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One Round, and Three Cheers, Mates!

TAVERN! is a unique supplement compiled from various core rules publications, as well as all-new game materials and helpful mechanics for dealing with taverns and inns, from the mundane to the bizarre. Although much of this will be familiar material to many players and GMs, having it all handy in one single source should help create less work for GMs and players alike. In addition, a host of new materials and helpful ideas, with fun new takes on old hat, are included in this comprehensive source-guide for dealing with taverns, inns, stables, breweries, and related establishments. Players, GMs, and publishers alike will rejoice in a free and open-game tavern/inn – the Sweet Hag's Bosom – including new maps that can be placed in your next great adventure!

Whether you want to run a campaign entirely focused around the central tavern of your community, you wish to build your own establishment during adventure downtime, or you just want the rules available for gear which would most commonly be offered from a wide array of taverns/inns all in one place, this is a perfect addition for just one thing: TAVERN!

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