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Welcome to the Bladelands, home of fierce and foul Monsters! ... ICE's Bladestorm products form a rich, colorful gaming environment for resolving miniatures battles. The Bladestorm Bestiary introduces beasts, monsters, and other non-humans to your Bladestorm games. It is the creature compendium...

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Glittering spires capped with entrancing video panels crown a golden-red, twilight horizon of empty promise. ... The Megacorp skyline rests in hovering tranquility above a seething gray mass of sludge and destitute humanity. Here, the Sprawl's periphery bears witness to the ultimate juxtaposition...

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Dragons. Aliens. Faeries. Ghosts. Lions. Tigers. Bears... (you get the picture). Every creature, every genre—the HERO System strikes again! Usable with any HERO game, the HERO Bestiary is for everyone. Dozens and dozens of new creature are presented here to be used in your campaign. ... The...

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The Hero System Almanac 1 is the first supplement intended for the entire Hero System. This book is jammed full of optional rules, new systems, campaigning notes, advice on how to set up campaigns--in short, everything you could ever ask for! ... Includes: ... New Rules: Over 60 pages of optional...

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1. Rolemaster Third Edition RPG: Pulp Adventures

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2. Rolemaster & Spacemaster: Time Riders
3. Rolemaster & Spacemaster: Outlaw

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