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Age of Worms Obituaries

Age of Worms Adventure Path

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Wayland Smith wrote:
You are sending 1st level characters through EoBK? I assume you adjusted the adventure (it was written for 5th level characters...)

Yes, I adjusted the adventure. There are now about 100 Lizards and some of the black kobolds (as well as normal ones) are with them. The PCs began Session 1 as a portion of the 15 defenders in the tower.

All and all it's been a difficult, but exciting beginning. With a couple of better decisions on their part no PCs would likely be dead at all.

EDIT: In truth, the shaman played in character and gave his life for hiding NPCs in the tower basement. Brother Ludd had a short life in-game, but a more heroic one I could not imagine. He was instrumental in saving the whole party. One unlucky roll for him and one lucky roll for the Lizard looked to be a bitter end (TPK). In his case, I'm allowing the one PC who gained consciousness after an hour to go back in time bit & make First Aid rolls while Disabled (below zero) to save his team. Ludd being the one who really needs it. First aid in this case will be "long-term care" (light activity) as a 10 minute action. It seemed heartless to not allow even a gravely injured character a chance to heal his fallen comrades.

This all takes place next session.

Liberty's Edge

Namea: Warpig and Windra
Race/Class: 4th Level 1/2 Orc Barbarian and 4th Level Elf sorcerer.
Adventure: The Three Faces of Evil
Catalyst: Both missed reflex saves vs. the Faceless One's lightning bolt.

Warpig and Windra fell in the final battle with the Faceless One and his Venca worshipping followers.

Both now rest in the Hall of Heroes.

Liberty's Edge

Names: Oiba, LN Air Genasi Cleric 2 of the Four Elements
Azir, LN Human Ranger 2 (24 xp from 3rd level)

Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Cause: RonCo's Wind Warrior Evisco-matic

The party had gotten all the way through the Cairn to the Final Chamber. There had been plenty of near-death experiences with the Acid Beetles, the Sphere Trap, and the Owl Bear, but timely heal checks and/or cure spells saved the day each time.

These deaths were too brutal and too sudden to prevent. As the party stepped toward the Colum of Air, the wind warriors appeared. Initiative rolls were made. The cleric, Oiba, tries to use Diplomacy on them in Auran, to no avail. The Elf Wilder, Lillandrin, fires an arrow that fails to connect. Cora, the Halfling Rogue, scampers back and takes cover in one of the bas-reliefs. The Wind Warriors launch their sonic attacks, hitting both Oiba and Azir. They take some damage, but not a lot. Azir rushes forward to engage one of them in melee. Imani, the human wizard, fires off a magic missile. Lil and Cora hold position. Oiba tries to engage the other one in melee.

Now, here's where it all goes badly...

The Wind Warrior engaged with Oiba rolls a Nat 20, rolls to confirm the crit - another Nat 20 (insert expletive here). Our group plays that a third Nat 20 is an instant kill, everyone knows that I (as DM) have to roll again. Yes, you guessed it, another Nat 20 in front of everyone. I have been playing this game over 25 years and I have never rolled 3 Nat 20s in a row until that moment. I guess I was due, unfortunately for the player.

The Wind Warrior engaged with Azir attacks next and hits with both swords, reducing the ranger to -13 hit points. The remaining party members,literally, run screaming from the room, without attempting retrieve their fallen comrades.

So, if or when the party returns to the Chamber, they at least know ahead of time what they are facing and the consequences, if they fail to plan appropriately.

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Jeremy Mac Donald wrote:
This is always my favourite kind of thread.

I completely agree. *Pumps a fist in the air for all the villains*


I can't even recall the name, "The Hag" started as a nymph, eventually attaining 23 charisma able to seduce men on sight. A comedic misadventure led to her plummet in a vat of accident, reducing the charisma to 3. The DM was kind/cruel enough to give her a gaze attack due to such low charisma. At the top of a pyramid the villain attempted to fly away with the magical chalice the heroes sought. "The Hag" jumped for the chalice and fell to her doom but not before enacting a curse on the villain.

3FoE - wizard killed by grimlock chieftain

Champion's Belt - monk killed by Pitch Blade, cleric killed by Auric

SoLS - ranger killed by sword archons, wizard killed by worm nagas, cleric killed by overworm the druid is on his 10th animal companion.


PC Name: Jack Fletcher (Rogue/Fighter 2/1), Ageon the Blessed (Cleric 3 - Vow of Poverty), Darik (Barbarian 3)
Adventure: 3FoE
Cause of Death: Hard-headed.

We fought on against the big boss mob (grimlock priest and minions) long after we should have retreated. Lost a wizard and a bard in the same encounter, but I can never remember their names. Now no one will...

Next up: A tank fighter, a ass-whupping battle cleric and probably another roguish type.

Sidenote: How do you guys handle bringing in a whole new party when there's been a TPK?

Name: Shannai
Race/Class: Human Rogue
Adventure: Hall of Harsh Reflections
Catalyst: Following the party paladin that always rushes into everything.

