bit insane, jumped into the well and let his banded mail and gear take him to the bottom of the well. He has a light source with him, so he starts to work his way down the passageway. He emerges into the large chamber with the column. As he slowly moves around the column the octopus moves in for an attack. They did not surprise each other and 3 rounds later poor Darius was no more. The octopus' 8 attacks per round were just too much for him to handle solo.

The rest of the party gave him 10 rounds to go down before they followed, Darius went negative at round 7, and was dead by round 9 when the party started the descent into the water.

The party was able to eliminate the octopus before it ran away with its dinner, but not before it had finished Darius off.


S.Baldrick wrote:
Vandar noticed that Moreto keep on looking a Windra’s corpse as if to say “are you going to eat that.” Still fearing for his life, Vandar offered Windra’s corpse as good will offering. Moreto graciously accepted the gift. So far, Vandar has rolled well on both Bluff and Diplomacy checks and when we wrapped up, Vandar was inquiring as to what was the source of the trouble between the ghoul and the spider. All the while, Moreto has been enjoying this unexpected treat. (After all the falling and sword cuts, Moreto did find Windra a little gamey but to admit as much to Vandar wouldn’t have been very polite. If Moreto is anything, he is civilized

That's hilarious! Very well role-played on your part. I'll have to remember that if I come to that spot. :)

Liberty's Edge

Schmoe wrote:
S.Baldrick wrote:
Vandar noticed that Moreto keep on looking a Windra’s corpse as if to say “are you going to eat that.” Still fearing for his life, Vandar offered Windra’s corpse as good will offering. Moreto graciously accepted the gift. So far, Vandar has rolled well on both Bluff and Diplomacy checks and when we wrapped up, Vandar was inquiring as to what was the source of the trouble between the ghoul and the spider. All the while, Moreto has been enjoying this unexpected treat. (After all the falling and sword cuts, Moreto did find Windra a little gamey but to admit as much to Vandar wouldn’t have been very polite. If Moreto is anything, he is civilized
That's hilarious! Very well role-played on your part. I'll have to remember that if I come to that spot. :)

Thanks. I’m glad that you enjoyed that. Playing Lord Moreto has allowed me to get in touch with my inner Hannibal Lecter. I do have to wonder what will happen to Vandar if the party’s Paladin and the lawful good cleric figure out what he used as a peace offering to the ghoul. Now that should make for some interesting role-playing.

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well, i have been dming AOW for a little while now. i suppose it is time i added my few cents (deaths).

who: gestalt dragon shaman/cleric
what: critical hit from a raging albino 1/2 orc
when: whispering cairn
where: standing at the bar in the feral dog tavern
why: they had just finished commiserating with the beaten up gang led by kullen. they actually had all the information they needed and were getting ready to go, when one pc (the gestalt fighter wizard) says to kullen: "you look pretty..." in a rather insinuating and menacing way. at this point the half orc is pretty deep in his cups and doesn't take this very well. so i had them roll initiative. Kullen acted first. he raged and power attacked the nearest character, which happened to be the dragon shaman/ cleric and not the insult delivering ftr/wiz. greataxe crit on a 3rd lvl character= brains everywhere. it was so much fun, i had them rolling balance checks not to slip in what was left of him all over the floor. the player couldnt believe it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

