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Any progress on the campaign? Are things still rolling along or has work suspended gaming?

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Conventions and holidays have been setting us back (usual this time of year, I'm afraid), but play picks up this upcoming Thursday, when the PCs finally enter the Sodden Hold!


There are things I just love. getting Dungeon and Dragon monthly, and the release of a new D&D miniature set!

..And reading this post! I wished I gamed with you guys!

oji040870 wrote:
There are things I just love. getting Dungeon and Dragon monthly, and the release of a new D&D miniature set!

Ewww -- lost me on the minis. I just can't get into being so shamelessly exploited :/

Ciao :)

Tatterdemalion wrote:
oji040870 wrote:
There are things I just love. getting Dungeon and Dragon monthly, and the release of a new D&D miniature set!

Ewww -- lost me on the minis. I just can't get into being so shamelessly exploited :/

Ciao :)

Dude D&D miniatures are Awesome; It so cool to be able to select/stock your dungeons! I have like 5,000+ Mini's and a boatload on E-bay that are worth alot, I make like 50.00 to 100.00 dollars aweek on mini's!

What are some that go well on ebay?

Fraust wrote:
What are some that go well on ebay?

Well Rare figures of a set sell for more based on demand and the older the set; Like a beholder is going for 40.00 to 60.00 and Drizzt the Dark elf is going for 90.00 to 150.00 dollars usa.

Hey you guys still playing or what? I love reading your exploits!

Paizo Employee Creative Director

We are... although the last game was supposed to happen last Thursday, which was the day of the GREAT FREEZING, as in, we got a few inches of snow. When mixed with Seattle's drivers not having much snow driving experience and the fact that we've got a LOT of steep hills, when that snow turns to ice on the roads the entire region shuts down.

Which is to say, no one was in the office Thursday, so no game occurred. Hopefully next Thursday we'll have less natural disasters.


I am looking forward to the next installment of the story. I got interested in the binder class from reading here and the other thread on it.

I have a few questions about the campaign.

1. How did Tryalandi become a cleric? Is she self-taught, like a mystic?

2. Is the Diamond Lake cult of Wee Jas accepting of binder? I would think that a deity of death and law would be greatly opposed to binders.

3. Would you provide the stats for the Green Lady vestige here?


Paizo Employee Creative Director

1: Tyralandi was self-taught. She was a voracious reader in her youth, and her parents had a lot of books about religion sitting around gathering dust (her mother was into religion but died in childbirth, and her drunkard father was too nostalgic to throw them out). When the traveling carnival she lived with was attacked by bandits, events that saved her life more or less got her deep into the worship of Wee Jas and she drew upon her knowledge and went from there.

2: The cult of the Green Lady may or may not accept a binder; Tyralandi hasn't revealed her binder powers to them yet. Same goes for the church as a whole. The tenebrous apostate prestige class in Tome of Magic seems to indicate that not all clerics or cults are opposed to binders, and Tyralandi's going to be taking levels in a very similar prestige class that's associated with the Green Lady rather than Tenebrous. Plus... so far she's not bound any actual deitylike vestiges, only the vestige of the Green Lady. It's actually part of her unspoken code to only bind that one vestige.

3: I've posted the stats for the Green Lady vestige on a different thread... here they are again:

The Green Lady is a relatively obscure vestige. She gives her summoners the ability to turn or rebuke undead, an enhancement to their Charisma, grants the use of many arcane magic items, allows you to utilize a first-level arcane spell of your choice as a spell-like ability, and the ability to recognize magic items for what they are.

Legend: Once a high priestess of Wee Jas, the Green Lady was instrumental in carrying the faith of the Witch Goddess from the old Suel Imperium into the new world after the Rain of Colorless Fire. She died in the Cairn Hills, and a small cult dedicated to her memory remains there today.

Special Requirement: You must either draw the Green Lady’s within sight of a graveyard or of any site sacred to Wee Jas.

Manifestation: The Green Lady appears as a beautiful Suel woman dressed in resplendent robes of the faith of Wee Jas.

Sign: Your eyes turn emerald green and glow faintly, and faint shimmers of green energy periodically ripple over your body.

Influence: While under the Green Lady’s influence, you become haughty and elitist, and expect your allies to defer to your opinions and wishes. The Green Lady requires that you make at least one attempt to turn or rebuke any undead you encounter before you can attack it physically or with magic (unless you have already used all your attempts for the day). Filth and decay disgust you, and given a choice you must always avoid placing yourself in a situation that would soil your clothing or your skin.

Granted Abilities: The Green Lady infuses you with mastery over magic and death, and enhances your natural ability to influence and control your subjects.

