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Shackled City Adventure Path

Hello everyone,

I'm going to begin DMing the Adventure Path to a highly select group tomorrow, then I'm under a little pressure ^ ^.
I've been browsing through every adventure to be able to introduce some elements sooner and give some more flesh to the city.
I however haven't been able to find the 'true' identity of Celeste (maybe I've missed it?).
If it's been told somewhere, thank you to pointing it to me. If not, I'd really be glad if some DMs could tell what they did of that 'mystery' character.


Hi Faizon,

welcome on board. If you're looking for more info on fleshing out Cauldron and the adventure path, you've come to the right place. Please, feel free to steal whatever you find here. And please, contribute whatever you can. I believe this forum is one of the things that makes the adventure path so great. You can get a lot of milage out of other GM's work. And it all goes to improving the story!

As for Celeste... unfortunately, there is not much of anything on her. Not even idle speculation. Aparently she has a lot of money, an above average charisma and she's able to withstand most scrying attempts. She makes one appearance in the AP, as a hook to get the players to find Zenith Splintershield.
Erik Mona has hinted she may appear in the next AP - Age of Worms. And that's all, I believe.

My players are still halfway through Flood Season, so I haven't had a need to use her yet. As it stands, I'm considering dropping dropping her in favor of Lord Vhalantru. And while I'm at it, I want to sub Gortio the dopleganger in for Adrick Garhtun, the Dwarven merchant from Lords of Oblivion. A little idea I stole from Diafanus.

I know one of the older threads talked about how the first AP wasn't fully planned in advance (as the second one is)so authors left things that the next authors could expand on if the wished. Alas none did other than as a possible reason to be in the square where Mauve (sp) is attacked.

It was said that she is to be in the second AP, but still no further word on her.

Sovereign Court

instead of waiting for the 2nd adventure path to come out,you could have celeste as Nidrema the deva in human form. The fact that she may have cooperated with gortio unwillingly in zenith trajectory could be one of the reasons she renounced her duty to the higher powers in asylum.

Hey Chef. I wish I read this before friday. My group just started running through Zenith Trajectory, and I already introduced Celeste as the owner of the Cusp of Sunrise. Using Lord Vhalantru himself would have been much better. I'm glad using Adric is working for you.


Diafanus wrote:

Hey Chef. I wish I read this before friday. My group just started running through Zenith Trajectory, and I already introduced Celeste as the owner of the Cusp of Sunrise. Using Lord Vhalantru himself would have been much better. I'm glad using Adric is working for you.


I'm still running Flood Season. My game progress is down to a crawl. But that's because we only play one evening every other week. Still, it gives me lots of time to prepare and fine-tune the sessions.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

Assuming our Age of Worms outline is approved, Celeste will be making another appearance in 2005. She is very much a part of the outline, and will serve in a similar capacity. I still can't reveal what we have in store for her, but you'll want to keep her alive and mysterious to preserve what we have planned.


No offense Mr. Mona :), but I think it's a great idea to use Lord Orbius Vhalantru in place of Celeste.

My group plays for 5 hours twice a month, and we're just beginning Flood Season, so it's a good bet AP2 will be almost completly released before they are done with AP1, so I may still be able to introduce her somewhere.

We shall see.

Paizo Employee Publisher, Chief Creative Officer

By all means use whomever works best for your campaign. The only reason we're "bringing her back" is that she's the most conspicuous "loose end" that wasn't tied up by the end of the series.


Celeste was such an interesting personality she's even showed up in our Wheel of Time campaign. I don't know by what means she crossed over --- but none of the players really minded. I have a feeling she may be turning up in whatever campaign we happen to be running.

My group is up to the Lords of Oblivion chapter. They wanted to talk to Celeste at the Cusp of Sunrise to see what she knew of Valantru and Rhiavaldi. The Paladin/Saint talked to her and she would turn his questions around to see what he knew. He knew this was happening but was unable to overcome it. My problem became what was the basis of her ability and what are her motivations for being here. I am leaning toward making her an avatar of a Chaos diety, kind of like the greek goddess, Kalista. She is in Cauldron because of all the chaos these evants will cause (i.e.- she's getting her kicks and pushing things along when she can.) Let me know what you think.

In my campain I was thinking of making Celeste is a servant of a disguised Rakshasa hiding in the city. The Rakashasa is acting as the wizards mentor while using the group to gather as much information/lore on the Spell Weaver Empire. The Rakshasa is posing as a reclusive noble who took possession of a haunted estate in Cauldron.

Celeste is the youngest daughter of the family that was all executed for treason centuries previous in Cauldron and is a ghost herself. How I manage all this has not been thought through as yet but basically Celeste will be the beautiful, mysterious yet sorrowful girl who seems to aid the party yet remains distant and fearful of being around them to long.

Anyway just an idea


delvesdeep wrote:
Celeste is the youngest daughter of the family that was all executed for treason centuries previous in Cauldron and is a ghost herself.

I like the ghost idea best. Especially the part about the PCs getting advice from someone whom no one else sees! Check out any episode of the new Battlestar Galactica to see how Tricia Hefler's character interacts with Baltar to get an idea how that might work.

That would be creepy and weird, and so very much Celeste like.

Silver Crusade

Hey everyone,

I saw that Celeste gets released in chapter 8 of SCAP, is there an image I can use for her in Ghaele Azata form?

Mrs. Camelot.

Holy thread necromancy batman!

Seven years is cool...

Silver Crusade

*has levels in necromancer and spell focus alarm clocks*

Wakey-wakey dead thread!

Hello everyone, The best thing is make Celeste keep her 'mystery" and to flesh her out think of her as "Milady" from the 2011 Three Musketeers

I am planning on having Tenser summon Cleste a as a ghaele planar ally.

If the party gets into trouble, I am planning on having Tenser send an investigator to find out what happened to Celeste. The investigator is left over from a 1st edition Greyhawk campaign and is similar to Jill, but without the evil alignment or theactrical make up.

There's a pic of Celeste in her ghaele form somewhere at the end of the Savage Tide AP.

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