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This section of the store will be a repository for what I think might be one of the coolest collections of old gaming product I've had the pleasure to buy. We bought all of this stuff from American Eagles, a Seattle landmark in the gaming community and a former regional distributor, whose owners decided to retire.

There is a ton of great, out-of-print products from the 1980s and early 1990s here, all in near-mint condition, many of the pieces shrinkwrapped when they were originally received. These are beautiful pieces of gaming history and we are selling them at their original MSRP.

On the last Friday of each month, from May through October, we'll be adding around 250 more products to this section. There aren't many copies of each product, so don't miss your chance to step into a time machine and visit your game store circa 1989!

Browse 760 products

3W004 OGM6082 AOGBW-110


(18 products)

19th Century Miniatures

(1 product)

Agents of Gaming

(6 products)
ADB5616 ATG0600E AVH6446

Amarillo Design Bureau

(15 products)

Atlas Games

(22 products)

Avalon Hill

(15 products)
CHA2113 COA9704-67 COL4101


(12 products)

Clash of Arms Games

(15 products)

Columbia Games

(1 product)
THC30311 DCG4003 EHQ004

The Companions

(2 products)

Decision Games

Emperor's Press

(2 products)
ERT8900 FSA1713 FBI8404

Ertl Collectibles

(5 products)


(39 products)

Flying Buffalo

(4 products)
FTG2005 GDW1035 GQMACW15

Flying Turtle Games

(4 products)

Game Designers Workshop

(29 products)

GHQ Models

(2 products)
GRN3309 HER427 ICE9300


(3 products)

Hero Games

(40 products)

Iron Crown Enterprises

(29 products)
IMW40-320 JDG740 LEG10303

Iron Wind Metals

Judges Guild

(6 products)

Leading Edge Games

(7 products)
MSK002 MFG0209 MLB04200

M.S. Kinney Corporation

(1 product)

Mayfair Games

(64 products)

Milton Bradley

(1 product)
ADS001 NDG1101E OGI001

Miscellaneous Publishers

(18 products)

New Dimension Games

(5 products)

Omnigon Games

(2 products)
OSPFOG007 PSG2014 PAL0505


(5 products)

Pacesetter Games

(12 products)


(27 products)
PER0421 PSR7347 RAL69-303

Perceptive Marketing

(1 product)


(6 products)

Ral Partha

(26 products)
SHG9000 RFM6985 STE0510

Shield Games

(6 products)

Silver Fox Productions

(1 product)

Stellar Games

(1 product)
SJG1307 RTG5021 TFG2020

Steve Jackson Games

(20 products)

Talsorian Games

(2 products)

Task Force Games

(18 products)
TBT1005 TSR6754 TFC-1003

Thunderbolt Mountain

(2 products)


(170 products)

Twenty-First Century Games

(2 products)
UNG1000 VIG2763 WRG0004

University Games

(1 product)

Victory Games

(5 products)

Wargames Research Group

(1 product)
WEG20566 WHT2002 WWP7201

West End Games

(67 products)

Whit Publications

(2 products)

White Wolf Publishing

(62 products)
TSR88554 XEN097

Wizards of the Coast

(7 products)

Xeno Games

(2 products)

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List Price: $2.50

Sale Price: $1.50

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This fold out paper mat contains serially numbered squares printed in black ink.

List Price: $2.50

Sale Price: $1.50

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This fold out paper mat contains squares labelled with the same number on four sides of the square printed in red ink.

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