Well we had our first death in the first of the two groups that I am taking through AOW. Shannai and two other party members had followed the party's paladin, Jensen Bane, to the false doors at the end of the long hallway. The four of them then stood there allowing the head strong paladin to try to open the doors with out bothering to make a check of any kind. They all then fell 60 feet to the bottom of the trap.

This wouldn't have been survivable, except for the fact that they had just finished fighting the Invisable Stalkers, the octopus, and the six Dopplegangers in the rooms off the hallway, and Shannai was just a bit too low on hit points for the lucky (unlucky for her) roll that I got for her damage.

Shannai has now been replaced in the party by her older sister Ara. Ara is also a rogue. Sister who steal together, ...

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Name: Alanna
Race/Class: Human Rogue2/bard2/swashbuckler1/invisible blade 1
Location: Hall of Harsh Reflections, the Mirror Maze
Catalyst: Naver

Name: Naver
Race/Class: Human Wizard
Location: Hall of Harsh Reflections, the Mirror Maze
Catalyst: fireball

So, The party is deep in the hall of harsh reflections, and comes across the mirror maze. inside the maze, the three dopplegangers attack! everyone's taking a bit of damage here and there, naver and Alanna have both taken moderate damage. Naver's player had a schtick - he hated using his spells, so his feats were point blank and precise shot, along with a couple of other feats. he fires his crossbow into the melee of alanna and one of the doppleganger guards. he manages to hit the cover instead (alanna) with a critical hit from his crossbow. he then proceeds to roll max damage. on it's turn, the doppleganger hits alanna for some heavy damage, dropping her into the negatives - another of the party members runs in and manages to drag her corpse away from the doppleganger. another pours a potion down her throat, stablizing her at -1. naver's player carefully counts squares, and realizes he can drop a lightning-substituted fireball into the back corner and not hit any party members.

here's where it gets tricky - the corner was in direct line of site, but there were other corners in the way, and so I told him that he had to make a ranged touch attack to hit the square. I was going for AC 12. he rolls a natural 1. I point to three spots for premature denonation, have him roll a d3. it goes off in the square that nails three party members and the doppleganger. naver was dropped to -21 hit points in one shot, alanna down to -24. the other party member makes his reflex save and had taken no damage, so he lived. the doppleganger was at 2 hit points, so it died.

Ragboy wrote:
Sidenote: How do you guys handle bringing in a whole new party when there's been a TPK?

I TPK'ed our first group in the Hextor Temple.

Basically, I sent the next squad in as a Hieroneian strikeforce to investigate strange going-ons in the mine, on the behest of Allustan... Had them fight zombie versions of the first party which was fun.

If this party goes down in 3FoE, I'm going to have to figure out something else though... I don't think I can pull the same thing again. 3FoE is tough that way - just not very good lead-in's as written.

Liberty's Edge

Name: Arodap Greytea
Race/Class Halfling/ Wizard2
Location the Whispering cairn
Catalyst: Attempting the heroic save of the thief from an acid beetle swarm

After Bane our Paladin pushes the coffin and the rouge starts to look around by the elevator. Gemma the Rouge is over run by the swarm. Arodap runs up to the swarm and casts color spray for an action. (She is a new player and it was her first swarm). The spell having no effect on the Swarm she is overrun and an unlucky dice roll is overcome with damage. Gemma failing her saving throw runs past her and she is left in the swarm to her untimely death. Arodap will be missed and many a mugs will be raised to her honor.

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My first addition to this thread, and it's two players down and out.

Name: Norbin
Race: Elf
Level/Class: L2 Wizard
Location: Feral Dog, Diamond Lake

Name: Zaden
Race: Human
Level/Class: L2 Ranger
Location: Feral Dog, Diamong Lake

The party knew Kullen and his gang had done the grave robbing at the Land Farm, and was going after them. Initial plans were very promising - from trying to talk them out of the bodies' location to waiting outside the bar to ambush them when they were done drinking. For no discernable reason, though, they decided to launch an attack in the middle of the bar.

They opened with a sleep spell, and only put down one member of Kullen's gang. Kullen's wizard got off a color spray, locking up one member of the main party. Kullen himself had a very good string of attacks, and killed off the two party members mentioned above.

A fortunate diplomacy roll on behalf of the party's cleric got Kullen to accept their surrender. His group was barely injured, and their reputation had just received a phenomenal boost, so he was actually quite generous, and the party wound up with the information they sought - but a lot poorer in resources, of course...

Drew Garrett

Liberty's Edge

Andrew Garrett wrote:

Kullen himself had a very good string of attacks, and killed off the two party members mentioned above.

A fortunate diplomacy roll on behalf of the party's cleric got Kullen to accept their surrender. His group was barely injured, and their reputation had just received a phenomenal boost, so he was actually quite generous, and the party wound up with the information they sought - but a lot poorer in resources, of course...

Drew Garrett

It's funny how a good or bad night of dice rolls can matter so much, especially at low levels. I thought my own group were going to have their hands full with K's Gang, as one of the party (the ranger) was temporarily out of commission and the rest of the group decided to confront them anyway.

