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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Hurl Lightning Bolts! Summon Mythical Creatures! Cast Sinister Curses! In Mage Wars, players take on the role of powerful mages, stepping into an arena to battle for supremacy. Choose between a Wizard, Warlock, Beastmaster, or Priestess, each with their own unique strategies and style of play;...

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Prince John's lust for gold has finally gone too far! It's impossible for a merchant to make a living anymore, being taxed as much as we are. Now he's got the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham checking everyone who comes through the front gate for contraband meaning all the good stuff he's trying to...

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Throw a multiplayer brawl! ... Add more players to your game, and give them their own unique color of action markers! ... Two new colors: yellow and green to pair up with your Core Set markers. Two more quickcast markers so that your Mage's are always prepared for battle. High quality wooden...

Our Price: $15.99


Arm yourself for battle! ... Build more Mages with the Mage Wars Official Spellbook Pack! ... Includes two amazing spellbook designs, each with beautiful detailed artwork by Nick Deligaris! Each spellbook contains 20 pages, with four sleeves per page. That's room for 80 spells! Spellbook sleeves...

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Included in this epic expansion are: ... 2 new Mages 2 Ability cards 216 Spell Cards 2 New Spellbooks with brand new covers Additional cardboard markers Rulebook ... Mage Wars Core Set required for play.

Our Price: $13.50


A dark secret lurking beneath the surface of Etheria erupts near the Straywood Forest, engulfing the lives of two wood elves and threatening the tenuous peace between the elves and the dwarves of the Anvil Throne. While on patrol, an elven Beastmaster named Lithann rushes to the aid of a fellow... Gift Certificates
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