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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

PaizoCon 2016

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Gain the upper hand with the strategy guide to MAGIC: THE GATHERING Classic card set. ... Randy Buehler, columnist for The Duelist magazine, and veteran tournament player, draws on his professional experience to help players master the new Classic rules. ... --Randy Buehler is a former Pro Tour...

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For a millennium, men and giants have abided together in the snowy wilderness of the Ice Spires, all paying fealty to a single dynasty of human kings. ... A thousand years of peace is about to shatter. ... When an ogre horde kidnaps Brianna of Hartwick the fiery heir to Hartvale's throne King...

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Elminster's Doom ... It was the eve of the Time of Troubles. The chaos of spilled blood, lawless strife, monsters unleashed, and avatars roaming Faer n was still to come. Unbeknownst to mortals, the gods had been summoned together, and among them was Mystra, grown proud and willful in the passing...

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Menzoberranzan the Mighty. ... City of grandeur and cruelty, home of deadly swordsmen and diabolical necromancers, the brightest jewel of the vast subterranean world called the Underdark, and proudest achievement of the sinister race known as the drow, Menzoberranzan is a place with a mystery at...

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These guides gave card-by-card descriptions and strategies for the Urza Cycle card sets in the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. In addition, each guide contained a short story that helped bring readers into the main story of the set. In A Time for Remembrance, Barrin, Urza's master...

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Lost spells and skills, artifacts and magical treatises, tidbits of history forgotten since the days of the Archeans - these ancient secrets have now been brought to light for the first time in The Archean Codex. In this book, you will learn th origin of the Black Savants, the technomantic...

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Day Five - We have been in Tordan but a day, and already it is clear that Abn Qua was right; something sinister is going on here. A woman has been killed in the ruins outside of town, the trade in arms is brisk, and we have heard many rumors of suspicious characters. One man in particular, of...

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