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Our Price: $11.99


Providing the Alchemist`s Guild with all their deadly poisons and corrosive acids, Naja slithers across the field and hypnotises enemies before delivering a deadly venomous strike!

Our Price: $14.99


Truffles is a mean spirited, dangerous, spiteful creature that`ll gore you as soon as look at you. As a result, he fits perfectly into the Butcher`s Guild.

Our Price: $14.99


All legs and suckers, like nothing ever seen in the western seas, Tentacles braved the hard journey from east to west firmly planted on Corsair`s prow.

List Price: $14.99

Our Price: $13.49


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Strongbox started out as a sick joke, crawling into action with the last of Blackheart`s treasure on his back. Now he serves as a stern reminder of who`s in charge.

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