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If you ever want to lose yourself visit the Overlook Hotel. Before you checkout be sure to grab an ashtray from the room. ... The classic design makes this ashtray perfect souvenir from the Overlook Hotel. The logo is printed in a metallic bronze on the reverse side of the ashtray. ... For a...

Our Price: $9.99

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The Overlook Hotel located in Sidewinder Colorado is a great place to spend time. While you’re there pick up a glass from Jack’s favorite bar keep Loyd. ... If you can’t make it by the Overlook Hotel, we can ship one to you. ... Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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The Winchester Tavern logo is imprinted on the bottom of the ashtray in reverse so the logo never gets scuffed or dirty from ashes. ... Heavy glass and authentic retro styling make this a cool prop or an awesome ash tray. The Winchester logo is imprinted on the bottom of the ashtray in reverse so...

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The Winchester Tavern is famous for Beer, Snack and Zombies and cool glassware. ... Get your own Winchester Tavern Pint glass, enjoy a tasty pint with your mates and let all this blow over.

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