None of K's gang couldn't hit the broad side of a tavern that night. If even one of Kullen's axe swings had connected, Lillandrin the elf wilder, would have been bisected. The guisarme-fighter (Todrik, IIRC) failed every one of his trip attempts, after the third try, he just went to regular attacks, and still didn't manage to hit more than once. The rest didn't fare much better. The swordsman missed and missed and missed again; and the wizard was held in check by the party's wizard. All in all, it was a poor showing for Kullen and Co.

By the time it was over, all of them were down and unconscious except Todrik, who surrendered. Cubbin and Jamis, who had come in mid fight and were watching with amusement, bandaged and carried out all of the gang except Todrik, who was left to "apologize" to the party for his friends' behavior. They got all the information about Filge from him.

PC names: Zosa Butterfly (Rogue 2); Drax Plunkett (Bard 2)
Adventure: Whispering Cairn
Catalyst: Face trap causes 60 ft fall

Zosa went adventuring with the other youth raised in the Emporium including her big sister, also a rogue. Zosa was younger but showed strength in personality and … well just plain strength. Her sister found out about both when during a sibling spat Zosa clocked her sister into unconsciousness with an unarmed strike.

Drax grew up spending plenty of time hanging around with the women of the Veiled Corridor. He developed a silver tongue with which he seemed able to charm anyone he wished. Everyone liked Drax despite (or because of) his penchant for long speeches and foppish dress. Drax consistently aided the party with his oratory and his whip. Many a foe fell as it paid attention to Drax’s whip instead of the barbarian’s great axe or the rogues’ rapiers.

After several near misses and plenty of heroic moves the party found itself confronted by the face carving and with Zosa trying disable a discovered trap. The party waited about forty feet away with elaborately rigged ropes to grab a hold of should they need to flee in a hurry. Zosa was unable to disable the trap (despite a natural 20 and an aid another from her sister) and so the party agreed to set it off to see what happens. Zosa set the trap off while running back to her comrades. Everyone seemed unimpressed with the strong wind blowing. Zosa returned to the trap to see if she could turn it off. The party watched while holding on to the ropes. The wind increased. Drax shouted encouragement. The wind increased. Everyone failed the fortitude saves. Drax and the rogue sister got blown out of the tunnel and Drax clawed desperately at the chain as he flew by but his fingernails didn’t hold and he plummeted 60’ to his death. The rogue sister luckily had on a ring of feather fall, so she floated gently down. Zosa, almost at the face, was blown several rounds down the tunnel. Though strong, she was low on hit points and reached unconsciousness before she was blown out. Meanwhile the barbarian tied a rope around his waist just before he was also blown out of the tunnel. Zosa’s unconscious body slammed into him as he dangled at the end of his rope but he was unable to grab her as she fell. Which she continued to do until she met a gooey end next to Drax.

Both Zosa and Drax were shaping up to become fine heroes and Diamond Lake will be even poorer without them.

Who: TPK

Where: 3 faces of evil first room in the temple of Hextor.

How: The group entered the room with the skeletons and the bells. Since the tieflings alerted them the skeltons moved in for the attack. Well a series of bad rolls later the skeletons where still alive and the cultist, and the other tieflings showed up. The battle started to turn against them when the dire boar showed up.

So RIP. Syber the warforged fighter, Jinn the Changling thief, Uther the Warforged wizard, Krull the Shifter scout, and Thorsen the Shifter Dargon Shaman.

Instead of rolling up new characters I just allowed a "reset", with the knowledge that they had they cleared the temple of Hextor out easliy with stealth, they went on to clear the grimlock side out. Tonight they are facing the temple to Vecna, I'm expecting player character casulites, the faceless one is evil.

Jinn the Changeling Rogue. After a nasty battle with the faceless one (the Warforged fighter was down to -9 hp). The party headed out to the elevator when the overgod creature attacked them. As a DM I didn't realise how nasty this thing was. Anyhow Jinn the rogue who only had about 10 hp remaining decided to flank the creature in order to aid the figther. After the warforged fighter was reduced to under 0 hp and toppled over the creature turned it's attention to Jinn. Well after 4 sucessful hitsJinn was ripped apart by the creature's ferocity. The party ended up retreating up the mine shaft with the creature chasing after it. After an intense chase and some speedy healing they escaped and returned to Diamond lake.

R.I.P. Jinn changeling Rogue 5.

Body count so far....
272 deaths

Whispering Cairn- 90
3 faces of evil- 90
Encounter at blackwall keep - 15
Hall of Harsh reflections- 23
The Champion's Belt-16
A gathering of Winds- 4
Spire of long shadows- 7
Library of last resort- 11

Other (side treks, random encounters,etc) - 17

Now this number might be off a bit. I counted from that last body count update rather than start from the begining, also some of the deaths where a bit unclear where they happened.

I have been surprised how deadly the first two in the series have been (90 kills each)

gundark wrote:

I have been surprised how deadly the first two in the series have been (90 kills each)

I would actually not be surprised if the body count numbers are also somewhat indicative of where people are in the adventure path.

I know my group is just a little over halfway through the Hall of Harsh Reflections, and that we've spent three sessions on it so far. I'm hoping to wrap up HoHR next time we play - but we've been going since december.

