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In Adventures in Hyboria, the first expansion for Age of Conan: The Strategy Boardgame, Conan's stature grows from warrior and thief, to general, and finally, king. Conan's abilities grow as well, making his presence in the game more visceral and important, thanks to the introduction of the Mood...

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Secret organizations fight for the right to rule over the Old Kingdom in Behind the Throne, an engaging, push-your-luck card game. Those struggling for power in the shadow of the royal throne use intrigue, blackmail, and threats to reach their goals. The more servants, nobles, and dignitaries...

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Originally featured in the Galaxy Defenders core game, the Elite Alien Army includes the most powerful version of six different alien creatures. Ferocious Spine Critters, regenerating Xeno-Betas, fearsome Xeno-Alphas, dangerous spider-like Aracnos, the psionic Xeno-Grey, and the bio-mechanical...

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Join the resistance - join the Fifth Column! Expand the Galaxy Defenders' Agency's army with these new powerful agents and unleash their unique new classes, powers, and items against the alien invasion!

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Co-Mix is a storytelling game about comics. (That's a surprise!) Players will have a set of cards in their hands, each one representing a different panel of a comic book. They'll have a bit of time to create a simple plot, mixing the panels they have and creating a full comic page, following the...

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When we arrived at the Island of Monster Masks, we were welcomed by strange creatures who laughed whenever they saw us. We have begun to fit in by wearing big masks ourselves, but we can no longer discern one another among the inhabitants of this absurd island. Be the first to recognize the...

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The Artesien was built in 1765 as part of a series of 12 ships of the line built to compensate losses endured by the French Royal Navy during the Seven Years' War. The Artésien took part in the American Revolutionary War, departing in 1781. A fine 1/28th scale model of the ship was used to...

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Protee was built in 1772 and designated as flagship of a convoy directed to India, departing with other ships as escort, transporting troops and ammunition. On 23 February, off Spain, the convoy met Rodney's fleet; Duchilleau, commander in charge, tried to lure the British by continuing on the...

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In the summer and fall of 1940, after the fall of France, the German Luftwaffe faced the Royal Air Force in the first major military campaign fought entirely in the air - the Battle of Britain. This was the prelude to the invasion Hitler planned for the British Islands - Operation Sealion. An...

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Many folks and creatures played a part in the War of the Ring: the mysterious Ents, the Dead Men of Dunharrow, the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains, the Corsairs of Umbar. Warriors of Middle-earth gives new depths to these combatants, making them an essential part of the War of the Ring game,...