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Battl Khaos Game By Z-Man GamesBattle rages on between orcs and knights. Purple and Orange form a chaotic melee and no-one knows which side will win this battle. Mage towers scattered on the battlefield are strategic objectives, and it soon appears that whomever controls the most towers will sow the seeds of victory. Players place tiles to form majorities of their army on the corners of towers: when all 4 corners are resolved, the player with the majority of corners seizes control of the tower. Special power tokens can increase your presence or decrease your opponent\'s presence as well as doing a few other things.There are 5 special tiles included in the game for added strategies. Contents: 58 Battlefield tiles, 8 tower tiles, 5 special tiles, 20 power tokens, 30 control tokens, 2 player aids No. of players: 2 Ages: 10 and Up Playing time: 30 minutes

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