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Whether you are a Game Master who needs custom miniatures, or a general in need of an army, you can bring new art to your games with the Character Artist 3 add on for Campaign Cartographer 3. Character Artist 3 lets you create attractive, high-quality portraits of characters for your games....

Our Price: $39.95


The best of all possible worlds. ... Want to build as many worlds as you like, in seconds? Welcome to FT3. Want to carve out continents and move mountains with just your mouse? Welcome to FT3. Want to take real world Earth and Mars data then make the world your own? Welcome to FT3. ... Worlds can...

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Want to create an entire world in under five minutes? Welcome to FT Pro. Want to generate rivers, lakes, craters and continental shelves? Welcome to FT Pro. Want to generate maps from real world Earth data? Welcome to FT Pro. ... Worlds can take so long to map. Coming up with a reasonable world...

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Whether you are a new user or an expert, this all-in-one 520-page tome will give you tips and techniques to make better maps with Fractal Terrains Pro, CC2 Pro and all add-ons. The Tome includes the collated wisdom of many expert map-makers. It gives you unrivalled access to new cartographic...

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Dive into action with the WWII Interactive Atlas ... Covering every month of every theatre of World War II, this huge atlas is for wargamers and anyone interested in World War II. It provides a highly interactive and thought-provoking view of the war, and is a great starting point for what-if...

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