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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Our Price: $12.99


The Beginning Pack comes prelayered with major muscle groups to allow novice sculptors to start packing on the details right away. ... 4 armatures and 4 bases per pack.

List Price: $10.99

Our Price: $9.89

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The Advanced Pack gives you greater freedom to proportion your miniatures any way you want. ... 4 armatures and 4 bases per pack.

List Price: $8.99

Our Price: $8.09

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The Heroic Pack is wonderful for working on details without worrying about getting the musculature just right in heroic proportion. ... Contains 2 armatures of each gender. 4 armatures total.

List Price: $7.49

Our Price: $6.74

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aka Green Stuff. One six-inch strip.

Our Price: $7.99


aka Brown Stuff. One six-inch strip.

Our Price: $8.99


Set of two sculpting dollies—one male, one female.

List Price: $5.99

Our Price: $5.39

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This pack contains 10 different heads that can be used to customize your own metal miniatures! Gift Certificates
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