Liberty's Edge

Namea: Carin
Race/Class: 2nd Level fighter/ 2nd Level Swashbuckler.
Adventure: Between The Three Faces of Evil and Incident at Blackwall Keep.
Catalyst: Got into a fight with a 7th level Orc fighter.

Carin was killed when a group of 25 orcs, lead by a 7th level orc fighter attacked the party on the road between Diamond Lake and Magepoint.

Was rasied from the dead a day later though.

Names: Talabir, Valenar Elf Paladin with holy double-scimitar

Adventure: Champions Belt
Cause: takes his duties to fight evil a little to serious

Talabir recognized two evil sources behind the double door so he prepared himself to rush in and destroy whatever lies ahead. Doors open he (and the group) spotted a tiefling cleric with an evil grin and an unholy weapon plus... the Scrolls!

Talabir emanates a war cry and charges the cleric but was blocked by some invinsible barrier. The cleric points his finger at the elf and a black unnatural force strikes him. He would have been lucky to resist the effects of the Harm spell if not his earlier attempt to crush the scrolls with his scimitar would had resulted in a negative energy backlash that reduced his life energy dramatically...

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game, Tales Subscriber

(Three Faces of Evil)
(caverns of Erythnul)
Well we'll just call that move Crouching Bard Hidden Choker.

Liberty's Edge

Deceased: Kron, human fighter

Cause of Death: Wind Warrior Evisco-matic (again)

Adventure: The Whispering Cairn

This encounter has been a real beast for my players. The first time the entered the chamber, they lost 2 characters: the cleric and the ranger. The second time, the party came back to recover the bodies. They succeeded, but were pretty badly chopped up. At least there were no fatalities.

This time, the third time, they made some preparations. They invested in the WAND OF BURNING HANDS from the Captain's Blade Weapon Shop. They also prepared scrolls of resist energy (sonic) for the entire party and a few back-up scrolls of MAGE ARMOR and MAGIC MISSILE.

The preparation paid-off, in that they finally dispatched the Wind Warriors. Unfortunately, Kron (who had just joined the party as a replacement character of the fellow who had played the ranger) was cut down to -1 by a Wind Warrior. The new cleric ran over to heal him, bringing him back into positive numbers (barely). When Kron stood up to get out of harms way, he was cut down by an Attack of Opportunity.

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Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Card Game, Companion Subscriber

i'm starting to wonder about the sanity of the editors of AOW. seems like they really wanted to go for the PC killer setting. Shackled didn't reach killer till when the volcano was about to blow. it's still very well done, just very evil to the players ;)

Deceased: Rei, elven fighter 1st lvl
Cause of Death: Trying to use the face against the beetles
Adventure: The Whispering Cairn

The beetles burst out but the players were ready and got on top of the sarcophgous. Rei prepared oil and hurled it doing damage to the swarm. Everyone ran away on there move.

The beetles moved towards the nearest character (Rei) but he was far enough away to get a withdrawl in to the top of the staires. When the beetles got close he jumped them and headed back to the blue lantern tunnel. He then spotted the movement and after hurling his dagger for a hit they engaged in melee. He gave it 19 points of damage before he dropped.

His friends returned to find a form 'a bit like one of them bugs from Starship Trooper' stabbing down over a figure on the floor.

Deceased: Wynter, albino human cleric of Vol 1st lvl
Cause of Death: Trying to play sardines in a lift
Adventure: The Whispering Cairn

They hadn't liked the look of the lifts and they had tested them with branches - one lift did not crush the branch but the other did. A halfling is sent down in one lift, and while rotating the sarc round Wynter decides on a whim to get inside when the indigo tunnel is reached. They had problems picking up the balloon of water after that.

And the lurking strangler almost killed two halflings too.

Sorry - its unclear on re-reading

Rei was killed by the Mad Slasher after wiping out the bugs siongle handedly first.

Scarab Sages

PC Name: Manfoy
Adventure: 3FoE
Location of Death: Labrynth of Vecna
Catalyst: Lightning bolt by the Facelessone
Long Description: I slightly modified the stats for the Faceless One, replacing a Summon spell with fireball. I used it after the centipede kicked it, and cleric was then unconsious. Then, being the mean DM that I am, used lightning bolt, which dropped him. I chuckled a little inside, but felt a pang of remorse, but only for a second.

PC Name: Fenir
Adventure: 3FoE
Location of Death: Labrynth of Vecna
Catalyst: Lightning bolt by the Faceless One
Long Description: Basically the same as above, except this time it was a paladin.

PC Name: Jasir, Human Bard 9
Adventure: The Champion's Belt
Location of Death: Shrine to Kyuss.
Catalyst: Alkilith Demon.
Long Description: The demon's cone of cold killed him from full hp. If the wizard hadn't moved around a corner, the cone would have killed her, too. This was the first death, surprisingly, and Jasir was quickly reincarnated... as a human. No fun!

Name: Mawdryn
Class: Rogue 7
Adventure: The Champions Belt
Reason: Trying to protect the groups flank aginst the last member of Arcane Auriga while the rest of the group concentrated on Badlands Revenge. She got two criticle hits in one round and dropped him well below -10.

