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Our Price: $20.00


Two player tactical level game simulating helicopter combat from 1975 through 1990. Units represent individual vehicles, helicopters and infantry squads. Each game turn represents 2 minutes and each hex represents 100 meters of actual terrain. Two maps included: One represents Middle Eastern...

List Price: $8.95

Sale Price: $5.37

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An eight-panel gamemaster screen for The Price of Freedom. Packaged with rules for Soviet troops and a full color garrison map.

Our Price: $8.95


Three hundred rebels, the grandly named First Idaho Brigade, operate from Idaho's Challis National Forest. Pacific Occupation Front Command has vowed to destroy them -- and dispatched an entire motor rifle division to the task. The rebels are faced with certain defeat...

List Price: $4.95

Sale Price: $2.97

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Space is big. Life is hard. Dying fast and without warning is better than slow and cold in the deeps of space. ... A sodlier, a mercenary, a leader of men. A fighter, a killer, a protector of innocents and innocense. A devil, an angel, a man in a hell of his own making; these were all titles that...

List Price: $4.95

Sale Price: $2.97

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An unlikely group of merceneries must apprehend a galactic agitator, but their mission soon takes them ... into the Shatterzone.

List Price: $18.00

Sale Price: $10.80

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You're only as good as what you're carrying. The difference between the right weapon and the wrong one is the difference between living another day and ending up vacuum. ... In this book, you'll find the weapons, armor and other gear you need to survive, along with vehicles to get you where...

List Price: $18.00

Sale Price: $10.80

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The Few. The Proud. The Criminally Insane... ... They're demented by nature, violent by design, outcasts by choice, and they're everywhere. ... In this book, you'll meet some of the galaxy's most bizarre and dangerous fringer groups. They're eccentrics and fanatics, theorists and terrorists, and...

List Price: $12.00

Sale Price: $7.20

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The Zeenarchs supplement to the Shatterzone science fiction roleplaying game has rules information, statistics and general background information about the Consortium and Zeenarchy. It is 64 pages in length.

Diamond in the Rough,

The Final Four!,

I Made You a Wereshark But it Eated You,

Familiar Places, Strange Faces,

ToyFair (Part 2),

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