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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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The Game of Lawsuits uses 168 condensed versions of actual damage claims in the US courts, as players represent the plaintiffs and defendants. As they win or lose cases, by skill or chance, players rise through the court system and win by getting lots of money. The box says you'll enjoy hours of...

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The basic premise of the game is players represent collectors attempting to gather sets of valuable properties and artifacts ... coins, antiques, miniatures, etc. These sets are worth handsome sums at game's end. Individual pieces of a set are worthless at game's end, but are able to be sold...

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Sale Price: $12.00

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In the game, players take on the roles of theatre managers and must hire performers that will bring in the most money from the public. There are six different styles of performers, and at different times in the game, public opinion will favour different styles. Public preference is determined by...

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This game features players buying countries based on where their pawns land on a Monopoly-style board. A large deck of cards describes various world events that either help or hinder owners of the affected countries.

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Guerilla is a multi-player simulation card game. Three to six players vie for control of the government as rebels wage a civil war against those in power. As in real guerrilla warfare, the government forces are handicapped by their inability to separate friend from foe. This fog of war is...

List Price: $13.95

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The characters must travel through space and time to the Game Zone, Atlantis, Newfoundland, 1870s London, and 1970s Washington to foil Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow's plans to promote lite beer and pretzals at the Vagabond.

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Past Tense and Future Wary ... Somedays, it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. Take today, for instance. The headline of The Alternate Times reads: king Averts Piano Accident and 1978 Return of the King Tour in Limbo. You sigh, swill the cup of grounds your secretary, Miss Concepcion, lovingly...

List Price: $15.95

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Beer and Loafing off the Campaign Trail ... Where's George?, a satirical new political adventure for Tales from the Floating Vagabond, contains the following incorrect accessories: ... Scathing art and political humor, all in a jugular vein Loads enough sarcasm to last the next four to eight...

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This Sports Illustrated game is a simulation of the Olympic Decathlon. You compete as one of 7 real medal winning decathletes: Jim Thorpe, Bob Matthias, Vasily Kuznetsov, Milt Campbell, Rafer Johnson, CK Yang, Bill Toomey. A fictional 8th player is a composite althete composed of the best... Gift Certificates
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