who: gestalt ftr/mnk
what: raging grimlock brb chief
when: 3 faces of evil
where: grimlock tunnels
why: she and the cleric/paladin are fighting the chief while the ftr/wiz holds off a tunnel of low level grimlocks. the chief drops her to negative hit points and she starts dying. the cleric, now affraid for his own hit points, retreats and heals himself. now he had done this before and the attacking creature pursued him allowing the dying character to stabilize on their own. i had resolved that his cowardice would not be thusly rewarded again. so this time the raging grimlock chieftain promptly coup de graced the down pc on the spot. the look on his face as now were surrounded was great, but it was when his wife (whose character had just died) started hitting him for allowing it to happen that i felt really good about my decision.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Blather, a Beguiler felt the pain of a summoned ape rend attack in the TFOE. Having already found himself at one hp from other attacks, the feeling of an ape pulling your arms loose has to be particularly wrenching...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Vultar, the warforged fighter succumbed to his own rage induced madness (a special feat structure/storyline) and attacked the party in the Egg Room of EABK. With plenty of little varmints to kill, he was ok, but soon they were gone and his rage got the better of him (finally). Having been buffed with con enhancers and everything else, he was very difficult to contend with but the other party members finally put him into negatives where he was disabled and to their minds back in control of his faculties...unfortunately several minutes later the buffs wore off and the others were too busy healing themselves to save any for their berserker/companion.

Name of PC: Jolie, Rogue/Dervish
Location of Death: SOLS Devil Attack
Cause of Death: Deadly, Huggy affection from barbed devil

Payton- Cleric 13 of the Soverign host
Where? The infamous room 5 of the spire of long shadows.

I rolled high for initative and everbody rolled low. The invocation fo the worm put her down low. The warforged wizard amost went down with her but had a contigency spell on himself which saved him.

How back in magepoint they were able to secure a true res, so Payton's back in action (so no R.I.P.). However the 25,000gp was the last of the gold. So no more true rez's for them for a bit.

Name: Talia Succubus Psion
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Grimlock Temple
Catalyst: Grimlock Chieftain...

Liberty's Edge

Name: Aeon (Red) Tiefling Ftr3/Rgr5/Rog2/OBI1
Location: SoLS, Fountain room in the lower halls of the ziggurat
Cause of Death: Bad saving throws followed by a quick run out of the room of 30’ away from the Cleric who could only move 20’

Aeon our poor tiefling will now be passed on to another urn on top of the fireplace mantel. He has had a hard life lately. He specialized as an archer who in a side trek to see a little vampire guy in Barovia failed his save and was attacked by his own hand. He went out to the temple of Elhonna and after his side trek to get his hand re-grown missing the foray into the true tomb. He rejoined his party back on the road to Mageport with a new hand and a new attitude. Aeon managed to keep his hand and his head until he failed the saving throw from a small little suggestion spell and a few bad rolls later was drinking down worms faster than a hungry bass in Lake Woebegone. The battle raged on because the fighter and the paladin who were also rolling horribly on the will saves but making the fortitude saves were out of the fight. Orion the cleric of St. Cuthbert kills the last foul undead creature with a heal spell just as Aeon manages his save and runs out of the room as he takes 4d6 of intelligence drain down to zero and the cleric out of spells is unable to cast revivify. Orion being the smart character he is has managed to hold back from the treasure gain enough diamond dust to cast raise dead but the future fate of the poor archer is yet to be written

Liberty's Edge

Lost Black Wolf Spirit Shaman 20th lvl.Died vs a Brood Fiend in a Dawn of a New Age.R.I.P again....

Okay time to update the grand total of the death in the AoW

Whispering Cairn- 124
3 faces of evil- 133
Encounter at blackwall keep - 22
Hall of Harsh reflections- 65
The Champion's Belt- 45
A gathering of Winds- 18
Spire of long shadows- 24
Library of last resort- 18
Kings of the Rift- 2
Into the Wormcrawl Fissure -1
Dawn of a new Age- 2
Other (side treks, random encounters,location unclear etc)- 23

Total- 475

Again not the most accurate of counts. Started from the last update. Again some deaths where unclear where they happended so let's be a bit more clear people!!!!

Name: Marehamu Kizumu, 3rd Human Paragon, 1st Duskblade, 3rd Transmuter, 4th Eldritch Knight
Adventure: Gathering of Winds
Location: Icosiol's True Tomb
Catalyst: Bag of Holding.

