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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Wilder than Killer Klowns From Outer Space! (Gasp!)

Scarier than Cannibal Apocalypse! (Ughhhhh!)

Bigger than The Blob and twice as ugly! (Eeeek!)

It’s the RPG double for The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies! (What a mouthful!)


It has all the spine-tingling chills of watching a late-night fright flick—even better, because you’re the star of the scatterbrained massacre!

Here’s your chance to abandon smart gaming like it’s The House on Haunted Hill. Leave sound judgment writhing on the ground as you work through a procession of disposable characters, senselessly follow strange noises without so much as a flashlight (“Roll your Unwise”), become inconveniently trapped in some spooky place (“Roll your Unluck”), then fall hook, line, and sickle to yet another wholesale slaughter (“Roll your Undone!”). Meet unbelievably gross critters, discover sicko surprises, experience gratuitous violence and gore, ring up the body count!

For those craving grindhouse dementia to the scholcketh degree, KILLER THRILLER is the one to impale your eyeballs onto. So never mind the mutilated corpses and have a killer time—‘cause whatever’s preying you certainly will.

Rest In Pieces.

“Oh yes, there will be blood.” —Jigsaw, Saw II
(Look, we can do quotes like them pretentious goth games!)

The critics said:

“*****. This game is awesome… Killer Thriller is distilled horror in a can, only it's in an RPG. The game takes all the elements of the horror movies you know and love and turns them into easy to play rules by a simple, brilliant inversion… it's beautifully elegant in its simplicity. It has a single-minded focus on slaughtering victims and then having the last man/woman standing beat the bad guy.”
Michael Tresca, RPG Examiner,

“For a pretty dirt simple system, the author does a GREAT job of supplying all kinds of examples, both in-game and from films, about how the Inabilities work… It's fun. Seriously, it's a good fun game that can be a blast with the right group.”
Tommy Brownell, Most Unread Blog on the Internet Ever

“If you're looking to host an RPG on Halloween with little or no preparation, this is a perfect choice. If things go well enough, you just might find yourself with a new horror franchise on your hands....”
Demian Katz, Ogre Cave

"I would really recommend Killer Thriller to anyone who doesn’t want to take things too seriously at the gaming table. The characters came alive off the page as everyone really got into their roles... Everyone got really inventive with their descriptions of death, riffing off one another and setting up awesome scenes that no one sick person could have done all on their own. The set up was laughably easy, as I figured out the basic idea and then wrote down three lines on a piece of paper. Done!"
Matt Bowes, RPG.Net

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