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List Price: $18.00

Our Price: $16.20

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The semi-educational game of time travel and abduction! ... Evil Baby Orphanage is a communal deck party card game for three or more players. Each player takes on the role of a Time Nanny using advanced time out technology to rid the time stream of the world's worst villains and prehabilitate...

List Price: $11.50

Our Price: $10.35

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This box of awesome Evil Baby Orphanage playing cards is the same great quality as the Malifaux Retro Fate Deck and Puppet Deck! Use them for Mailifaux, Puppet Wars and much more! These cards are plastic stock and will basically last forever...barring any scissor related accidents*.

List Price: $12.00

Our Price: $10.80

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What is The Crayon Manifesto? ... The Crayon Manifesto is an expansion made to add on to the base game of Evil Baby Orphanage that we have come to know and love. This expansion adds Time Nannies which give each player an alternate win condition or really cool effects that can change how the game...

List Price: $70.00

Our Price: $63.00

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Upon the shores of Artifice, four kings explore, build, conquer, and rule. As a King of Artifice, you must balance building defenses, expanding your empire, and undermining the progress of your rivals. At your fingertips are your court and servants, each with its own unique ability to carve the...

Our Price: $32.00


This expansion contains 8 new pawns that are ready to assist you in your Puppet War! ... This box contains the following Pawns: Death Marshal ; Guild Hound ; Guild Autopsy ; Zombie Chihuahua ; Razorspine Rattler ; Cherub ; Mature Nephilim ; Gunslinger.

List Price: $32.00

Our Price: $28.80

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This expansion set to Puppet Wars can be used to vary your master and puppet choices, as well as allow you to expand your game to 3 or 4 players! ... This box contains: 2 Master Puppets - Marcus, Pandora ; 4 Sidekick Puppets - Joss, Nino, Baby Kade, Sebastian ; More colored Tokens.

Our Price: $32.00

Out of print

These Pawns are rushing to your aid in your Puppet Wars, should you choose to use them. ... This box contains the following Pawns: Executioner ; Witchling ; Rotten Belle ; Moleman ; Bad Juju ; Sorrow ; Bayou Gremlin ; Ronin.

List Price: $32.00

Our Price: $28.80

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This box contains more Pawns willing to lay down their stuffing for your Puppet War! ... Included in this box: Austringer ; Nurse ; Punk Zombie ; Ice Golem ; December Acolyte ; Silurid ; Hog Whisperer ; Piglet.

List Price: $75.00

Our Price: $67.50

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Puppet Wars is a strategic board game, based in the world of Malifaux. Each player takes on the role of a voodoo puppet which has come to life and is now fighting stuffing and needle for puppet supremacy. Take turns animating your puppet army while trying to control all of the workbenches. Tear...

List Price: $45.00

Our Price: $40.50

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The Showdown System has commenced! ... Looking for a quick game to play? Showdown is the duel of choice. In Showdown: Icons, two players battle it out with unique decks of cards. Each deck in Showdown: Icons can be played against any other Showdown deck. Showdown: Icons features rough and...

List Price: $24.00

Our Price: $21.60

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JET PACK UNICORN TIME! ... Following Evil Baby Orphanage, Wyrd wanted to bring a new level of comedy to the table. “The World Needs a Jetpack Unicorn” is our solution to everyone’s un-humorous existence. In Jetpack Unicorn, players are posed questions which fuel stories created on the spot....

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