Noting that the platform rose to the ceiling, as the entrance to the True tomb, the players decided that they should all pile into the Cleric's Cohort's Bag of Holding, and that he should ride the platform up to the big room in the sky, or at least that's what happened. Marehamu rose up into the true tomb, yet before he could open the bag, he lost initiative and was blasted three times by the eye beams of the Occulus Demon. Thus unconscious, with the rest of the party twiddling their thumbs in the bag, the Demon slowly walked up, took aim, and beheaded Marehumu, splattering the tomb of Icosiol with his life's blood. It took a few rounds of inactivity for the Cleric to kinda wonder "what was taking so long" and a couple more rounds to convince Allustan the cowardly (see associated post under that name) to Dimension door and investigate. Lucky for them Allustan fared better, and managed to open the bag, before the demon knocked him into the negative Hp zone.

Needless to say the players have learned not to put all their Eggs in one bag of Holding as it were. :)

Long Live Marehumu the Wild Warrior Wizard of Wee Jas.

RPG Superstar 2013 Top 8

PC: Falth, Hadozee Scout 11
Adventure: A Gathering of Winds
Location: The True Tomb of Icosiol
Catalyst: Can't roll a save to save his life.

Long Description: This one's pretty simple. As the party reaches the True Tomb, the rash and foolish Clyde (a halfling jester) runs up ahead. Augerric unveils himself in a flurry of eyebolts, taking poor Clyde out of the fight, then flies into the middle of the party in order to expose everyone to his gaze. Falth fails his Fort save by 1 and is paralyzed. Initiative is rolled and Augerric wins. Since nobody's in melee reach of him except for the paralyzed ape-man, he performs a coup-de-grace, which succeeds in giving Falth one more hole in his head than he needs. Fortunately, a well-timed revivify by Cosgrak the Lewd, cleric of Wee Jas, is enough to save Falth from a more permanent demise.

Arcesilaus wrote:

Long Description: I am running in the Iron Kingdoms

Arcesilaus, please could you give me suggestions/tips/conversion notes (If you have them ) for putting AoW into Iron Kingdoms. I love the setting and it would really mesh well with the dark feel of the AoW campaign.


Warmage 101

PC Name: Hiro
Adventure: Library of Last Resort
Location of Death: Tilagos
Catalyst: Charging an octopus tree.
Long Description: Eight attacks a round and a high grapple bonus quickly nullified this holy warrior of Heironeous, who could do little against the punishing blows of the octopus tree. Upon meeting his god in the afterlife, he received a stern lecture over the fine point between valor and stupidity.

PC Name: Thell (fighter 10/pious templar 5)
Adventure: N/A (between LoLR and KoTR)
Location of Death: Tryptich Well
Catalyst: The high cleric of Vecna takes no prisoners.
Long Description: The PCs are gaining the advantage in a heated battle with Darl Quethos, when he reveals the Hand of Vecna and unleashes a Blasphemy on them. He subsequently targets the pious templar with a Destruction, followed by a Dominate Person, and finally a Wail of the Banshee. Sadly, it was more than she could bear.

Name: Burr Holmestead, Human Paragon 3rd, Paladin 2nd, Evoker 1st, Master Evoker 6th
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: 4 miles outside of the Clearing
Catalyst: Worm of Kyuss

Burr and his charge, the Inquisitor of Wee Jas, Sam Herrick, were both infected by two Kyuss worms while battling a horde of Spawn of Kyuss, four giant zombies, and a Hullathoin amongst the overgrown ruins at the edge of Kuluth-Mar. Their friend, the Paladin of Hextor, Lugdush the Bold, had only one Remove Disease, and so used it to cure his old friend Sam Herrick, leaving Burr to succumb to the ravages of the worms. As they were so close to the Spire and the heart of Kyuss's realm, and as Burr was so powerful both in sword arm and in spell magic, he turned not into the more typical Spawn of Kyuss, or even the more powerful Sword of Kyuss, yet instead Burr was the first man in nearly 2,000 years to be gifted with Knighthood amongst the minions of the Worm God.

Let the walking worm Knight, Burr Holmestead prepare himself for the coming of his master, Kyuss the God-King, herald of the Age of Worms!

