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Mix the right ingredients with Secrets Mankind Was Not Meant To Know to grow your own gibbering horror from beyond the cosmic veil. YOU shall unleash this terror upon an unsuspecting world! Bwahaha … er, wait. Those jerks who helped you dig up the forbidden knowledge are all trying the same...

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A is for Azathoth, Who listens to flutes ... B is for Blighted, Gardner’s farm, leaf to root ... C’s for Cthulhu, Mile-high and squishy ... D is for Deep Ones, Who smell mildly fishy... ... An artist and lifelong fan of Lovecraftian literature, Ben Mund teaches the alphabet and important concepts...

Our Price: $19.99


Metamorphosis Alpha was the very first scifi roleplaying game designed by James M. Ward and published by TSR in 1976. Signal Fire Studios is proud to present a new version of the game for both existing fans and those who ve never before explored the twisted decks of the Warden. This new set of...

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In the ancient world, civilizations struggle against their enemies using the strength of their numbers, the hardness of bronze and iron, and the powers granted to them by fickle gods. Plagues, famines, and fire are suffered or inflicted while soldiers march to war in the name of the deities they...

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In the light of ... the stars, ... a little tomb lay ... in drowned R’lyeh ... On Sunday morning, the stars came almost right, and—boom!—out of the crypt ... came a big and very hungry cthulhupillar. ... An artist and lifelong fan of Lovecraftian literature, Ben Mund retells the story of Cthulhu...

Our Price: $19.99


Horror roleplaying is a tough beast to tame. In fact, once you tame it, it isn t horror any longer. Lester Smith, from the Preface ... Legendary game designer Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy, Dragon Dice) has spent years pondering and tinkering with game mechanics and a backstory that would support...

Welcome Julie Iaccarino!,

A Pirate's Life,

The Gem,

Parade of Tributes: Wrath of the Righteous Characters,

Remembering Mike McArtor,

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