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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Based on the award winning Black Sea Black Death game system, Borodino '41 uses a map scale of 800 meters (one half mile) per hex, three or four impulses per daily turn, with infantry battalions and tanks and anti-tank guns by company (battery). ... The units are played mostly face down, with...

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The Command at Sea Player's Handbook is a 32 page compilation of all the charts and tables contained in the 128 page Standard Rulebook. It also includes errata from the first edition, and it is also compatible with the second edition rule set. Use of this playing aid greatly assists the flow of...

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Scenarios for the Clash of Armor Rules System. ... Rommel! The name conjures a picture of rollingPanzer columns in the desert, led by a determined figure in a command halftrack. Trace the adventures ofRommel's commands with this new scenario book Rommel's Battles for our Clash of Armor system....

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This Quickstart guide is designed to show you how to play Harpoon4 in as short a time as possble. It includes a rules summary, introductory scenarios and the rules necessary for playing a simple battle. The charts and tables needed to play the game are not included here, so you cannot play a game... Gift Certificates
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