Name: Bah'ram Vith, Female Shadar'Kai, 6th Favored Soul of Hextor, 2nd Black Flame Zealot
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: The foot of the stairs leading into the Ziggurat
Catalyst: Fallen Sword Archon

Vith was a powerful shadow assassin for the church of Hextor, having only fallen prey to being captured on two occasions, once by Theldrick when investigating his Basilica for the Church heirachy, and one other time by the Shadow Spider, Flycatcher. She walked in shadow always, hiding from the sight of man and beast. Yet when her compatriots, the Paladin of Hextor Lugdush, and the Cleric of Wee Jas, Sam Herrick, fled from the forces of Kyuss, barring themselves in the Torture chamber to heal and devise a plan, she stayed in the main chamber, trusting her skills to keep her safe. Little did she know that two of the Swords of Kyuss and the one surviving Fallen Sword Archon all rolled natural 20s on their spot checks. They attacked Vith, causing her to flee the Ziggurat. Yet even as she rushed out into the sickly sunlight and reached the last stair, the Sword Archon shot out of the dark interior and through her body, his sharp edged discoporating dive severing that fine thread that bound her soul to her body. And so she fell, head upon the worm infested earth, her soul wretched to the shadow realm.

Long will she suffer in that deep dark.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Tales Subscriber

Name: Jameson Deepwell, male human Cleric 5 (of Mota [homebrew campaign--similar to Kord])
Adventure: Encounter at Blackwell Keep
Location: The Mistmarsh
Catalyst: Saving the party wizard from being swallowed by a boa constrictor.

The nasty wandering monster, huge constrictor snake, dropped into the middle of the party, right on top of the gnome wizard (who must have appeared to be a nice, tasty snack). Since he was the closest to the helpless gnome, Jameson moved up and attacked the snake. A nice solid thunk with his mace later, Jameson was now enemy number one for the snake (who let the unconscious gnome fall to the ground). A bite and two constrictions later, and the poor cleric was visiting with his buff, bench-pressing god (Mota is the god of strength). Fortunately, for the party, they had a reincarnation scroll handy, and Jameson came back as a half-elf. Unfortunately for the slightly xenophobic Jameson, he is now "half-human," as he likes to say.

BTW, this is the first PC death in the campaign so far. A couple of well-planned battles and some lucky rolls have kept everyone alive to the point where they can almost fend for thesmselves. Which, I'm sure, will mean even more PC deaths in the future.

Name: Jannis, Orphan Human Warlock (Lvl 4)
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: The Labrynth
Catalyst: Dire weasals and a couple bad rolls for breaking grapple

Because he has darkvision and damage reduction, Jannis thought it would be a good idea for him to lead the party just on the outside of the light source. A wrong turn lead him into the weasels, hungry and willing. Damage reduction doesnt help for con damage, and the party was blocked from getting to the weasels. 3 rounds, the party missing their ranged attack, and our first fatality in the Age of Worms. He did earn enough experience to reach level 5 before hand, and St. Cuthbert's was willing to do a reduced resurection, especially after the party got rid of Smenk.

Liberty's Edge

Rumin Ashmantle (Clr 1-Vergadain, Rge 1) 630-695, Head crushed by bugbear zombie in old observatory outside of Diamond Lake. Donations to bribe his way into the afterlife appreciated.

Name: Soraya (Elan Psion 2), Veyt Erran (Tiefling Fighter 2), Ranulph (Human Fighter 2)
Adventure: The Whispering Cairn
Location: Lair of the Laborers
Catalyst: Water Elemental

Weakened from their fight with the Beetle Swarm and a mated pair of Mad Slashers (party of nine).

Because of his darkvision and cold resistance, Veyt decided to investigate the watery area of the Lair of the Laborers, and came face to face with a vortex of water in the depths. His rope broke when he got swept into the whirlwind of water, he never fought back instead he tried to escape, and was knocked out, he then drowned.