Foul out.

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Name, Class and Level: Korg, Cleric of Pelor VI, Radiant Servant of Pelor I.
Adventure & Encounter: The Hall of Harsh Reflections. Chimera fight at the Fair.
Catalyst: a fellow adventurer attained his first Level of Frenzied Berserker.

This was the first death of my AoW AP. After coming to Greyhawk City, the party of adventurers did a sort of things (1.forge the treaty for the Twisted Branch Lizardfolk, 2.encounter Eligos, 3.gain new magical trinkets prepaired by their new cohort, an artificer, 4.pose for the painter presented in the backdrop article on the Free City, 5.encounter Auric and his warband, 6.being attacked by the doppleganger rogue in the Crooked House).
Then I set for the Chimera encounter at the fair. The doppleganger of the crooked house, that was precedently caught, put in jail by the city guard, and then escaped, was the one that caused the incident. There were also four doppleganger rogues intended to kidnap two characters (whose players were missing for two sessions).
So the Chimera escapes and spreads havoc. Two players (Drake, a barbarian-fighter that has just attained his first level of Frenzied Berserker, and Korg the Radiant Servant of Pelor) go ahead. Other two characters (Methredel the elven maid Bladedancer, and Haelstan the swashbuckler) roll a natural 20 on their Spot check, see the doppleganger rogue that Disabled the Chimera cage, and both go after him. The last two charachters (Madling the halfling ranger, and Serissa the dryad Paladin of Freedom) stand at a distance attacking long-range.
Then the Chimera Full-attacks Drake for 31 DMG. Drake has to roll a 41 Will save (with a +3 bonus) or fall into Frenzy. Failed save. In the first round of Frienzy, the Chimera is wormfood. In the second round, Drake looks around to find victims. And: Methredel and Haeslan have left, fighting the dopppleganger rogue; Madling and Serissa have been kidnapped: only poor Korg stands there. The Radiant Servant tries to Hold the Frenzied Berserker but this time he rolls great and is unaffected. A round and poor Kord is no more.

At the end of the frenzy, Drake took the body to the Temple of Pelor to raise his long-time friend. The resurrection was really funny. First, I described the voyage of the soul of Korg to the Radiant Throne of Pelor. His god in person was there to hail him and accord him the delicies of Paradise. Then, the soul of Korg was contacted by the spell of his master, the High Clerist of Pelor in Greyhawk City, that requested him to return to life. And Korg asked his god to return to Oerth to battle Kyuss with his friends! It was memorable roleplaying. Next, he found himself lying on an altar in the temple, and, first of all, slapped Drake on the face. Drake asked for a Will save for the Frenzy - good joke! We all had a laugh!

Name, Class and Level: Nacklemut Fongel Berentwiss Minninock Loopmalkinerro. Gnome Beguiler 1.

Location: Abandoned Mining Office

Catalyst: Reno Delavega, arrogant aristocrat human warlock.

Short Version: I started the group out by meeting in the abandoned mining office, Nacklemut kept backtalking Reno and since Nacklemut had the map to the Cairn, Reno used Beguiling Influences and tries some bluff check or something to get it. This fails, and the Beguiler feeling that you shouldn't try to beguile the beguiler decides it a matter of pride and casts Charm Person of Reno, and fails to charm him. Nacklemut backtalks, Reno continues to threaten him, Nacklemut backtalks. In comes Gorax, Dwarven Tough Hero, Reno charges a Eldritch Blast and Gorax lights the fuse on his bomb! They can each other's bluff, and things almost end fine, until Nacklemut says in dwarven that if Reno tries anything they will just run him through, Reno understands dwarven, and gets pissed, blasts Nacklemut. Player decides to retire Nacklemut so I have him die, he will be back under the control of one necromancer, it will be fun to see their reaction then (including former player who has a new character).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

PC: Cook (Half-orc Monk 3)
Death: by blunt objects
Location: Area 2 of Hextorian temple (TFoE)

The group managed to take out the tieflings in the elevator room without much fuss. Cook peeks into the 1st room of the Hextorian temple (passing both a hide and MS check) and is unnoticed by the undead there. He wins init. He rushes into the room and attacks the skeleton opposite the door. The skeletons go next. All 8 surround him. 4 hit. 2 of those crit. Cook takes 6d8+6 dmg at once from their maces, which rolls out to be about 37 points. Cook dies, Rodney King style.

Name: Stoneclaw
Race: Human
Level/Class: L1 Barbarian / L2 Totemist
Location: Beneath Diamond Lake, Temple of Hextor's Arena

Despite warning's from one party member that this was a trap, the party ran full force into the arena, and fell into the foreseen trap. What followed was one of the longest slugfests we've endured. The party used up almost all of their potions, and a previously new wand of Cure Light Wounds. They did come out victorious, but not casualty-free.

Stoneclaw single handedly faced the cleric/fighter, and managed to slay him after a prolonged fight. However, Theldrick was immediately behind him, so Stoneclaw had to beat a hasty retreat, trying to get back to the rest of the party. The tiefling guards shot their arrows at him, with an unfortunate critical hit going right through the poor guy's eye, and leaving him a corpse.