Turn/Rebuke Undead: You can turn or rebuke undead as a cleric your effective binder level. As with a cleric, you turn if you are good and rebuke if you are evil. If you are neutral, you choose whether to turn or rebuke upon binding with the Green Lady and cannot later change your mind. If you have the ability to turn or rebuke undead from other classes, your levels in those classes stack with your effective binder level for the purpose of determining your turning ability. Once you have used this ability, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds.

Green Lady’s Beauty: You gain a +2 bonus to Charisma.

Arcane Knack: You can use spell trigger items, such as wands and staves, as if you were a wizard of your effective binder level.

Gift of Magic: The Green Lady grants you the use of one 1st level wizard spell as a spell-like ability. You may use this spell-like ability at will, but once you have used it, you cannot do so again for 5 rounds. You must pick your spell-like ability when you bind the Green Lady, after which you cannot later change your mind. Your caster level with this spell-like ability is equal to your equivalent binder level.

Lore of Magic: You can use Spellcraft to identify magic items. You must examine the item to be identified for one minute, after which you make a Spellcraft check (DC 20 + the magic item’s Caster Level). If you exceed the target DC by 10 or more, you also note any curses the magic item may bear. You cannot retry an attempt to identify a magic item.

Vestige Level: 2nd

Binding DC: 17

Special Requirement: Yes

Thanks, James.

James Jacobs wrote:
Tyralandi (will)... be taking a level of the Green Lady Apostle prestige class (which is a variant of the Tenebrous Apostle prestige class in Tome of Magic)...

Could we talk you into posting your Green Lady variant of Tenebrous Apostle? Sounds nifty! =)

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Laeknir wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Tyralandi (will)... be taking a level of the Green Lady Apostle prestige class (which is a variant of the Tenebrous Apostle prestige class in Tome of Magic)...

Could we talk you into posting your Green Lady variant of Tenebrous Apostle? Sounds nifty! =)

You probably can. I haven't written it up yet though, but I will be soon, since Tyralandi's getting perilously close to leveling...

Hey guys any chance this campaign will continue? Really miss the story everyone was weaving!I hope it continues soon!

Hey Erik or JJ whats up is this campaign over or still going?

Paizo Employee Creative Director

Tobus Neth wrote:
Hey Erik or JJ whats up is this campaign over or still going?

It's still going!

We play usually once a month, though, since the once every other week schedule tends to get disrupted by conventions and vacations and other stuff fairly often. Our next session, I believe, is next week. I think.

For those who know the Age of Worms plotline, we just finished Sodden Hold and are about to head into the adventure's 2nd half.

I'm slowly getting caught up on Tyralandi's journal; hopefully I'll be all caught up by the next session.

I'm Really missing this post! come on guys don't let it die!

Game still going?


Dark Archive

In James Jacobs' journal for the game, someone made the comment (DM Erik Mona, I think) that the game would be winding down after finishing "The Champion's Belt." That's where they're at now, I believe.

Paizo Employee Creative Director

In theory, yeah, the game is still going. We've just been incredibly super busy over the last year getting Pathfinder established, and then scrambling to figure out what to do regarding the edition change, and then scrambling to get the Pathfinder PRG up and running, and now here we are back at convention season. But the plan is to eventually finish off "Champion's Belt" and probably cut things off at that point and move on to a different in-office campaign, as far as I know...

Currently, June 13th is our big deadline; that's the "ship it to the printer or it might not be at Gen Con" day. After that, things look like they'll get back to normal, sort of, for us for a bit. Unlike last year at this time, the months leading up to Gen Con won't also be the months we're finishing off work on the magazines and the months where we're launching an entire new business. It should be Easy Mode, in fact. Which, in theory, gives us time to get back to these campaigns! <crosses fingers>

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Modules Subscriber
James Jacobs wrote:
It should be Easy Mode, in fact.

You won't know what to do with yourselves. :)

You know... just a thought here... but you guys could probably get a lot of use out of something like MapTool since you're often not physically in the same room, what with conventions and such. That would let you all game together no matter where in the world you were physically located.

It's free and works great, installs on any laptop, and has the most amazing product support I've ever seen, surpassing even products that you have to actually pay for. I've seen people post on the forums about a particular issue they're having and get a response back from Trevor (the main coding fellow) asking what time their game is that night so he can get a fix coded and published before their game starts. Now THAT is service. And for a free product? That's unheard of. Except now you've heard of it. Rats, foiled again!

Anyway, consider giving it a shot. It would make it a lot easier to get together for a game no matter where in the world the gamers are located. If they have internet access, they can play.

And I happen to know that one of the members of your game already uses MapTool in another game. So ask the group and I'm sure you'll find someone who can tell you more about it.


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