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Our Price: $18.00


A supplement to FASA's 1998 Crimson Skies (a game of aerial combat). This supplement adds historical detail and various scenarios revolving around the flying group known as Blake Aviation Security, protectors against pirating groups across the continent.

Our Price: $30.00


Ashkelon, the birthplace of the races, was once ruled by the Dragons before they wracked the land with their fury. The races the Dragons had created to sere them were left behind to survive on their own for countless centuries, struggling for supremacy in a harsh world. Now a new continent has...

List Price: $25.00

Sale Price: $15.00

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Noble House is a game based on the novel by James Clavell. In this game, players take the part of the Tai-Pans of major corporations doing business in Hong Kong in the early 1960's, as portrayed in the Clavell book. Each player is head of a large business conglomerate and is striving to be the...

List Price: $25.00

Sale Price: $15.00

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The game is based on Whirlwind, the novel by James Clavell, which is set against the revolution in Iran in 1979. Each player is a mercenary helicopter pilot leading missions in the revolution for a fat fee paid into his Swiss bank account. Gradually, one side of the revolution or the other will...

Our Price: $7.00


As newly-promoted Commander of the refitted IKV Malevolent patrolling near the infamous Triangle Zone, opportunities for quick advancement and promotion would arrive as a matter of course. Although the crew has different opinions about the current power struggle in the politics and policies of...

List Price: $6.00

Sale Price: $3.60

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This adventure for STAR TREK: The Role Playing Game is designed for use in conjunction with the supplement Trader Captains and Merchant Princes. It is intended for a group of up to nine player-characters involved in mercantile activities; as such, it stresses interaction with other characters as...

List Price: $20.00

Sale Price: $12.00

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The Maelstrom: Zykhee describes the disciplined and wickedly agile warriors of the zykhee, providing detailed background on this alien race. The Zykhee Force List offers new units including wardyns, Death Dancers, Soulless, and Stalkers. This book also contains a Vykas-Denox Battle Terrain Table,...

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