Only a single member of the original band that started Age of Worms remains at this point.

Name: Gonge
Race: Drow
Class/Level: Rogue/6
Location: Octopin Tank, Xyrzog's Lair, HoHR

We had our first fatality Tuesday night. Gonge the Drow, purveyor of kalamanthis, and friend to Aenid the Druid fell at the clawed tentacles of the Octopin. Claw, Claw, Rend, and he was no more. The group mourned his passing and honored his memory by salvaging his gear for the good of the party. He will be missed by all.

Next week: Who will be the next of the Age of Worms? Who will this contestant be?

Dark Archive

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Encounter At Blackwall Keep
Malcolm the rogue got infested with worms. Failed his fortitude saven and then grabbed the necklace of fireballs as the worm was eating his brain and yelled out "I regret nothing" jumped out the door and swallowed the necklace of fireballs as it activated and bits of malcolm flew all over the keep and on the other party memebers.


Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:

Encounter At Blackwall Keep

Malcolm the rogue got infested with worms. Failed his fortitude saven and then grabbed the necklace of fireballs as the worm was eating his brain and yelled out "I regret nothing" jumped out the door and swallowed the necklace of fireballs as it activated and bits of malcolm flew all over the keep and on the other party memebers.

Too Cool!

Jeremy Mcgillan wrote:
"I regret nothing"

That is awesome. I like to retell the sotry of how one of my players (a dwarven mage) contracted worms and nearly died from it. I desribed the worm infiltrating the dwarves skull via ear ala Star Trek Wrath of Khan. (This description had no bearing on the number of rounds the worm needed to begin its ability damage.)

The first round he ran head-long into the stone wall at full-tilt to dislodge it or cause it some sort of blunt trauma. Nope.

The next round he told everyone to "watch out" as a Free Action. He the cast Cloud Kill, centered on himself as a standard action, then inhaled as deeply as he could as a move action. He made his saving throw against his own spell (some friends weren't so fortunate), hoping that the inhaled gasses would kill the worms. Oops, did I mention that the worms were quasi-undead? Didn't work either.

The last round before things wen't bad involved the cleric digging the worm out of the dwarves skull through the ear canal with a wide serated dagger. Thats gotta hurt.


"Fortune favors the bold" is the most common saying in my campaign, usually followed shortly by "I regret nothing!" and
"4d6, drop the lowest, right?"

PC Name: Solo, Elf Bard 10/Seeker of the Song 5
Adventure: Spire of Long Shadows
Location: The Harbinger's Room
Catalyst: Rolled an "8" against Prismatic Spray

NPC Name: Murq, half-orc fighter 10
Catalyst: Rollled a "4" against Prismatic Spray

The party entered the room of the Harbinger. During the first rounds of combat the Harbinger used maze against the party fighter, then the druid, then the rogue/psion.

Upon the return of the psion, the Harbinger cast prismatic spray. The rogue/psion and the NPC fighter both rolled 4's. The bard rolled an 8, followed by a 4 and a 5. The Harbinger did not beat the rogue/psion's SR, but the bard and the fighter both failed their Fort saves and died.

The NPC fighter was a summoned cohort of sorts that had followed the druid since just after the Champion's Belt. The players were kinda sad to see him go.

The bard received a cocoon spell from the druid (who escaped the maze in time) and was subsequently raised at no level loss.

But it still counts as a death!

Seems like getting a worm on one is an occasion for serious panic! I loved the look on my son's face as I described the spawn of Kyuss in the Blackwall Keep basement shoving a worm through the eye slit on his full plate armor, which dropped into his gorget, and burrowed into his neck. Took him two rounds to get his helm off, by which time the worm was up in his lower jaw. The party cleric did emergency surgery with a silver dagger, and finally got the worm on her third try, as it began to burrow into his brain through his temple. (I.e. down to zero rounds before taking intelligence damage).

Yes, Kyuss worms creep you out. Lucky the party was suspicious and subjected the slow worm potions to rigorous testing to discover their true nature . . .

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Nearly a year after starting this campaign, it's finally happened:

PC Name: Akabane, aka "The Owlbear", half-Baklunish 6th Lvl Soulknife

Adventure: Interlude between TFoE and EaBW/HoHR/CB (intertwined all three adventure plots into one massive scenario)

Location of Death: Fant's old Mine Office

Catalyst: Lone PC vs. ticked off Ebon Triad

Long Description: In the political/social turmoil after the Dourstone "scandal", the PCs have been in a "time passes" mode waiting for Dourstone's trial to start in the Free City. Everyone has been busy doing minor things to keep the story going except for the lone wolf Akabane. His player has been in a funk for a number of months and has been playing in a counter-productive manner to the point the whole gang had a heartfelt chat with him. It effectively came down to not enough hack-n-slash for his style (!?!) and hating his PC. So to kill off his PC, he was attempting to collapse the Fant Office on his head...well, Akabane had done a lot through the game and though the player wasn't interested in continuing, he could still be a plot tool for foreshadowing. So...

