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This cup has been hand-crafted from the thick hide of a black dragon. The creatures' natural resistance to magic carries to the item, so magic practitioners are sure to find many uses for it. Just bear in mind, that you may attract some unwanted attention from angry dragons trying to avenge his...

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This decorative leather cup is one of the treasures that the elven mage-kings have presented to humans. Its surface has been adorned with a protective spell by the elven craftsmen. The inscription is said to ensure only lucky rolls with the dice kept within—merely a child's trick by elven...

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Our explorers led by Captain Mrs Sonni'd Red returned from the Around the world trip. After many victorious battles Shadow frigate put into Q-workshop harbor. To celebrate the return of our brave men we developed these special cups.

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Dwarves love gambling even more than they love gold. This durable leather cup was hand-crafted by their famous artisans with one purpose in mind: Keep the precious gambling dice safe. This particular cup has been decorated with an ancient dwarven tale etched on its surface. It tells the story of... Gift Certificates
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