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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

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Let me show you how to create and run Hollywood Blockbuster encounters that’ll blow your players away. ... For any D&D edition, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or D&D-esque game that involves monsters, minis, initiative and mayhem.“The Lessons in this book are an excellent, step-by-step programme for...

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Award-Winning Book Reveals How To Create Incredible NPCs That'll Surprise The Pants Off Your Players ... Get this collection of tips, techniques and aids to find out how to inject life and personality into your NPCs. ... NPC Essentials show you how to design, roleplay and manage NPCs in ways not...

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Where do the PCs go when they enter town? Inns, taverns and restaurants of course! But after dozens of such encounters in your games, these places have lost their novelty and excitement. It's time to shake things up. ... Make it impossible for your players to take the table in the back corner by...

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From the ENnie/GenCon award wining writer of NPC Essentials comes a new GM Mastery guide for deep setting-based adventures! ... Designing new adventures and encounters for each session is tough. It gets to feel like a treadmill at times. How can you get inspired to create something new your...

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Sometimes a GM needs a little inspiration. Especially for the frequent question of, So, what happens while we're on the road? ... This ebook will give you ideas on how to answer that question. ... Roleplaying Tips ran a prize-filled contest where readers sent in ideas for interesting roadside... Gift Certificates
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Gods of Starfinder, Part One,

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Bringing Out the Big Guns in Starfinder,

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