Ranulph attempted to blindly leap into the water and find Veyt after the rope broke, he was human and had no light source, having forgotten that Veyt did not take a light source with him. Another party member the dwarven rogue, Grimmundr came after him, but could not pull him free from the water before he drowned after the water elemental knocked him out as well, Grimmundr managed to be saved from the water before drowning by the party.

Soraya (NPC who was a former PC and I wanted to get rid of) couldn't take the site of the dead Ranulph and freaked out, sending her fleeing up the hall, in her panic state she missed the rope still hanging from over, and turned into a beetle filled tunnel, and her screams were cut short.

Water Elemental is still at large and the party has retreated from the Cairn. Body of Soraya was not recovered due to the unfornately state of the party and forewarning now about another beetle swarm.

Adventure: Champion's Belt
Who: Danelore Akvavit, male human Bbn/Clr/Prestige Paladin of Kord;
Corlan, male human unfettered;
Auric, male human fighter;
Apostle of Kyuss (advanced ulgurstasta).
Agency: Last-ditch flame strike spell.

Bozol was dead, but the PCs couldn't dispel the field around the ulgurstasta, and continued with the games. Loris, idiot that he is, released the critter during the final round, and the Apostle grabbed the paladin in its mouth and was about to swallow whole (both the paladin and Auric had been beating up on each other fairly heavily). I'd hinted to the players that "bad things would happen" if anyone was swallowed (from some notes they found with Bozol earlier), and the cleric did the only thing he could think of: flame strike the whole melee. Apostle destroyed; paladin down to -8 hp (soon to be -28 when his rage wore off); Unfettered fails save, down to -10; Auric fails save, down to like -22 hp. A slam dunk. A whole bunch of diamonds and several days later, and the cleric is sitting there trying to explain to Auric why he killed him. Great adventure!

Dark Archive

and the list keeps growing.......

Names: Fullob McLooty(14rogue), Spleef Llewnroc(14wizard)
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: Main room, Ground level, ziggurat of kyuss
Catalyst: Kuluth Mar is a dangerous place

The party teleported in to Kuluth Mar and were immediately attacked by the beetles and crew. This set the pace for the rest of the adventure as the party began to fear and hate Kuluth Mar. They entered the ziggurat and began combat with the sword archons and an invisible Kelvos. One of the sword archons dove straight through our wizard and killed him on the spot. Kelvos touched the monk in our party with a slay living spell, but the monk made his save. One revivify(spell comp.) later and the wizard drops a glitterdust on the area to reveal Kelvos. Kelvos then touches our little halfling friend named Fullob, and we watch in shock as the life force is sucked right out of him.
This fight was very tough! Luckily the players hit level 14 before facing Kelvos or his blasphemy spell would have made short work of this good-aligned party of six. Our group will always remember Kuluth Mar and we haven't even dropped in to the lower levels through the green mist yet.

Hojas wrote:

and the list keeps growing.......

Names: Fullob McLooty(14rogue), Spleef Llewnroc(14wizard)

The character's name is Spleef! That's classic!!!! And I thought I was bad for having characters named Remy Martin and Brut de Korbel.

Dark Archive

Kirth Gersen wrote:
[The character's name is Spleef! That's classic!!!! And I thought I was bad for having characters named Remy Martin and Brut de Korbel.

It's the best because that was his character name from our high school campaigns all those years ago! He died again.. will post details soon..

Liberty's Edge

Kyuss... Died in Dawn of A New Age..err I mean Dawn of WarDuke >>Hey what should WarDuke do with the cowl of Kyuss ???? Here is what I might do.... Give it to Venger ?? Give it to Kelek??? Or give it to Malcanthet???? (maybe its like giving her flowers??)and tie in a little more AoW in STAP???? OR KEEP IT>>>> VOTE ANYONE ?