Alustan made the invitation to his former apprentice to go to Blackwall who in turn invited the rest of the group to do something while they wait for the trial to start. They head out to the Fant office to invite Akabane only to find the building a smoldering pile of ashes. The wizard and ranger make some key observations and realize that the apparent "accident" was a deliberate attack against Akabane's property. The problem was Akabane was no where to be found.

The cleric, in the habit of leaving a spell slot open, prayed for divination and asked where they would find Akabane. The vision he had was of a sandy area, a gladius sword falling to the sand and the shadow of a gladiator falling "off-camera"; in his mind the cleric hears "The Owlbear will be found where his Destiny would lead him, post-mortum". Being that Akabane was a big participant in the Freeday Fights at the Vein (read: The Contender), the rest figured he was to be found at an arena, likely in the Free City. The rogue heads off to "save" his companion while the other PCs are more reserved about galloping madly to get to the Free City before Akabane is killed. The wizard asks Alustan for a favour and he casts a scrying spell upon Akabane. The mirror shimmers and reveals Akabane's widely dilated eyes dimly illuminated in some subterranean place. As the players ponder his whereabouts, a mauve tentacle comes into view...Alustan pans out to reveal an illithid "chowing" on Akabane, two drow holding Akabane in place. The illithid notices the sensor and Alustan nixes the scry. Needless to say, the players collectively dropped a few bricks wondering what is in store for them... ::cue evil laughter::

Now it's time to fill an empty seat with a team building player...

deceased: lo-kag "brokenguard" thuliaga, male goliath ftr1.
adventure: the whispering cairn

alas, poor brokenguard, he tried to go toe to toe with a certain raging albino half-orc...

PC Name: Hargen, Human Fighter 12
Adventure: The Spire of Long Shadows
Location of Death: Inside the Ziggurat
Catalyst: Kyuss Knight
Long Description: Hargen took a full attack, then made two unsuccessful sunder attempts, provoking attacks of opportunity. The second one killed him. He was reincarnated as a half-orc!

PC Name: Jasir, Human Bard 13
Adventure: The Spire of Long Shadows
Location of Death: Under the Ziggurat
Catalyst: Naga Sorcerer
Long Description: The party would not bargain with the naga, and despite it using Heal twice, the naga couldn't win the battle. So it went out with a bang, using Finger of Death on the bard, whose Fort save came up very short. The druid attempted an instantaneous reincarnation, which failed because of the death effect, so the party traded the naga's tome for a true resurrection from Agath.

Player: Meteora, L3 Cleric of Pelor
Adventure: Three Faces of Evil
Location: Temple of Erythnul
Death: Grimlock Archers / fall from ladder

We've had our 4th death now, the second from Three Faces of Evil. Every character who began the Whispering Cairn is now dead - this is a very rough adventure path.

Meteora was climbing down into the pit in the Temple or Erythnul when the grimlocks began shooting at her. She was trapped in place, and proved unable to get away, until at last she fell unconscious from the ladder. One of her companions, already on the ground, tried to catch her during her fall, but was unable to reach the rapidly falling cleric.

Sadly, the additional damage from the fall proved too much, and she departed the world on impact.

Names: 3rd druid, 3rd monk, 3rd scorcerer, 3rd rogue, 3rd cleric
Aventure:Three faces of evil
Location:Temple of hextor
Creature: The dire boar

Now my players are morons. They should have done alot better but the druid never even thought to cast a spell. No one told her she could cast spells to hold the boar in place. There wernt any other creatures they were fighting. Because of the druid this lead to an entire party wipeout.

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Name : Fe’Mike of the Cave Bear Clan Half Orc Barbarian 3
Gemma Changeling Rouge 3
Place Temple of Hexor 3FoE
Catalyst: Low AC on Barbarian during rage and getting to far away for support

After a short glorious battle with the skeletons and Tieflings in the entrance, The Beast runs into the room and is cut down by 2 Critical from Fe’Mikes mighty Bearsplitter Great Axe. The party took a little time and then rushed into the temple and the fur started flying. The party was holding their own agents the Zombies and cannon fodder until Fe’Mike got into the room and was immediately targeted by the rest of the Tiefling guards who made him a pin cushion with arrows. After a few rounds of this he dropped and were healed by the cleric and being enlarged he made a jump up to the balcony and was followed by the rouge Gemma after the potion of jump with a great leap from the top of the statue. Fe’Mike runs down to Thendrick who drops him with a critical hit to -5 HP. Gemma runs valiantly over to save the poor fallen comrade and Stop the coup de gras on poor Fe’Mike and is hit from an Arrow in the back and a hit from Tendrick and falls to -2. Next round Thendrick sends Fe’Mike to the light and the Teifling moves down and ends Gemma’s young life. They will be missed and we will raise a glass in their honor remembering their sacrifice to stop The Age of Worm’s……

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Who: Armond Albert, male Human Fighter7
Opal, female Human Sorcerer 7
Ivareel Nightdew, male Elf Rogue 7
Glanodel , female Elf Favored Soul of Kord 7
Todd Alderyce, human Commoner 1/Expert 1/ Fighter 3 (NPC)
Where: Sodden Hold, Invisible Stalker Room

