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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

List Price: $12.00

Our Price: $10.80

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A game of suspense, strategy, and anticipation. Get rid of the high cards (rats) and go for the low cards (cats). Sneak a peek, draw two, or swap cards for an added twist. Low score wins the game. (A poker face helps!) As children play Rat-a-tat Cat, they develop a sense of timing and an...

Our Price: $14.99


Hire your crew of miscreants and take them into battle using weapons and abilities that “hit” on certain playing card flips! ... Raiding Parties is a playing card game that takes place in the Golden Age. All of the artwork is by Don Maitz (who created the Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Logo).

List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $31.49

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Revised and enhanced with added sweeteners! Yours is an enchanted land made entirely of candy and confections... but underneath that sugar-frosted veneer lies the disturbing truth. The king has betrayed you all! The sweet, candy citizens are being packaged and shipped from the castle to voracious...

List Price: $10.00

Our Price: $9.00

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The Silly Game of Changing Directions! ... There are 7 Traffic Officer cards that are arranged in a circle on the table. Players will see the Officer either from the front or from the back. When playing the game, (starting from one Officer) 3 directions must be followed - sometimes they go to the...

Our Price: $14.99


It's time to make salsa! But will you have the ingredients needed to make a salsa bowl that suits a customer's order... ... In Red Hot Silly Peppers, players have a hand of four pepper and fruit cards from a deck of 64. The pepper cards have varying degrees of heat depending on which pepper they...

Our Price: $10.00


Four games in one! An educational treat created especially for ages 6 and up. The Rain Forest deck features 48 different animals in their natural habitat. Includes two colorful dice with rain forest symbols (a leaf, a paw print, a sun, and a rain cloud) for the exciting game of Jungle Rumble, two...

Our Price: $50.00


RoboRally is a fast-moving robot race. Each player tries to be the first to cross a series of checkpoints by maneuvering a robot across the floor of the Grid Widget Factory. The factory floor is filled with machinery that's handy to have when you're making robots but not so helpful when you're...

List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $44.99


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Warning! Warning! The central computer has failed. The robots are unable to reach their destination on their own. Help them by planning their trajectory as efficiently as possible. Optimize your moves and ricochets to arrive at your goal. Remember: robots are obstacles too; and they can easily be... Gift Certificates
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