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Beset by a strong storm an hour before midnight, the PCs take cover at the first opportunity—in this case, the Gator's Gullet Inn. But the PCs enter this quaint roadside establishment at just the wrong time, as a cleric named Nantiken casts a glyph of warding in his upstairs room, completing the...

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Is your character tired of never having the right tool for the right job? Maybe he's stuck with a rapier against a gibbering mouther or wearing a cold resistance armor against a red dragon. Fear not! Mallyate is here to give a PC what he needs when he needs it for every combat situation. ... In...

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Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc. presents Lotsa Blocks! for fantasy OGL gaming. Within this pdf are 103 ready-to-use stat blocks, sorted by role (warrior, sage, etc.), for the harried GM. No longer do you need to schedule an extra hour or two to come up with foes that will only live for a few...

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Is Your Faith Strong Enough? ... In 12th-century England, the Welsh-English border is an unstable place. But one Christian outpost is determined to make its stand—with the PCs help, of course! Part adventure and part setting, A Matter of Faith is a 1st-level adventure designed for beginner Game...

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Tricky Owlbear Publishing, Inc. presents this series of pdfs for use with the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules (and, by extension, any retro-clone game). The narrator here, Maxolt Alberiim, is the same personality featured in our “Behind the Spells” series of pdfs that focuses on the origins of the...

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This 7-page PDF, written by Bret Boyd, presents 10 treasure chests that DMs can use to store treasure or as treasure. Includes magical and mundane treasure chests.

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This 6-page PDF, written by Bret Boyd presents 10 more treasure chests that GMs can use to store treasure or use as treasure. As with the first volume, this PDF includes both magical and mundane treasure chests. Each entry lists the chest's physical description, defenses, and quirks. This PDF...

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