Ivareel entered the room first, carefully walking the planks when a "sudden gust of wind" knocked him into the watery spikes. Swimming to the shore where the other door hides around the corner (and taking more damage in the process), he gets hit again and realizes- hey, that wasn't a trap, it was and attack.
Time to roll for init. Meanwhile, seeing that Ivareel is falling into unconsciousness, Armond makes an amazing 15' running jump to the planks near Ivareel and manages to avoid slipping off. Then, the other I.S. slams Armond into the water. Todd moves out onto the planks to help Armond and Ivareel, only to take an attack of opportunity and fall into the water in his full plate mail. Glanodel casts Mass Aid, keeping Ivareel from falling into unconsciousness and bolstering the wounded Armond and Todd. Opal moves forward and uses her recently purchased scroll of see invisibility and sees the I.S.'s, letting the others know roughly where they are.
Armond helps Ivareel crawl onto shore, and Todd holds his breath while he sinks. I.S. #1 slams Ivareel back into unconsciousness. I.S.#2 attacks Armond, putting som hurt on him. Glanodel moves onto the planks cautiously. Opal casts thunderhead on #1, allowing Armond to know where it is.
Armond attempts to hit #1 with a tanglefoot bag, missing badly. Todd continues to hold his breath at the bottom of the water. IS #1 slams Armond twice, almost knocking him out. IS#2 knocks Glanodel off the beams and into the water, then moves towards Opal. Glanodel tries to swim but can't. Opal casts an orb of electricity at #2, hurting it somewhat.
Armond drops below the water and uses a charge on the ring of spell storing to cast Faith Healing on himself. Todd still holds his breath. IS#1 seeing most of its enemies below water, decides to finish off Ivareel, revealing him to actually be a doppleganger. IS#2 slams into Opal something fierce. Glanodel makes it to shore. Opal casts another orb.
Armond uses another charge on the ring to do cure light wounds on himself. IS#1 stays still, realizing it has just killed one of its masters. #2 slams into Opal, knocking her unconscious. Glanodel fires off a Close Wounds spell (Instant/Reaction) to keep Opal alive, and then on her turn moves forward to cast cure light wounds, but ends up moving through 2 spaces where IS#2 threatens and takes 2 AoOs. Trying to cast defensively, she rolls a 1 and loses the spell.
Armond comes up and manages 2 hits on IS#1, dropping it. Todd manages to swim to shore. #2 drops Glanodel with 2 slams.
Todd and Armond begin making their way back through the planks, but #2 moves over to block them.
Todd takes and AoO when he tries to move and then 2 slams on IS#2's turn. Armond takes an AoO but manages to stay on the beams and get across. IS#2 then takes advantage of its 10' reach to keep Armond from knowing where it is striking from and finishes him off.

The real Ivareel suffers horribly before dying.

The end???

The players really like their characters, so I'm thinking of flinging them into a few decades into the future, when right smack dab into the age of worms, putting them through a few horrors (enough to get them to the right level even after having been ressurected) and then having a dying Eligos send them back to fix the past, just in time for the champion games. In order to save the world from the horrors of the age of worms.

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Three Faces of Evil gave the first two deaths for my campaign, although there have been many, many close calls. A note on my campaign: I have seven players, and I switched it to a Gestalt game before we started TFoE, so both players and NPCs are gestalt.

Name: Sol
Race/Class: Human Monk/Scout 5
Adventure: TFoE
Catalyst: Fighting a pair of Fighter/Clerics virtually alone.

Sol had the alternative scout class feature, giving him a climbing speed. When the party came to the Hextorian Arena, he was able to leap and climb to the upper railing, and started fighting the clerics, while the rest of the party dealt with zombies on the floor. Although the characters quickly managed to turn the statue into a bridge, the Hextorians created a bottleneck. Sol escaped for some healing then returned to the fight, finally falling to Garras and Kendra. Goaded on by the player saying that CDG was the obvious choice, Kendra shattered Sol's skull. She paid for this cruelty, falling to a MM that she would have survived had she drunk her potion of CLW.

At the time, one of those "almosts" was going on- Garret, half-orc fighter/paladin was facing off with Theldrick (Cleric/Knight, with Destruction domain and the Hextor initiate feat from Dragon). Theldrick's initial smite put Garret in danger, and the extra 1D6 of damage the Initiate feat gave should have been enough to kill the paladin, but after that first hit Theldrick just could not hit.

Name: Nissa
Race/Class: Catfolk Rogue/Swashbuckler 4
Adventure: TFoE
Catalyst: Raging power attacking Ebon Aspect

With seven characters, I put two aspects into play. The players played smart and concentrated on one before moving on to the other. Nissa used her speed and skill to tumble behind the aspect and make use of her sneak attack; combined with having the only magic weapon in the party, she inflicted the most damage of the group. The Ebon Aspect used its rage ability, and turned the +4 to hit bonus into 4 points of power attack. It struck Nissa first with its bite, confirming a critical, and used up all of the catfolk's lives.

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I've been wondering if anyone has gotten to the mother worm fight in Kings of the Rift yet? A fight with the kaiju carrion crawler should be able the make some nice PC deaths.

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