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Any unique is a powerful piece, and Dr. Strange’s nemesis is no exception. With a starting Invulnerability of 18, Nightmare is as hard to hit as anyone in the game. Add an awesome attack skill ranging from 10 to 14, and this nigh-invulnerable figure can put anybody to sleep with Incapacitate or...

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The new incarnation of Catwoman kicks up the power level of her previous versions. She has lots of Leap/Climb and is a close-combat monster, so use her ability to move to keep her close to her target. When she’s fighting, she can Incapacitate characters with tough defenses or use Close Combat...

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This is the unique Weapon X figure from the Heroclix expansion, Xplosion.

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Costing 236 points, the Worlds at War Superman's got the most hefty price tag in the game, but he's arguably got the most power as well, stacked with Hypersonic Speed and Impervious. This Toyfare Exclusive was released in limited numbers, and we have him here! Why does OWAW Superman cost so much?...

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