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Welcome to The Middle Kingdoms, the largest nation on the Patchwork Planet of Porphyra! Heroes of The Middle Kingdoms brings you to Purple Duck Games' core nation of the Lands of Porphyra campaign setting, where politics and religion definitely do mix, and the fate of a world hangs on the decisions and actions of a few extraordinary individuals- be they kings, commoners... or adventurers!

Heroes of The Middle Kingdoms is packed with amazing information for players and game-masters alike, including the following:

Statistics on races like the avoodim, aasimar geralites, the atheling human ethnicity, and the mysterious qit'ar. Extensive descriptions of the governments and cities of The Middle Kingdoms, including the Golden City itself, Sanctus Templum! All you need to know about the theocracy of the Codion, First Servant of Gerana, Goddess of Truth and Right. Class options such as the grim Codionic Knights, the enigmatic Silent Brothers, and the strictly controlled Sanctioned Wizards. New spells, and feats both racial and general, as well as equipment for knightly escapades such as the joust!

The Children of Gerana are at a crossroads in their destiny, a thousand years after being brought to the strange world of Porphyra- will you help them maintain peace over the defeated Elementalists, or take advantage of the resurgent conflict to forge your own way to glory?

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