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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

List Price: $19.95

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Need someone to take the blame when you stab your buddy in the back? Look no further! The new Munchkin Vinyl Figure from Funko will keep all the orcs at bay, ruin miniatures gaming, and probably won�t spontaneously combust! Huzzah!

List Price: $19.95

Our Price: $17.96

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Munchkin Cthulhu has spawned the evillest, cutest plush ever: Chibithulhu. ... This 10-tall soft and huggable plush figure features huge, adorable eyes, a felt witch's hat, a black jack o' lantern on the chest... and Cthulhu's trademark tentacles. It's made of all-new materials, and is machine...

List Price: $22.95

Our Price: $20.66

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Cute. Cuddly. Cannibalistic. Our line of Chibithulhu plush toys has been very popular. Now we've zombified it! This 10' mtall soft and huggable plush figure features huge, adorable, dead eyes, a juicy pink brain on the chest—and tentacles. It's made of all-new materials, and is machine washable....

List Price: $24.95

Our Price: $22.46

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It's a 30 long plush posable tentacle. Why did we do it? Because Evil Stevie likes tentacles. And this one is soft, and furry. ... Make it a fashion statement, poking out of your shirt. Use the loop in back to hang it from your belt. Put it in your next haunted house... or in your cubicle!...

Backorder Blue/Gold $8.99 $8.09

Backorder Red/White $8.99 $8.09

Black/Silver Unavailable

Purple/Pink Unavailable

Cute! Cuddly! Sanity-blasting! Because the world needs more cute, this diminutive version of the Chibithulhu plush figure features huge, adorable eyes, a loving heart on the chest, and Cthulhu's trademark tentacles!

Behind the Book—Starspawn,

Mummy's Mask and PAX West,

Feast On These Modules,

Two Cave Creatures,

Encounter the Unspeakable!,

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