Name: Darion Pendlebrooke (gestalt knight/fighter 2; party cohort)
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Battle Temple of Hextor
Catalyst: Mummy paralysis + coup de grace

The second time our heroes faced Theldrick and his fiendish entourage, they were much better prepared. After wading through a swarm of gestalt tieflings (including paladin of tyranny/rogues, knight/fighters and ranger/fighters) and legion devils, they finally managed to route the Hextorian priest. His last act before fleeing the scene was to release the ancient guardian of the temple, a mummy (replaced 'Beast').

When the mummy first entered the Battle Temple, several of our intrepid adventurers were paralyzed with fear at the very sight of it, including Darion, our heroes' pledged sword. Unfortunately, the place where Darion chose to be paralyzed with fear was one 5' step away from the mummy, who then stomped his face in like a rotten melon.

Later on, Darion was revived by his Heironean brother-in-arms, Valkus Dun.

Name: Aenid(Elan Druid/Master of Many Forms ECL 12)
Name: Taurine(Sorcerer/12)
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: Sea of Worms/Lair of the Overworm
Catalyst: Overworm bites and Wormcaller flamestrikes
Current Condition of the Fallen: Raised by the power of the Silver Flame

Darius, cleric of the Silver Flame was swallowed by the Overworm and stayed in its gullet till the fight was over, making his saves and using a Prayer Bead to CSW while being digested. Cleaver, the Warforged fighter fell into the sea of worms early on and was unphased by their burrowing attacks due to an Iron Construct infusion and immunity to poison. He attacked while 30 under the sea of worms. Meanwhile the Wormcallers unleashed hell in the hallway by Flamestriking the PCs repeatedly. Taurine fell first, followed by Aenid after a wicked bite and a flamestrike. The rest of the party finished off the worm and Darius clambered out, barely making it out of the sea alive. Fortunately, he was able to call upon the Silver Flame to raise his comrades to continue the fight against Katashka-Kyuss. This had to be the most challenging fight of the entire campaign so far. Good playing by all.

Dark Archive

Name: Spleef Llewnroc(wizard14)
Name: Garbok Meanface(fighter14)
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: Ground floor of the ziggurat
Catalyst: I had my first major DM mistake of the campaign that almost resulted in a tpk...

After the party barely defeated Kelvos and the sword archons, the residents of room 5 burst through the door to attack the unsuspecting pc's. One problem though: with only a little prep time for this session, I accidentally added the overworm to room 5 instead of the wormcaller! Rules issues aside, it burst through the wall and had a nice snack. The 6 pc party survived even though everyone had been knocked in to the negatives at least twice during the battle. Those invocations of the worm are nasty! I admitted my mistake the next day and all of us had a good laugh(after I gave back the lost con points from rezzes haha). Now they hate Kuluth Mar even more!(in a good way, as this has been one of the group's favorite adventures) I can't wait to see what happens when they face the "real" overworm in the sea of worms now.

The Exchange

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Name: Will (cleric 11, sacred exorcist 2)
Name: Ash (Fighter 9, Barbarian 4)
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: Outside the Ziggurat
Catalyst: This was effectively a TPK. After their initial trip into the pyramid met with multiple character deaths, the PCs retreated to Ballaxus's lair. A scroll of Raise Dead brought Will back, and the three surviving characters rested up in preparation for entering the pyramid a second time. The goal: to kill the two new Spawn of Kyuss that were their former compatriots (sorceress and Monk/Ranger cohort) and inflict some revenge on the surviving Eladrin and Swords of Kyuss. The combat started well, with the party shadowdancer/rogue luring the Eladrin and Sword Archons outside, where they were slaughtered. The vision triggered, then ended just in time for the party to fight what remained of the Swords of Kyuss and the Wormcaller. Several Invocations of the Worm later, the non-death warded cleric was dead (again), and the rout was on. The combat ended with Ash being taken down by the last two Swords of Kyuss, each of which were out of invocations and within 15 hp of death.

The only survivor on the PC side was the shadowdancer, who is now stranded in Kuluth-Mar by herself.

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