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Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a roleplaying game of action, intrigue, and excitement set in a world created by a fusion of Eastern and Western myth, art, and belief. ... The Anima: Beyond Fantasy core book features 320 pages of gorgeously illustrated, full-color rules, character sheets, and background...

Our Price: $24.95


The first expansion for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG includes a full-color GM screen plus a new 64-page sourcebook featuring expanded rules for character creation and combat, optional rules for character traits and supernatural abilities, pregenerated characters, and the introductory adventure...

Our Price: $59.95


Gaïa Volume 1: World Beyond Dreams is a supplement for the popular Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game, presenting a wealth of details on the culture and geography of the world of Gaïa. Thirty countries and regions are fully described with geographical details, and an elaborate full-color map...

Our Price: $39.95


The mysterious force known as Ki flows through all life, its ethereal current linking the spirit and the physical body. But the most exceptional among us can learn to channel and control their own Ki, and in so doing break the barrier that separates the material world from the spiritual one....

Our Price: $49.95


Some call them fairy tales. Some call them nightmares. In our arrogance, we believe them immaterial, but they are the true masters of Ga; a. And they walk amongst us. Those Who Walked Amongst Us is the definitive book of creatures and monsters for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, bringing to life nearly...

Our Price: $39.95


Explore the nature and origin of magic in Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural. This authoritative tome of the supernatural is a supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, the roleplaying game of dark fantasy! ... Discover theorems of magic, metamagic advantages, invocations, psychic powers, and...

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Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game, is a book of artifacts from eras long past that can still be found in the forgotten corners of Ga; a. It is a thorough compendium of powerful objects that have managed to survive the countless conflicts of Ga; a and the ravages of time. Prometheum Exxet brims with... Gift Certificates
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